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Posted 09 May 2009 - 09:32 AM

Post: Warrior DPS Calculation Spreadsheet
User: Glory
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Your point may be valid, but referring to other people's posts as "absolute bullshit" isn't really "polite" or "civil".

Original Post:

I've tested many gear setups with high hit and low hit - and the high hit setups were almost never worth the DPS shown in the spreadsheet. My speculation on that is, that the spreadsheet accounts for fight durations of 10 to 20 minutes. In 10 to 20 Minutes hit rating may be worth what the spreadsheet told you, because you miss a lot less on whitehits. But in shorter fights, there's not such a big possibility to miss lot of whitehits. That's leading to a possibility of DPS loss due to more or less useless hitrating (over the style cap).

Absolute Bullshit you write here. Shorter Fights = More RNG dependant -> less Hit = higher difference between max and min DPS.

Lets say you could Run with 0 Hitrating in a 1 Minute Fight. you have around 60 Attacks (as MS). You can have a lucky try and 0 misses. Or you Miss 20 Times. Dps difference = 50% or 33% (only depends on which dps number you take to compare). If you run a 10 Minute Fight its more likely to miss around 48 Times out of 600 Attacks with 0 Hitrating.

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