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[Alliance][Deathwing] <Cliché> Recruiting across the board for raiding.

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Posted 11 May 2009 - 04:53 PM

Cliché are a reasonably small; tight knit guild on a relatively medium server - Deathwing. Some of us have been around for over 6 years from previous games and have built up a very warm and close community that enjoys raiding well and efficently. Many of us have other priorities and responsibilities and therefore when we raid we raid no nonsense.

We are currently actively recruiting the following:

Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Ret Paladins

DK OT ready for DPS when necessary
Feral OT(s) ready for DPS when necessary

Holy or Disc Priest


DPS warriors

We raid 4 hours a week from 18:00 - 23:00 typically aiming to form the raid in 5 minutes or so we get going ASAP whether it be clearing the trash before the stragglers arrive or going over tactics/the aims for the night. We value attendance and participation above all else and we are looking for people that share the same values. We want people that raid because they enjoy it and they want to actively participate in it not just because it's something to do.

Our loot is assigned through a Council system consisting of elected members of our raiding team, all decisions can be called into question by anyone and I act as Guild Leader, Raid leader, Moral Guidance Counselor acting as an interface between the workings of the guild and its members. As such we take advantage of the in-game mail and use it to notify of any problems should PMs/IM's not suffice.

Our current situation is reasonable but hindered to a number of burnouts recently and trials unable to satisfy. Currently on Yogg-Saron our progress feels stifling to us and we'd like to find some people with the same mindset to push on and start on the hard modes and towards Algalon. We've achieved a number of things over our history:

Alliance first, on Deathwing, Sartharion 3D
Alliance second of the Nightfall
Server Firsts within 10 man Ulduar which we stopped with when we reached the originally bugged Vezax (on the second day of 3.1)

Finally to close; while I would say that we are in somewhat of a rut right now, if you join you'll be joining just as we recover, we lost in total 6 tanks in quick succession but we've just killed Mimiron yesterday and Vezax today after an hour and a half of tries we simply want to bring some new blood in and get some more competition within our raids; re-energise them. Please don't hesitate to PM me with any questions in WoW or on these forums.

Our guild website

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