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Warning for Zigazaha: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 10:26 AM

Post: The Survival Hunter in WotLK
User: Zigazaha
Infraction: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.
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Hey guys and gals.

Ever since BM was orignally wacked I have been a survival hunter. My DPS has gone up significantly since the change. Depending on buffs of course, I usually am around 3500-4200 DPS in 25 man Naxx fights. We are still ramping on ulduar. 10 Mans I am closer to 2800-3500

Here is my Armory Nitedyce of Sen'jin

Currently the toon is under hit cap, that was because the last time I ran with him I had a dranaei in my party which pushed me over. When I don't have the hit cap I swap in hit gear in the spreadsheet to see if my delta increases or decreases. I will go with a higher delta over making sure I have the hit cap (issue?)

Anyway, I have seen hunters with similar gear to me have a range of 5200-6000 DPS, it is rare, but I have seen it.

My rotation is Kill Shot > Explo Shot > Black Arrow > Aimed Shot > Serpent Sting > Steady Shot

Pet is wolf, with standard wolf build. Mammoth cutters are used in raids (ammo) and flask of relentless assault / Blackened Dragonfin.

What suggestions do you have?

I do my best to maintain black arrow / serpent sting up at all times (but usually I just follow my best shot available rotation). I don't clip my LnL procs (usually throw a shot in between). I have standard raid buffs.

For those who actively cross that 5000 DPS barrier, I feel I am missing something obvious. Probably something I am not paying attention too, or a stat that needs rasing (ie haste, natural hit cap for pet dps).

I have various 200+ items I can swap in, so any gear suggestions are also welcome. And I am quite aware my weakest piece is my head slot item. I have only twice had a shot at a 200+ helm, and in both cases rolled 90+ and lost. Since this helmet isn't on the spreadsheets radar anymore, is there any non high end raid helms peeps can suggest? Maybe even a leather lid? I use the old head enchant as well for hit cap reasons, so I do understand I am losing signifacnt DPS on that slot, but I do not think it would make up the 1000 DPS I seem to be missing. Maybe it does, this is why I am posting this :)

In my latest WWS report I do see the odd miss (under 1%) but my wolf is missing on some of his attacks at a high rate (one fight I missed 0.7% on KT, but the wolfs swing was at 41.7% miss and bite at 27.8% misses). My DPS for the fight was just over 3400 DPS. I don't understand if that ties into me not always having the natural hit rating, so perhaps this is where I am losing dps? But 42% miss on swing?, is that just a KT thing?)

I really appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance, and happy hunting

My two thoughts are, is your pet level 80?
And what's your latency?

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