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Warning for pfg: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 10:30 AM

Post: [Elemental] Lava Burst Testing
User: pfg
Infraction: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.
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Original Post:

OK, I have done my bit, and did some tests.

Summary: Having tested basic LvB function, and the 4-pc T7 bonus, both are working entirely normally. Based on basic testing Dual-specc also showed no problems.

All tests were done with:
- CSD meta-gem
- 5/5 Concussion, 3/3 Call of Flame, 3/3 Lava flows, 5/5 Shamanism
- Both trinkets removed
- Using the L80 Grandmaster's training dummy
- No Glyph of Lava in either specc
- No FT buff or any totems dropped

I will show the predicted hits based on the current understanding of LvB and my actual numbers for each test. I can see no discrepancy whatsoever. I did do slightly less than the 50 casts suggested originally, but you can check out the WWS for details.

Test 1

2064 spellpower

Min. normal hit:
Theoretical - 3090, Actual - 3095
Max. normal hit
Theoretical - 3452, Actual - 3446

Min. crit
Theoretical - 6864, Actual - 6871
Max crit
Theoretical - 7668, Actual - 7662

Wow Web Stats

Test 2

- 2050 spellpower
- Added 4-pc T7 bonus. Also switched to my secondary specc. This is an Ele PVP specc, so still has all the talents shown above, and lacks nothing that should change LvB damage. (I realise its slightly bad science to change two variables at once, and if I had found any weird results I would have tested further in isolation).

Min. normal hit:
Theoretical - 3079, Actual - 3082
Max. normal hit
Theoretical - 3440, Actual - 3427

Min. crit
Theoretical - 7001, Actual - 7063
Max crit
Theoretical - 7823, Actual - 7820

Wow Web Stats

I can't see a thing wrong myself, although I didn't particularly expect to either. My result with the highest variance from its theoretical limit is the "min crit" on test 2, but even then its actually too high rather than too low, and in no way inconsistent with the understood mechanics of the spell. At first glance the average damage done also looks fine.

I am beginning to get a funny feeling we won't get to the bottom of this, but time will tell. Hopefully when a few more items on Bink's original list are tested then maybe more scrutiny can be given to the raid environment.

So your saying the 4pc T7 bonus (of 10% crit damage) is worth 7823-7668=155 theoretical or 7820-7662=158 actual damage per max hit. And that's working as intended, ok. 10% of even the difference between a non-crit and a crit should be ~300 and that's according to your data.

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