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Infraction for Desta77: First post irony

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Posted 13 May 2009 - 02:51 PM

Post: FeralbyNight (Cat & Bear simulation tool)
User: Desta77
Infraction: First post irony
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Well this first post is just terrible.

Let's review:

1: Hi first post yay!
2: I'm unaware of the rules of capitalization. But it's ok cause I'm a Euro!
3: Here's a link to another web site, which is really just a link to this website, which offers no other value
4: I can't spell or use punctuation. But it's ok cause I'm a Euro!
5: Here's my armory link. You don't really need me to link it, cause it's in my profile. But I'm a Euro!
6: Please review my gear and tell me what to do, and perhaps wipe my ass for me.

Original Post:

it's my first post here so i would like to say hi:]
FeralByNight is a great addon ur doin great job Nightcrowler

i'm wondering that any of u have seen that post:

MMO-Champion BlueTracker - Feral dps supposed to be this high? 8-9k dps?

what do u think about that??
anyone knows that is only a simmulation and dps which is shown on that simulations is almoust unavlible to manage on many of fight on naxx and ulduar
im plain feral dps and highest dps i manage is 8k on thadius, my normal dps is something about 5k maybe my gear isnt as good as in simulations but im sure that geared druid want each that high on normal fights...

btw this is my armoury link:http://eu.wowarmory....hindoun&n=Desta
i will be glad if u will be able to advise my what i sholud change first in my gear

sory for my english:]

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