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Warning for Havoc12: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.

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Posted 15 May 2009 - 04:57 PM

Post: WotLK Healing Compendium v3.1: Here There Be Theorycraft (and Dargons?)
User: Havoc12
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Just a warning for the overly hostile/defensive tone of your post.

Original Post:

First, a bit of context .... blah blah blah.....

This is the crux of your argument..... more blah......

By the way, it's a lot harder to waste Guardian Spirit if you have the glyph for it, as the 70 second cooldown is enormously useful.

We raid with 4 healing priests, one of whom is pretty much always disc. What part of 30% crit rate with 8-10 heals per 15 seconds you do not understand?
My views on SoL are well known in this forum. I have explained why its optional elsewhere and I dont like the mechanic.
Our raid uses lightwell well. For the fights we use it in has an excellent return and I am glad to have it. I dont miss the 1% healing I would gain from moving that point over to blessed resilience in the remaining fights.
My glyphs change depending on what I am doing at the moment. That may be raids or it may be dailies. I have an inexaustible source.

My guild atm in on Yogg-saron on 25 man (cleared on 10), we have done some medium modes (e.g. counci). This reset it took us 7 hours to clear to yogg. We should have him down this week and next week start on hard modes.

As for the rest to me you sound like one of those healers that fits snuggly into a healing team that rarely changes with raids that have already learned the encounter and thinks that because they are high on the meters they are god's gift to priests. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your style of healing fits only subsets of what priests can do and are good at in skilled hands, who understand that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Also healing meters in ulduar are purely a matter of the fight and assignment.

A) Theory is not practice especially on progression fights. On most occassions where I choose to single target heal a target low on health and in danger I am not going to use my GS even for fights where I have it glyphed. The reason is that if I have it glyphed its because there is a CD rotation on the tank I am not going to blow it on situations I can deal without it. Flash, gheal or PWS/PoM are my first port of call in emergencies. You may decide to leave it others. I am confident I can do is without compromising our job. Dont assume that your limitations apply to everyone.

B) Err perhaps your raid has everything on farm, but in my experience random spike damage to raid members is part of most of the non trivial fights, while people are learning the fight. Sunbeams and adds on freya, death runes and chain lightning on council, rapid bursts or hand pulse or napalms on mimiron.

C) This is exactly the part where we dont see eye to eye. In every fight there are abilities which are meant for single target heals and abilities which are meant for aoe heals. Single target healing is nearly always at the limits of what you can output, especially when people make a mistake, examples include mimiron, freya, hodir and thorim. AoE healing on the other had is usually well below your HPS threshold and the main determinant is not exactly how much they heal but whether you manage to hit all targets in time. 3% more healing on aoe heals which nearly always out HPS the incoming damage significantly is far less important than extra healing on single target heals which by design often have HPS at or below the incoming DPS.

Ultimately every healer no matter how specialised will have to deal with a single person taking massive damage, even if its rare. The 3% to blessed resilience will never make aoe healing easier, it will never make a difference between beating an encounter or losing. Underhealing on single target heals on the other had will kill ppl. Not in every encounter, not even in every raid, but it will happen. If you can justify to yourself that 1-2% extra healing on the healing meters is worth losing a DPS or a wipe somewhere along the line that is fine. That is a decision that is purely personal however and a player is equally justified to not make it, given how trivial the increase in healing from blessed resilience is.

Ofc in my case I could rearrange my talents to get both emp healing and blessed resilience, by losing convenience talents like lightwell, or inner focus, but the buff is so minor that I choose convenience over efficiency and I am not in the slightest ashamed to admit it.

On a side note the fact that you don't use gheal at all has nothing to do with gheal being a bad choice and everthing to do with your specific playstyle. I have both the awareness and the reaction time to heal with gheal and do not hesitate to use it, when I feel the situation calls for it. If I cast 1 gheal every 30 seconds, its 33 mp5 from improved healing or 11 mp5 per point instead of inspiration which contributes nothing at all. Something for nothing is always a no brainer.

Hi. Ive got an alt-priest that im running ulduar with and ive been playing around with some different specs.
My main is a feraldruid but ive played alot of resto so im used to the jump-around-and-hot-stuff kind of healing.

Im mainly on raidhealing since we got holypaladins and shamans taking care of our tanks. That being said theres times when i do have to keep the tank up, like during plasma on mimiron.

this is the spec ive been thinking of using. Basicly the plan is to use as many instants as possible, CoH, PoM, Renew, Flash heal on SoL procs to keep serendipity up for fast PoH.

Would it be foolish as a priest to try to not use flash heal more than on SoL procs?
I wonder if i should max out mental agility and take one point from holy concentration since the only thing that procs it is the initial heal from renew since most of my flash heals will not be able to crit (SoL)
Or take one points from empowered renew for maxing out mental agility.

I havent played enough on my priest to know if im way out of line with my thinking here.

Your uptime on HC will be terribly low with your playstyle and its return is not particularly brilliant in any case. You are not going to get anything more than 50mp5 from those 3 points by my guess. I would say blessed resilience is what you really want to get for those points.

Using only SoL procs I would estimate it will take you between 15 and 45 seconds to get a full serendipity stack most of the time with an average of 30. Its not a very reliably way to stack it.

The single target HPS of your being is terrible beyond description. If you are ever called to keep the tank up, you are better off taking on some targets from another healer and letting them do it, your contribution aside from GS will be negligible and more likely to add to the tank healer overheal than actually save the tank. If there is any chance of a wipe on plasma blast, use the GS glyph and use a cooldown rotation.

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