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[Alliance][Ner’zhul] <Local Defense> 13/14Ulduar 6/9HM LFM Dedicated Raiders - PST

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Posted 21 May 2009 - 01:22 AM

Local Defense is currently looking for skilled players. We raid Sunday through Tuesday 7:30-12:00am(PST) for 25, and off night raids take place Wednesday through Saturday 7:30-12:00am. Loot is distributed via DKP.

Currently we need the following classes:

Druids – Balance/Resto
Hunters - Closed
Mages - Open
Paladins – Holy/Retribution/Prot (gear for two specs preferred)
Priests - Shadow
Shamans – Enhancement
Warlocks - Closed
Warriors - Limited
Death Knights - Limited
Rogues - Limited

Mission Statement

Our first priority is to progress. Above all we seek to see and complete the hardest possible content in the game. While we respect the fact that raiders have lives outside of the game, attendance and skill award first priority in raid.



If you cannot dps/heal/tank while avoiding void zones, rockets, walls of fire, glowing blue clouds, large glowing circles, etc. then this guild is not for you. Since we limit our 25 man content to three days per week, those three days must count. In addition, your gear/spec are your responsibility. Know your optimal spec, ep values, etc. PVE is won when you do your homework. If you show up to raids without gems and enchants, don’t expect to be invited.


We push our 25 man content three days a week. As a result, we expect near perfect attendance. While there are limited allowances to repairs and consumables, it is your responsibility to be prepared.


Know the strategy. Watch videos. Read guides. If you have to see a fight more than once before you understand a mechanic, then this is probably not the guild for you.


We expect our applicants to have mostly Ulduar gear with hard mode gear being a big plus. Anything less will make you more of a liability than an asset. While gear is not everything, it is of great importance.


Having said all of that, we want to have fun. We want you to have fun with us. The sense of accomplishment upon downing a boss for the first time, discovering a new solution to a problem, attaining that achievement you’ve been working on for two weeks straight, getting that title, riding that pretty new Dragon. These are experiences that we enjoy. We are looking for like minded players.

Are you that player?

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