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[Horde][Ysondre] <Exodus> #1 US Horde Recruiting ALL CLASSES!

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Posted 31 May 2009 - 03:25 AM

We have opened our recruitment up to all classes and specs to see who is out there, and what kind of players are looking for a new guild.

The following classes are what we are mainly searching for at this point in time:

Paladins(1 Holy, 1 Ret/Prot)
Priests(1 Shadow, 1 Holy/Disc)
Shaman(1 Enhance, 1 Restoration)

However, we are always looking to add exceptional players to our roster, so feel free to apply.

1. About Exodus:

Website: Exodus -- PvP Horde on Ysondre
Application template: Exodus -- PvP Horde on Ysondre
WMO: WoW Meter Online - Combatlog Replay
World of Logs: World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis
DKP: Exodus DKP: Member Standings

Previous achievements:
US first M'uru
US Horde first Kil'Jaeden
US Horde first Malygos
US Horde first 5 Min Malygos
US Horde first 3 drake sarth

Ulduar achievements:
US Horde first Mimiron
World first General Vezax
US Horde first Yogg-saron
US First hardmode Thorim
US First hardmode Freya
US Horde first hardmode Hodir
US Horde first hardmode Mimiron
US first one watcher Yogg-Saron

Exodus was formed on April 17th, 2007. It was formed between a guild merger of Ministry and Fortis, the top 2 raiding guilds on the US server Kel'thuzad. A lot of our raiders have been raiding with Exodus for the full two years, some have even been playing video games with each other for upwards of 5 years. Exodus picked up 7 exceptional players in a slight guild merger, from the guild Gummi Bears at the start of May in 2008. The average age for Exodus is around 20-23.

We have a very flexible roster allowing us to bring the ideal players and classes to the hardest and most demanding encounters. During progression we select the best 25 players based on performance, class, gear, etc. to ensure that we get bosses down as soon as possible. For farm content players will be rotated in for boss fights as they wish for loot, achievements, etc. We take pride in our players ability to put the guild first and foremost.

The guild as a whole is a welcoming place, with a lot of people who love everything about wow, and video games in general. Outside of raiding a lot of our players are very active with other guild members. We have a very large portion of the guild that enjoys arena and are quite good at it. In past arena seasons we have seen upwards of 30 raiding Gladiators per season, as well as some Merciless Gladiators,and more recently; Brutal Gladiators. We also have our fair share of achievement chasers, with five+ players among the highest players in the world on achievement points. World of Warcraft aside, we have players who enjoy playing games outside of WoW.This ranges from WC3 and Diablo 2 to Counter-Strike. We even have people participating over Xbox Live.For people with alts that aren't just their herbalist or source of income, we also enjoy alt raids and gearing our alts.

During farm content we raid from 8PM EST until 12AM EST on Tuesday, and sometimes finish on Wednesdays. We have three 10 man groups who are lead by 1-2 officers per group which clear all content including but not limited to zero watcher Yogg-Saron and Algalon, that are cleared at some point in the week at the raid leaders discretion. These 10 mans are usually very early in the week, usually after we finish 25 man content.

During progression we really push hard for world firsts, raiding up to 7 days a week with raids starting as soon as possible and lasting as long as possible. While it is not required that our raiders come earlier then 8PM EST, or stay later then 2AM EST, time put in past that will be greatly appreciated as progression is ultimately most important. Exodus is not a casual guild that tolerates sub par performance; we strive for the highest world ranking possible, and pursuing world firsts.

Our DKP system is a very simple zero sum system(Zero-sum DKP - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft). Two months after an item is purchased for DKP, it gets zeroed out, and the DKP earned from the players in the raid, as well as the DKP spent on the item is removed. This discourages DKP saving, and does not give new recruits a disadvantage upon joining. Recruits are allowed to win items only when no raider needs it. After being promoted to raider, there are no loot restrictions. However we do tend to stack tanks with gear during progression, as well as do an officer loot council on legendary gear, to prevent DKP saving for those items. Everything is done as fair as possible to prevent drama. Offspec loot is free of DKP cost, but is third in priority in this order= Main spec, Recruit, Offspec.

2. What we expect of you:

Simply put, we are searching for the best of the best. We are not looking for players who log on for raids and log off soon thereafter. We are not looking for anti-social players that don't do anything with us outside of raiding. We are looking for players who are willing to challenge our current raiders for their raid spots.

We are looking for very skilled players who know every detail about their class, people who are not going to be quitting anytime soon, and are in it for the long haul. Having a lot of achievement points, high arena ratings, being a gladiator and loving PvP are a definite plus. Having as much experience as possible, as far back as Vanilla WoW beta for example displays how much you know about the game. We are not looking for players who can't take constructive criticism, so having thick skin is a must. We are looking for players who generally enjoy WoW as a whole, people who seek to increase their achievement points, or PvP, and not someone who just logs on for raids and logs off right after. So if you are a raid logger, don't bother applying. As far as gear and experience goes, we do not have any set in stone rules, however with that being said, having as close to max best-in-slot gear and as much experience as possible is a plus.

As a side note, we are also willing to accept reroll applications, please state somewhere on your application that you are a reroll from alliance or another region.

To apply to Exodus please click HERE - This will take you to our application template. Please take your time in filling this out, as you will be judged on how it looks. We will contact you should we have any questions regarding your application, or if we are interested in picking you to join the main raiding core of Exodus. If you have any questions regarding anything involving recruitment, PM Kaywarrior on the Exodus Forums.

Best of luck to you,

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