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Infraction for red: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.

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Posted 12 June 2009 - 10:36 AM

Post: Restoration Glyphs
User: red
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Just because someone is condescending does not give you a license to be rude to them. Your post could have easily been without it's last sentence.

Original Post:

What experience? I looked at your armory and the guild you're in hasn't cleared a single hard mode fight in 25m Ulduar. You have time to HOT and heal people because nobody is in any danger. I mentioned this in my post above. People who aren't working on hard modes just don't have a whole lot to contribute when it comes to discussing the merits of glyphing properly. The vast majority of people here don't care how you heal normal mode fights in Ulduar. I could train my 12 year old nephew how to heal normal fights in Ulduar.

Am I to understand that the way druids heal heroic hard modes is to cast plenty of nourishes on targets without hots? Since you know, that was the entirety of my post which you're apparently posting contrary to. I don't understand how you figure such a large portion of druid nourish casts will land on un-hotted targets.

For the record, we focus on 10 man hard modes since we don't have 25 raiders in our guild and have to pug players for heroic uld. It is nice to see that you don't approve of smaller guilds. (though I have since stopped raiding with them).

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