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#961 Nich


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 13 October 2010 - 07:38 AM

I gemmed everything with 20 agi except for one slot that already had my nightmare tear in it (I'm aware that I could probably optimise a little better with some hybrid gems for a few choice socket bonuses), and then reforged to reach the hit and expertise caps.

For mastery, I tried to reforge whatever stat of crit and haste that Mew was reporting as worth less on the RSV table*, which seems intuitive enough. However, I was a little unsure in that I could generally convert more crit into mastery than haste into mastery.

*Once I approached ~65% crit unbuffed, it started to show haste with a lower RSV than crit.

Is there an easy way to work out which of haste and crit is worth reforging to mastery once they both hit a breakeven point and then start to move in opposite directions, when the value being reforged is slightly different? I'm having a brain fart moment, and don't quite have the time to sit down and sum up RSVs for each piece of gear : \

For reference,

WebMewPivot - Yawninglol

RSVs as I'm currently geared:

Weapon DPS: 4.34
Agility: 2.92
Mastery Rating: 2.15
Strength: 1.95
Crit Rating: 1.41
Expertise Rating: 1.37
Haste Rating: 1.37
Hit Rating: 1.36
Attack Power: 0.93

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#962 zimira


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Posted 13 October 2010 - 02:26 PM

Was also thinking about in which scenarios it would be worth reforging the rating with higher amount on an item despite its RSV-value being higher then the rating with lower amount on the item.

RFlow = reforge the low (and weaker) stat
RFhigh= reforge the high (and stronger) stat

We want to find when:
RFlow < RFhigh

high * RSVhigh + low * RSVlow * 0,6 + low *0,4 * RSVMastery < high * 0,6 * RSVhigh + high *0,4 * RSVMastery + low * RSVlow

This can be simplified to:

RSVMastery > (high * RSVhigh - low * RSVlow) / (high – low)

or (where diff = high - low)

RSVMastery > (low *(RSVhigh - RSVlow) + diff * RSVhigh) / diff

This equation don't make us much more enlightened though. Plugging in some reasonable numbers might give us a little info.
Using high = 110, low = 100, RSVhigh = 1,41 and RSVlow = 1,37 as in your example gives that if RSVMastery > 1,81 its still worth reforging crit for you. However doing the "wrong" reforge is about 1 dps difference if RSVMastery = 2,13.

Increasing only the RSVhigh to 1,47 and using same numbers for the rest, gives RSVMastery > 2,47 for it to be worth reforging the better stat. The difference between the 2 alternatives are still less then 2 dps though. Bumping the RSVhigh to 1,57 gives RSVMastery > 3,57 to brake even and penalty for doing it wrong to 5dps.

To conclude it is depending on a lot of factors, but unless they are pretty close in value reforging the weak stat is likely the best. But making the wrong decision isn't a catastrophe.

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Posted 15 October 2010 - 01:48 AM

Closing this. Most of the thread is not patch relevant. Please use the appropriately labeled thread.
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