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[Horde] [Arathor] <Carpe Cerevisi> 13/14 Ulduar 25, LFM for hard modes

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#1 Humes


    Glass Joe

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Posted 27 June 2009 - 06:48 AM

Who are we?
Carpe Cerevisi is a Horde guild located on Arathor (US PVE). No jokes please. We're currently 13/14 on Ulduar 25, and looking for some classes to fill out our ranks for hard modes. Please visit us at Home : Carpe Cerevisi - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

We are currently looking specifically for the following classes, but if you feel you are an exceptional player, please feel free to apply as we can always use more of those too.

1 Balance Druid
1 Disc priest
1 Resto Shaman
1 Shadow Priest
1 Sexy Rogue

About us:
Carpe has been around for over two years, and we plan on being around for much more. We are currently working on hardmodes in Ulduar 25 man, and are the longest standing horde guild by a long shot. Many of our raiders have been with us for over a year, and the officers have been around even longer. We are a family of skilled players that enjoy dropping bosses, enjoying each others company and having fun with the game. Most of us are either in college or have graduated and are working full time, so we know your time is valuable and don't plan on wasting it. We usually raid 15 hours per week, Sun-Thurs, 7-10 server (Pacific).

About you:
You should be:
1. able to attend raids 3-4 nights a week consistently. We're all adults and we know kids birthday parties and little league games come first. That said, if you can't make 60% of our pretty light raiding schedule, please save all of us some time and don't bother.
2. fairly mature. We say fairly because we enjoy fart jokes, beer, and topless chicks as much as the next group of people. We are, after all, Carpe Cerevisi. However, we pride ourselves in staying out of /2, and remaining a completely drama free guild. Each of us deal with enough drama in RL, let's log onto the game and have some fun. . A ridiculously sick and twisted sense of humor is highly preferred to survive in Gchat, though if you're just a flatout douchebag, you'll have a hard time fitting in.
3. a good player. Please don't stand in fires or get hit by lightning. Also, please note that we put this after maturity for a reason. No matter how good you are, if you're not fitting in with our guild personality-wise, we'll get rid of you. No amount of dps is worth having drama over.

Raid times and loot:
As mentioned above, we raid Sun-Thurs, from 7-10 Pacific. We don't have any attendance policy per se, but if you can't make 60% of our raids regularly, please don't waste our time or your own. Fridays and Saturdays are off nights which we use for 10's, old content, and our coveted PvP BG Steamrolls.

All loot is done by /random to all members, with occasional officer intervention, and with a don't be a dick caveat.

If this sounds interesting to you, please visit our website at Home : Carpe Cerevisi - Guild Launch Guild Hosting, or create an alt on Arathor to chat with one of our officers (Karneg, Pallie, Dekks, Fault, Kurdarath, or Zhental) ingame. We'd love to chat with you. Thanks for reading and good luck with your WoW travels!

Seize the Beer!
<3 Carpe Cerevisi.

Edit: Updated as of 6/30/09 - see post below for further explaination.

#2 Icephoenix231


    Glass Joe

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Posted 30 June 2009 - 03:28 PM

Warlock and Elemental Shaman slots have been filled. Still looking for other classes.

#3 Humes


    Glass Joe

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Posted 07 July 2009 - 08:35 PM

Could really use a few more priests to fill our ranks! Extra points to priests who can properly fulfill a dual spec role in 25 man raids.

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