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Infraction for lindian: Actually, I take great pleasure in this.

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Posted 28 June 2009 - 12:26 AM

User: lindian
Infraction: Actually, I take great pleasure in this.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

I am quite well aware of what a first language is. While mine is in fact English, I also speak Spanish quite well and can hold basic conversations in Czech. That means I speak three languages from three different language families. Do you know what a language family is?

I'm not sure what your issue with Blizzard is, but if they actually managed to get more people using correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure through their games I'd be both shocked and pleased. The fact of the matter is we have to insist on proper English here because the vast majority of World of Warcraft players (for whom English is, lamentably, their primary language) are linguistically retarded. Communication is difficult when nobody can tell what anyone is saying. Besides, correct English and typing practices are a good skill to develop. It is a sad irony that the majority of European and non-American posters here display better English skills than those of us from the US. Try to see yourself as, in part, a victim of that terrible irony. Texas has some of the worst public schools in the country, as you so clearly reflect through both attitude and aptitude.

Your ban is not for insulting my procreative ability, nor is it for what we would normally call "Mod Sass." I am quite thick-skinned and have a layer of insulating blubber, so your tiny barbs did very little damage to my considerable ego. Your ban is due to your stated intent to continue violating our rules. It is, in essence, a form of administrative short cut to guarantee you do not further annoy the moderation staff here. You will no doubt be ecstatic to learn that your ability to find help here is not impacted aside from an absolute inability to post. Feel free to do the searching and reading you should have done before posting initially.

I dont remember asking for help about my grammar in thepost but thanks for correcting it. But to be honest I dont give a shit about it, because it is not my first language ( do you know what that even means ? ). Go try mastering some other langauge and then come to preach. You may continue correcting it. I can understand that this may give losers like you some self esteem. So I would not prevent you from doing that. And yes I was doing my own research and found this forum, you can easily see from the count of my posts that I am a newbie.

Haha guys like you wont even need a vasectomy, you will never find a girl to procreate in the first place. That will be good otherwise the world will really be full of idiots like you, thanks to blizzard. Dont assume every one is without a life like you and can spend 24hr on this game.
Haha i think i made your day by replying, but this is the first and last one. No more pleasure.

Dear lindian,

You have received an infraction at Elitist Jerks.

Reason: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
Do your own research. If you aren't smart enough to figure this stuff out on your own, consider vasectomy for the good of the species. Also, don't link your Armory. We can get that by clicking your character name to the left of the post.

Finally, your grammar is mediocre. "Seen" is not the first person past tense of "to see" unless you are from West Virginia (and even if you are from West Virginia, that is not acceptable conjugation here). Do not put spaces between the end of a sentence and its terminal punctuation. If you ask a question (for instance, "What am I doing wrong?"), end the sentence with a question mark to indicate it is a question.

This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:

I have been playing arcane specced for quite sometime now ( 25 man content ). Mostly I follow the AB3ABar3C rotation. Somehow I am unable to cross the 4k dps on patch. I seen other mage posts claiming 6k dps. I think I am missing something here. Here are the links to the last raids Web stats and my armory Armory . I ran an optimization through rawr and got a dps of around 3.5k. Could someone please point out what I am doing wrong. I do use quartz. TIA

All the best,
Elitist Jerks

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