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[Horde][Thrall] <Ascent> LF: Priest & Druid for Algalon

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Posted 29 June 2009 - 04:48 PM

About Ascent:

Ascent was first formed 2001 in Everquest as a raiding guild on the Rodcet Nife server. Ascent held top 5 world rankings throughout its Everquest run from Velious to mid Gates of Discord, where we moved together to WoW closed beta as a guild.

We chose the Medivh server as home and where we have raiding accomplishments such as the world-first Ragnaros kill and helping to orchestrate the first server to open the AQ-40 Gates. During Naxx-40 we transferred to Thrall where we've continued our success. We cleared Sunwell, including M'uru and KJ, before the wave of nerfs.

All current WotLK content is on farm including Sartharion 10-man + 3 drakes, and in Ulduar we have cleared everything but Algalon and 0 watcher Yogg-saron.

Current Recruitment Targets:

- Priest (Healer & DPS)
- Druid(Healer)

We encourage all classes/specs who feel they are outstanding candidates to touch base with an officer. We will certainly consider exceptional applicants from any class.

Raiding Specifics:

Our progression schedule is Sun-Thurs 7pm EST to midnight, though we will occasionally raid later when pushing for first kills. We currently hand out loot via officer council, but have used various dkp systems in the past.

We recruit only full-time raiders, and require a high attendance %. We do not use a bench/backup system.

Our Server:

We reside on Thrall, a US-PVE server which is high-population and slightly tilted towards Horde, both numbers and progression wise. There sometimes are small queues during prime-time (100-200, less than 10 mins) but our instance raiding has been stable throughout Wrath. We've been able to raid on Tuesday nights without a hitch. Aside of Ulduar release Tuesday which sucked for almost every server.

Desired/Required Applicant Characteristics:

- A ready-to raid level 80 character. Gear, enchants, tradeskills, consumables. Knowledge of your class.
- The ability to perform at a high level.
- A stable internet connection, a reliable PC and Ventrilo with a working mic.
- Preparation including expendables and time management skills that result in predictable availability for raids.
- High overall attendance, 85%+.
- Maturity and the ability to handle yourself when called on during raids for corrections.
- Theorycrafting skills, both at an individual and raid level.
- Intangibles including personality, sense of humor, the ability to get along with others. Past leadership experience is also welcome.
- Most importantly, the desire to do what it takes to be a successful end-game raider.

Application Details:

To apply, register on our website and submit an application at:

Ascent Guild

Applicants are encouraged to touch base with an officer before submitting an application.

Application Periods are not set in stone, you will be an initiate in our guild for as long as it takes for us to evaluate how well you fit into our guild. However, don't go on vacations during your trial period if you expect to be invited. Initiate loot is assigned.

As usual, well-written applications are more likely to be reviewed than ones that contain little to no content. Incorrect grammar suggests a lack of attention to detail, and anything without complete sentences will most likely be ignored entirely. Anyone who feels that they're a strong enough player to raid in a high-end guild that's of a class not listed above is welcome to apply, as we rarely turn down an excellent applicant.

If you have any further questions, you can contact any of the officers in-game on the Thrall server, or PM Glayde, Rotsuj/Torrasque, Ghist via our forums or reach us on our IRC channel at irc.stratics.com, #ascent.

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