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#1 Cebu


    Glass Joe

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Posted 30 April 2006 - 04:13 PM

:unsure: Ive looked around a bit and searched for topics already to make sure this hasnt been pounded out on these forums more than once. We just killed emps for our second week running, and this week is the first that we are attempting a push on C'thun. Attempts last night turned into a confusing mess on vent followed by an even messier wipe. Our strat thus far has been off tank the big guy and single target dps the mind flayers. This turns into waaaayy too many people being mind flayed and healers not quick enough to pick it up. Just looking for a few helpful hints ;) Thanks a lot.

#2 Praetorian


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 04:26 PM

That's basically the right approach. I find that using druid offtanks at the start to help control the adds helps immensely, unless you have a LOT of warriors. 4 mobs that all either randomly retarget or can MC tanks, plus a big mob with deaggros, is a recipe for loose mobs killing healers. Focus on controlling them and burning down the mindslayers ASAP.

Shadow Protection buff is your friend. So is a bit of SR gear. If you resist a mindflay it won't hop to someone else, so you prevent tons of damage that way.

Beyond that, it's just a lot of alert healers not letting people die.

#3 Digo


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 04:47 PM

Four mindslayers is just about the worst possible combination, so don't feel too bad. With a bit of practice you should get them down with minimal casualties.

#4 Rodent


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 07:18 PM

A couple of tips:

1) Your tanks should be wearing a good deal of shadow res gear, to avoid mind blasts and mind controls.

2) When trying to take initial aggro, have your tanks pop shadow reflectors to become immune to the first mindcontrol.

3) Assing a couple of healers to ONLY deal with the mindflay (personaly we use druid regrowth)

#5 Moridin


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Posted 30 April 2006 - 08:49 PM

Yeah, some SR is nice on those guys, nothing like a combat log full of "resisted" messages. They do easily degenerate into chaos though, especially if you lack the amount of tanking needed.
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