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[Alliance][Khadgar] <Apatheia> 10.5-hour raid schedule. Yogg killed 7/20.

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#1 Kaacee


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Posted 05 July 2009 - 08:40 PM

Apatheia.org: View topic - Application Process - Copy the application to a new post.



Apatheia is not currently recruiting, but will still consider exceptional players, especially of the ranged DPS flavor.

Our website:

Apatheia-World of Warcraft-Khadgar

WotLK Progression:

We've cleared through Yogg, and are currently working on that event. We have worked on some hard modes, and that will be our emphasis once we have finished all the events. We have one 10-man group that has cleared through Yogg, and we would like to start another 10-man group.


Sunday: 8:30pm to 12pm EST
Monday: 8:30pm to 12pm EST
Wednesday: 8:30pm to 12pm EST

For off-nights we organize some PUG raids, 10-mans, and heroics. We enjoy meeting new people and watching them eat spout.

About us:

Apatheia is a 3-day a week raiding guild that values performance and attitude. We have been around since launch and have a roster of talented people who will succeed. Our members are mostly middle-aged people with jobs, school, kids, and other responsibilities. We have a few people at the college/graduate school stage. Our players, and particularly officers, are dedicated to maximizing performance. We will do everything possible to help our guildmates achieve their
potential. However, we understand that there is a minimum level of performance, and raiding is not an entitlement.

What we want:

- People who really enjoy raiding, but also realize that it takes dedication and responsibility to be successful.
- People who know how to play their class, can improvise, learn from other’s mistakes most of the time, and who will not make the same mistake twice.
- People who come prepared (glyphs, enchants, consumables), and know their role. Reliability and ability to fill multiple roles (tank, heal, or dps) is a huge advantage.
- People who have a good computer/internet connection, get along well with their guildmates, take responsibility for their mistakes, and who do not complain.
- People who are responsible for their own happiness. Who are willing to either participate in an activity someone else organizes, or organize something themselves if needed.

What we have to offer:

- We have made great progression in WotLK, and we will do better in Ulduar.
- We have a fantastic roster of like-minded players who already meet the above-mentioned criteria. We are not carrying mediocre players who blame others for their mistakes.
- Our short raiding week allows people time to spend on other activities (alts, PUG raids, kiddos, achievements).
- Good progression without a massive time commitment.
- We welcome addition and support for your drama-free non-raiding friends.
- We use a very fair DKP system to distribute loot in 25-mans (modified Shroud Loot System, with fun aka free, 10 points, and half bids)

#2 Seneb


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Posted 15 July 2009 - 07:55 PM

We are currently 12/14 in Ulduar, not 13/14 as Kayc posted. Our highest needs right now are a rogue and a mage, but other strong DPS applications will be considered. At this point we need ~5 raiders to round out the roster.

Thank you for considering Apatheia.

#3 Seneb


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Posted 21 July 2009 - 10:36 AM

Update: Yogg and Medium mode IC down.

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