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Posted 17 July 2009 - 07:35 PM

Post: 3.2 PTR - Retribution Discussion
User: Meecs
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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I think there are more constructive ways you could have framed this response. I'm not going to comment on the validity of your point, but next time please try to make it without ranting.

Original Post:

However, the question is: How could they make our rotation more skill-based?

I'm getting tired of the assumption that Ret requires little or no skill. After watching a Fraps'd video made by a mage guildmate of mine, I absolutely disagree with the idea that we take less skill or awareness to be competitive. This mage basically kept up scorch and living bomb, then spammed Frostfire Bolt the entire fight. How is this skill so much more difficult that a Ret's 'rotation'? He had to keep track of three things, keeping scorch up, keeping living bomb up, and using Pyroblast when Hot Streak proc'd.

In our rotation, yes we can be seen as 'facerollerzlol', but I am arguing that the skill involved with being a great Ret Paladin requires constant attention to detail. There isn't any amount of time that we can sit back and think "Okay I've got my debuffs up, I'll just spam FFB until I proc something." We always have to be vigilant and paying attention to what's coming up. I think most people here can remember when they stopped 'facerolling' and started planning 3-4 GCDs ahead what they were going to do with their spare GCD. Do I Divine Plea? Do I refresh Sacred SHield? Do I freedom the rogue stuck in Sif's Frost Nova? Do I BoP that Priest who had an add headed straight for her? Do I Salv the Warlock during Vezax because he can't time his Soul Shatter?

Sorry to rant, but I get sick of the insinuation that I'm a less skilled player because my class is only restricted by cooldowns. I've seen a million shitty Ret Paladins, and the difference between good and great is larger than most people realize.

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