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Promoting discussion and creating a healthy guild atmosphere

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Posted 08 June 2006 - 01:08 AM

Anyway, my point is that you have to choose between having a friendly guild environment and participating in the end game. You cannot have both.

I dont agree with that one at least, our guild has a very friendly guild envirnoment, and it's very much a end-game focused guild. I guess it depends on picking the right mix of people to recruit. But also having leadership that has the right mix of discipline and cooperation. (at times on new stuff it can get a bit confusing with 10 people suggesting 10 different things, but it generally works itself out pretty fast)

That's probably part of what it is. If your guild all has similar goals as far as content clearing and raiding hours, as well as "effort" put into their play, all is probably well. Everyone's on the same frequency.

If you have "casual" players in your guild, or slow learners, or hangers-on who just throw in a bit of additional healing/damage/damage-soaking, there's a problem, and there's strife between those who feel that their additional contribution deserves additional reward for the same amount of time invested.

Something like that doesn't necessarily keep you from being a friendly guild, so to speak, but it does make it so that there are cliques within the guild (Before Disrupted, I was in The Order of Chaos, and still treat my fellow ex-OoC members as being among my closest in-game friends), as well as cliques among those in the "meta-guild" who look down at the work the rest of the guild is doing ("The problem we're having here is that people aren't assisting on Fankriss's spawns fast enough, they aren't moving out of the way on Sartura, the tanks can't keep aggro on the colored Drakonids, etc.").

That meta-guild is probably what my compatriot was referring to as far as a lack of guild communication. There are people on the sidelines discussing strategy and what isn't going quite right at a given time... but most of the time they fail to mention anything to the raid-leaders.

You straddle a fine line in raiding: On one side of it is "This is a game, I'm supposed to be having fun" and on the other is "This is a business, I've made a commitment to do my best at all times, and I should definitely strive my hardest to keep it". For many people, this isn't a conflict at all, content clearing IS fun, as is being part of the learning environment, wiping, and contributing to the guild's overall success rate by farming consumables and being a part of that first Rag/Nef/Ony kill, your first successful Sartura, and even being happy with progress being made as far as controllability and sustainability of a given fight. But for others, the philosophy is "It's my 15 bucks, I'm going to play how and whenever I want". On Gilneas-Horde, there really isn't the talent pool to be able to say to those people, "It's my way or the highway".

And as such, there's a requirement of having a fairly strict, structured raid environment in which the majority of people, who know what they're doing well enough to goof around a little bit, get stifled by the minority who lack the attention span to deal with a fight, even something like Sulfuron or Lucifron, without having constant radio-silence and explicit direction from the raid leaders.
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