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Infraction for FauxFaux: Are you kidding me?

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Posted 06 August 2009 - 12:29 PM

Post: WotLK Healing Compendium v3.1: Here There Be Theorycraft (and Dargons?)
User: FauxFaux
Infraction: Are you kidding me?
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I wouldn't be a bit surprised if terrorists were plotting right now to fly an airliner into your post.

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As an addendum, I'd like to note that gearing for Discipline is very different from Holy. In holy, you can take pretty much any combination of the stats and it will be decent. This is not at all true for Discipline though. Several pages back there was some math showing that crit was downright horrid for Discipline even when factoring in Divine Aegis. This is generally because you're casting Power Word: Shield a lot, and this spell doesn't crit. Similarly, it's very easy to get GCD capped with too much haste because of Borrowed Time. So Discipline doesn't want Haste either. Spirit isn't a particularly great stat for Holy, but it's much worse for Discipline. There's no spirit -> spell power conversion, no Holy Concentration, and no reason to abuse the 5 second rule. As a discipline priest, the only stats you can even consider stacking are Intellect and Spell Power. Stack Intellect if you're running out of mana and Spell Power if you're not.

(im not picking on you specifically just have two things in it i want to talk about)

2nd bold:
I'm definatly not at the same point in raiding as some of you but I really think haste is being underrated. When I started to raid naxx25, my heroic gear had me at about 400 haste and 1800 sp 300 while casting mp5 18%ish crit with priest buffs, after I geared from naxx25 i had(have for the most part) 2300sp 200haste 500 mp5 while casting and 20%crit. The numbers weren't as high in pre naxx25 but I could fill bars counting on quick consistant numbers with minor mana issues and very little over healing. Now, my casting time is basically "stock", often finding my self being .2 seconds too slow to save someone; but my numbers are also much higher so it takes one Gheal to get someone at 35%hp to 80% instead of having to use a few heals. With that in mind, doesnt the high haste lower heal become more useful than the slow moving high heal? The ability to go "OH SHIT *heal* save.. whew" > "too bad that 20k heal came a split second too late but its a high number"? Me and a fellow preist on the server have been testing on all raid shapes and sizes haste's usefulness (im geared to start ulduar before 3.2 came out hes in full, ulduar 25gear mostly BiS's) We find that stacking stats in order of mp5,haste,sp, crit, int, spirit.. etc etc was more useful than the popular sp, crit, int, mp5, haste etc etc model. lasting longer and being able to get out heals quicker was what we fell in love with. I've seen people say it here "over healing 20%+" thats 20%+ wasted healing, seriously over healing is just wasting mana you dont need anymore numbers if your grumbling about over healing that much, go add some speed and longevity and learn to react faster. cutting back on sp for mp5/haste reduces over healing and gives people with quick reaction times to be able to quickly react for longer stints. I've been in many a pug that the other healer is fully stacked on getting high numbers but cant heal anybody fast enough to keep them alive. My friend in the better gear haste mp5,haste as his top two stacks and he can heal a "over extended"(slow dps) no problem with 10%ish over healed. Which brings me to the question i had about the 1st bold the GCD cap? seems like my friend has no issue with it, I didnt know there was one since he seems to get a penance, renew and gheal in 1.6seconds which would be ALL GCD?. and when i go as Disc i have no issue PW:S to the whole 10man or 16 of the 25man in no more than 2 seconds when i roll back some of my gear to higher haste peices. Dont have as much extensive testing in 3.2 but seems like mp5 is more important than ever, i had to stop and drink in a heroic and was confused lol.
I could definatly see where a balance of the two types of healers would actualy become very useful. lets jsut say its a 10 man and one healer is stacked mp5 haste other sp crit.(i know this doesnt really matter in a 10man this idea would make more sense ina 25man setting but for simplicity sake..) but the haste guy can easily keep the tank alive and make sure no body "oh shit monent /dies" then the other guy tops everyone off the entire raid with a CoH and some flash heals, he can heal more obviously but hed dump out his mana with out slightly pausing in between casts. Also to my understanding healing in ulduar and the new colisiuem stuff you dont have time to wait for a 1.3 second Gheal and PoH is basically obsolete now hardly ever crits and takes too long, its possible to get the same amout of healing for less mana and less casting time with a CoH

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