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Shattered Hand, Stormreaver, Warsong --> Korgath

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#21 Chaya


    Glass Joe

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Posted 11 June 2006 - 01:57 AM

I am from Korgath.

Korgath was born a transfer server; for a week only denizens from Tichondrius and Kil'jaeden could transfer, and character creation was disabled completely until transfers were complete. None of the major guilds from KJ transferred; I'm not sure if any from Tich did. There are maybe three raid guilds Horde-side and maybe two Alliance-side; of those five, maybe two are Nefarian-capable. Maybe not even that. We're a tad behind the times PvE-wise. The PvP here is horrible; there's the usual gankers in Cenarion Hold, and every so often we get a visit from some Alliance in Orgrimmar, but battlegrounds are few and far between. Even Blackrock Mountain is devoid of activity. There's the odd skirmish, but otherwise Korgath is a wasteland.

I'd welcome transfers onto this rock. Up until a few weeks ago our server was listed as Full, despite the fact our population is one of the lowest in the US. Now that we're listed Low I'm starting to see fresh new players in the newbie zones, but it will be some time before they "come of age" (so to speak).

So come one, come all, I say.

#22 Seytn


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Posted 11 June 2006 - 03:03 AM

I hate how stuff like this puts me in predicaments.

We have just reformatted our guild so to speak, i totally routed all the officers who were doing nothing, taking a more pro-active approach, recruited several new players 10ish in total would be my guess, they really dont have loyalty to the guild at the moment and we get an oppurtunity which 2 months ago would have been heavenly.
Now if we leave we probably lose 25-40% of the guild, because they arent die hard Insomniacs yet.

I think with some coordination this could turn into a super server of sorts, lots of strong guilds from the 3 servers who are mentioned, with a decent chunk say 8? Managed to transfer it could be one of the most fun servers in wow, hardly any chinese farmers at the moment i would imagine, there isnt alot of lowbies though, it could be a hardcore PvP raiding server, but it would really hard mining up new recruits to fill holes.

I would love more peoples opinions on the entire aspect if you wouldnt mind.

#23 DiscW


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 11 June 2006 - 12:41 PM

Nurfed, FoH, etc., are examples of transfers to existing servers that already had communities and players. .

Actually the server FoH moved to (Black Dragonflight) was a brand new server. But it was a pvp server that people from pve servers could move from, so it could have been a special case.

#24 GSpot


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Posted 13 June 2006 - 07:43 PM

Hey Setyn, I saw your post on Korgath's forums, and that may have tipped the scales for me personally. I'm an officer in Council of Tirisfal and we've been seriously considering this switch for a while. I think we are in the same boat as you, we have a number of inactives that could use booting, we have a hardcore set of players that will most likely decide to remain with us. All told we were estimating losing somewhere between 1/4 (likely) to 1/2 (very unlikely) of our players during a transfer.

As I'm sure you are aware, we haven't focused too heavily on PvP, and our PvE could use a little motivation (working on Emps at the moment - though with our initial progress we were hoping to be around a month into C'thun). From the Alliance PoV, Warsong could be better for PvP BGs. While there are usually several AB and WSG games up, we typically have 15-25 minute queues on the weekends, and getting into AV is .... aggrevating. Our hope is to convince our PvP-centric players that there will be BGs.

I'm also hoping for a super-server effect. We're trying to convince several other guilds that we're affiliated with that this switch might make sense, and we surely wouldn't mind if you could somehow convince DP or Manic to switch too :) There is definitely the possibility that this server could do quite well if several Horde and a couple Alliance guilds from SH and Stormreaver transfer as well.

So to ramble a bit, to summarize, our basic checklist of concerns was:

- Retaining core members of PvE - it's inevitable that someone is going to be on vacation and miss this transfer
- Recruitment Pool for PvE
- Lag issues, differences
- Queue (thank god, no more queue)
- PvP in general (world, etc)
- BG queues <---our ideal would be a 1:1 A to H activity ratio
- Economy - not as huge of a concern
- Intra-guild competitiveness in PvE - it's easier to motivate everyone if there is friendly competition, it's annoying to have to put up with the opposite

Most of these we hope will work in our favor with a transfer. We also are ridding ourselves of the people who are less tied to our guild and hanging about for free loot, which is always a positive.

Don't know if that helps, just letting you know, see you on Korgath hopefully!

#25 hamlet_the_lesser


    King Hippo

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Posted 13 June 2006 - 08:21 PM

I do know that the guilds that transferred from sargeras all got hurt by it. Only a few that transfered actually fell apart but I know many that are basically recruiting all the time and the quality of the recruits seems to be at a much lower lvl than it was on sargeras. Now the transfer for sargeras was to a newer server but it already had an established lv 60 base that was trying out MC. I think the issue comes down to for most that the lack of competitiveness and also the lack of feeder guilds. This could be different with a server that is getting guilds from multiple servers but I have not heard anything other than server stability being a plus with the change.
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