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Infraction for jonamur: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.

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Posted 07 August 2009 - 03:08 PM

Post: Unholy Gains Shadow of Death (Unholy DPS Discussion now with more 3.2!)
User: jonamur
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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"...we do not want to take a look at your armory or WWS to tell you what you're doing wrong and we're not interested in making your tough gear or spec decisions for you."

Original Post:

So this 0-17-54 build seems to be all the rage right now, and Obliterate > SS, Sigil of Vengeful Heart > Sigil of Awareness, etc.

But this is all based on ultra-high-end gear, BiS basically. I am not nearly there yet; mostly T7/T7.5 level stuff, mostly iLevel 200 or nearabouts. (The World of Warcraft Armory if you care to see the actual gear.)

So my question, now that my talents are reset and it's time to spec again: At a lower level of gear, such as mine, ~200, is this 0-17-54 still my best bet, or is there something more effective down at this level?

Before anyone says "Use the simulator!" please let me first point out that Macs (which I use) do not like .exe files...

Any thoughts/suggestions/tips/ideas/etc. are greatly appreciated!

This is my The World of Warcraft Armory

So you can see my gear is not great, (ignore the weapons I logged out in my frost dual wield weapons, should be Inevitable Defeat,) so from what the poster above said is this 0/17/54 spec still viable for a not uber kitted DK?

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