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Details on 1.12 PvP Content

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Posted 13 July 2006 - 10:18 PM

I've always thought of a capture the city sort of place where dynamic use of the terrain could make or break it (maybe i just want to snipe from towers and have mages hopping on walls). There would be two bases on each side, one for each faction and they would send 'waves' to assult the neutral town.

These waves would be equal in terms of power if no players are nereby. However, they should have a buff, a scaling buff. The less players of their faction in the city and around it, the stronger they become. and vice versa, a group of 70 alliance would still have to work together because this wave would be a mini raidboss in power if say 2 horde were there. Or something like that

If you need a shot macro to hold your hand then you are probably on the wrong forums.

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