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[Alliance][Blackrock]H:GoTUR status, LFM TOC HardModes!

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Posted 07 September 2009 - 07:39 AM

About Elementium
As one of Blackrock's longest serving raid guilds, we have a raid history that dates back all the way to Molten Core. Since those days of infancy, we have grown as a guild from expansion to expansion, instance to instance, member to member. Our pinnacle in raiding was attained in Sunwell, when we became the only alliance guild on the server to down Kil'Jaeden pre-nerf, firmly claiming and securing #1 Alliance on this heavily PvE and PvP competed BattleGroup 9 server. Our raid core is small, tight-knit, professional, and also ultimately, humble. Aside from PvE achievements, the guild is coloured with PvP accomplishments, having garnered the most number of gladiators on the server for Season 3 and Season 4. As a guild of Oceanic background, our family is now looking for more for Ulduar and beyond!

And yes, a good deal of Elementium are Singaporeans, the remaining are mostly Australians, as well as Americans/Brits/Hongkies, etc.

Current Progression:
Everything in Ulduar except Yogg0 (25)
5/5 TOC(25) Normal
5/5 TOC(10) Normal and Heroic (Top 25 World, Top 10 US Tribute to Mad Skill, Server First)


Class-Specific Notes
Even if your class is not listed below, but you are still interested to be a part of the team, try us anyway - our doors are always open to exceptional players regardless.

Current Recruitment Status

Paladin: Low
Priest: Medium
Hunter: Medium
Druid: Low
Shaman: Low
Warrior : Low
Mage: Medium
Warlock: High
Rogue: Medium
Death Knight: Low

General Requirements
Aside from traits listed above, we would also require applicants to:

Have decent EQ. People-person skills are the basic raiding necessity.
Preferably have a pleasant raid history. This includes exceptional previous raid attendances.
Raid with an open mind.
Not be afraid to offer suggestions, yet at the same time not be demanding of your expectations.
Be, quite obviously, self-sustainable. I have quit my hand-holding job 2 expansions ago.
Also have decent offspec gear (this will greatly increase your chance for acceptance)

More Guild Specifics
If you have been tempted by anything said above, please consider the following:

Guild Application Forum: Elementium Application
Raid Times: 400am Server(PDT), 700pm Singapore(+8GMT), 900pm East Australian
Raid Days: Four Days - WED/THUR/SUN/MON
Contact List on Blackrock: hwhplx (GM), finwe (GM), mimorii (Recruitment Officer)

Good luck, and thank you ultimately for your time.

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