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[Alliance][Elune]<No Deal>Recruiting all classes for 25 HM raids

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    Von Kaiser

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Posted 11 September 2009 - 04:10 PM

What you need to know about us

First of all I have to mention that No Deal is a French speaking guild created on a French PvE server. Logically, we speak French, many of us don't speak a lot of English, BUT we love foreign accents so foreigners who have learnt French at school are very welcome!
Out of respect for the main language of EJ forums, this post is written in English, but is addressed to people who can read, understand and speak French, since our guild communicates in that language.


A little about our history now. The guild was created shortly before Wotlk on a crowded server with a few correct guilds. The fundators had cleaned the BC expansion Sunwell included, mostly in its pre-patch version.

Our main issue has always been to find good players on our server not yet involved in another guild.

Therefore, with a very uncomplete roster, we have taken our time to clean Naxxramas, Malygos (in 6min1second, call our luck rotten...) and Sartharion 3D. We managed to achieve this despite being unable to raid as often as we wanted due to general server lag or unsufficient amount of players.
When we reached Ulduar, the lack of reliable players became even more acute since some of our long-time members stopped WoW. We had to struggle to clean the Normal mode (which we did) and were not able to do a real job on HM. Our 10 men's raid, however, went further than that, and despite being unable to raid during the summer, is now working on Algalon.

But is seems the wind has changed. Some modifications in the guild pattern on Elune have brought us good players, and our roster is now more solid than it has ever been.
We have cleaned the normal mode of the Crusader's Trial as soon as the bosses went out, we have cleaned 10 men Crusader's Trial in heroic mode, and we are now working on 25 men Crusader's Trial Heroic mode (Beasts P3 going down soon...), as well as preparing the various Tributes of the 10 men.
We only need a few more reliable people to look forward with confidence.


What we always wanted - and still want - for our guild is to offer an alternative to hardcore gaming without neglecting the endgame content. We are mostly adult players, many of us have got families and full-time jobs, and our only reason for playing WoW is our passion for the game. None of us can devote 24h a day to it.
However, we believe that investment in strategies, in farming consos, in the TC ouf our characters, is a main feature of that game and we want to make the most ouf our avatars to make the most of the time we spend in WoW.

We are also aware that the challenge in the game now entirely lies in the HM or Heroic modes, and that simply cleaning the normal mode of an instance is eating a soup without salt, as we French people say.
Our goal is to be able to compete with fair guilds and to see the endgame, HM content, without giving up upon our Real Lives, without the pressure often implied by a HCG raiding model, and without ever losing our good (or appalling) humor.

Raid format

We raid 5 days a week (Sunday to Thursday) from 20:45 to 00:30 and need you to be there 4/5 days if you apply for a raider position.

You can also apply for a replacement position which will require from you 3 raiding evenings per week, but with less responsibility comes less power :)
We are tolerant to people who cannot be logged in before the beginning of a raid for family reasons, as long as they are ready before the instance.

We organise 10 men raid during the week-end or at the end of 25 men.

What we expect from you

  • We need mature, reliable players, who don't jump from guild to guild and know they won't be leaving WoW anytime soon.
  • We need people who love raiding and know that you never achieve anything real if you don't wipe for it first. We also want you to be good in the TC of your class, but if you are on these forums we suppose you are at least interested in it.
  • We need people who are never lazy, who have a sense of priorities and won't spend their only 3 hours of playtime in a weekend doing PVP while they have no consumables for raiding. You have to be autonomous, we don't want anyone in a raid saying "oooops my cat ate my haste potion".
  • We expect from you that you analyse your mistakes, be humble and avoid doing them again.
  • Lastly, as a Guild Master I will always listen to any complaints coming from my members and so will our officers, but we want you to be adult and try your best to settle your problems without our help, especially if it implies social issues. Drama is no fun.
  • But if we want you to be serious about your implication in the game, we don't want you to be uptight, unable to have a laugh or to communicate with your guildmates. We honestly have a stupid sense of humor implying dreadful puns and various kinds of laughing, even a bit at each other or at ourselves, without any nastiness though. This is a part of our way to love the time we spend in the game, and to never forget it is one. We want to laugh and have fun.


We do not expect people who have cleaned the entire game and have BIS gear (even though you are totally free to apply if it is your case :P).

What we want is to see people who have done their best to reach every piece of gear at their disposal, and have made the most of it. If you have not downed a boss by yourself, you have also to be able to find all the required information about the strategy without relying only on your RL.

This being said, we are willing to read any application from any people who have enough motivation, skill and knowledge of their class, whatever the class, the spec or the stuff level is.

We will love you even faster and better if you are
  • A protpal
  • A feral druid
  • A healer (except for druids)
  • A hunter
  • A rogue
but what we need now is players over classes or specs.

Contact and application

You can have a first contact with our guild by telling on Elune Edhrin, Michi, Amie or Arena, our officers.
You can also find any relevant information as well as the application guideline on our forums, No Deal ~ No Deal - Elune.

We hope to see you there quite soon!

Edhrin&No Deal officers

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    Von Kaiser

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Posted 15 September 2009 - 12:55 AM

Just a little up to let you know that the Heroic Beasts are now back in their cages (Jaraxxus coming down soon), and that we are coming back to cleaning all the Ulduar HM we miss to reach Algalon.

We are more into it than ever and we still need you, so feel free to post an application!

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    Von Kaiser

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Posted 15 October 2009 - 05:04 PM

Yet another up!
This time we have the pleasure to announce you that Jaraxxus 25 Heroic Mode is defeated, buried and confirmed. We are working on the Faction Champions (4 guys down 4 to go).
In 10 men raid, we have obtained the Mad Skill hard mode.

And we still want you if you are :


- A warlock
- A rogue
- A feral druid

We might also consider your application if you are:

- A protpal
- A healing priest
- A healing pal

We hope to hear from you soon!

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    Von Kaiser

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Posted 19 October 2009 - 01:37 PM

In fact, make it Faction Champions HM and Insanity 10 men ;) Same classes needed as above !

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