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Warning for Sh@ft: 6. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say.

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Posted 22 September 2009 - 09:18 PM

Post: Rogue: Simple Questions/Simple Answers
User: Sh@ft
Infraction: 6. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

He was quoting the forum rules you were violating. And, admittedly, he should have just reported it and let us mods deal with it. But it doesn't change the fact that you were violating forum rules, and you continue to do so by making no-content posts commenting on that fact.

Original Post:

First of all, we do not need you to link your armory. It is right there on the side for us all to see. Second of all, please do not beg for hand holding. There is a ton of information out there about this, and you should be able to understand it clearly. If you are confused, download the lastest combat spreadsheet provided.

Where did I "beg for hand holding"? Please re-read my post thoroughly before hastily responding. I did the reading, but that doesn't relate to where my position stands now as I aforementioned. I do clearly understand it, and I'm not asking for "how it works in general". I specifically asked how it could or should work with my current gear as a returning player. If I should have posted this in the gear thread, I apologize, but I figured this thread would be more appropriate since it's been dubbed "Simple Questions/Simple Answers"

With the recent nerf to ArP, I have noticed if you don't have mace spec or a lot of ArP from gear (400+) and/or an ArP trinket it isn't worth gemming for ArP. If anything, you would gain 4-6 dps while giving up crit and defensive stats. As always, look at the spreadsheet. It is there for a reason.

Thank you, this is the simple answer I was looking for.

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