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[Horde][Defias Brotherhood] <Luminous Path> 5/5 ToC 10 LF healers!

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Posted 26 September 2009 - 12:50 AM

About Us

The <Luminous Path> is a fairly small, though dedicated guild. We aren't 'hardcore', but we do have three nights a week of getting down to serious business and making a concerted, focused effort and meeting our goals. We aim to do that while having fun and fostering a friendly guild atmosphere, all the while ensuring that we're making progress towards the next cool encounter ahead. Our guild does pride itself on maintaining a level of discourse that is mature (in all senses of the word) and inviting. Alongside our core group of raiders we have a cadre of alts and levellers who help make the prospects of a long queue of daily quests and an irresistible desire to get the Loremaster title (well, eventually) seem a lot less of a slog.

PvE is far and above our main focus, and right behind that is having friendly people to play with, but we also rolled on an RP server for a reason. The Path has it's own backstory and guild lore that gets added to from time to time, and a short RP section is a required part of the application. We're not asking for a detailed knowledge of Warcraft lore or that you've read all the books (we certainly haven't), but we do enjoy the immersive aspects of the game and the occasional RP event.

Detailed Information

Raid Nights are three nights a week (Tuesday and Thursday at 20.00 and Sunday at 18.00). We don't require a certain amount of attendance, but members who can show a commitment of at least two nights a week on a regular basis will get priority. We also understand that real life takes priority over a raid, but if you're going to cancel on us we like to know ahead of time.

What We're Looking For is healers ready to raid TotC and TotGC 10, with a special emphasis on Shaman and Priest raid healers. Immediately up-to-date information can be found on our site.

Absolute Requirements are the latest Ventrilo client, speakers, and a microphone.

How to Apply

Hop over to our recruitment forums to read more about the Path and fill out an application.

You can also check out our site, luminouspath.de, for more general information about us. In-game, whisper any of our officers -- Thórva, Zalmoxis, or Ekhan -- for more information.

Current as of 21/10/09.

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