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Twin Emperors and Totems.

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#1 Groglox


    Great Tiger

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 03:25 AM

I am in a situation with my new guild where it has been some time since we have done the twin emperors since we reformed. In our old guild, we never used totems with exception of mana tides on the stairs in between teleports.

So now we are reviewing totem usage and we aren't sure whether they can still bug out the teleport/ aggro bugs. If only some of the totems work, or all.

I appreciate any help thanks :)

EDIT: I am also curious whether keeping a 4hunter 1shaman group would be better than mixing hunters in rogue groups for aspect of the pack on teleports.

It probably shouldn't surprise me that the first applications of one of the coolest creature designers ever made is going to be cockmonsters and titwalkers.

I mean christ, cunnilingus is much like being a resto shaman, you spam the button and let it do the work. So long as you change targets as appropriate you don't need to put any thought into it.

#2 Malan


    Mike Tyson

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 03:40 AM

You can use all the standard group enhancing totems with no problems.

#3 mad-doc


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Posted 08 August 2006 - 05:54 AM

mana totems on stairs, rest is ok everywhere.

#4 Xard


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Posted 08 August 2006 - 06:11 AM

I highly recommend using hunters with aspect of the pack in melee groups. it can give the rogues TSA (an all too rare occurance on horde) which boosts dps, and it gives you a lot less travel time, which results in more dps. The only downside I could see is when you have a long gap between teleports and the rogues would have to wait near the caster emp, and then possibly pulling a Blizzard. However, this is not the majority of the cases, and the reduction in travel time means rogues get a lot more time on target, and thus a lot more real damage output. However, you will have to be somewhat more careful with aggro this way since the tank on that side won't get as much time alone with the mob.

Honestly with an average geared raid starting on the twins, I don't think a horde raid would be able to put out enough dps in the time alloted without the hunters helping them cross the room. 140% movement speed with pack means ~30% less travel time, which will greatly add up over the course of the fight.

#5 Shalas


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Posted 08 August 2006 - 07:31 AM

If rogues are ever pulling Blizzard, yell at them for being in the wrong place.

#6 Warpony


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Posted 08 August 2006 - 07:40 AM

We try to keep 2 shamans with 2 of our melee-dps groups, one on each side. Not only does this enhance the DPS in those groups, but it also does something else: Handle most blizzards

(This is our own thoughts about this, but it seems to hold)

Blizzard targets a random person inside X yards (prolly 30 or so) from the caster emp. Totems DO count at viable targets. So what we do is keep our 2 shammies on the opposite side as our healers, from the emp. So they stand more or less alone N of the emps. They move forward, drop 3 totems (or however many) and then step back and spotheal. This makes blizzard target the totems in a very high % of the cases. It reduces heals needed on the MT and reduces the blizzards on MT-healers who got sloppy and moved to close.

Shamans in the MT-heal groups drops totems as normal, on the stairs, as far as i know.

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