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Posted 05 October 2009 - 11:17 AM

Post: World of Warcraft - Lore & Storyline discussion [SPOILERS]
User: Gerronimo
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Too much?


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Wild speculation:

Thrall and Jaina, two star-crossed lovers, spy each other over the fury of Icecrown battle and stage a sly retreat for a Booty Bay goblin themed wedding before setting sail for a south seas honeymoon. Arthas is defeated, Garrosh gets pissed with Thrall, takes over Orgrimmar and the goblins running Club Med - South Sea Heaven decide they could make far more from Thrall's ransom than from his bar tab of orc-sized pina coladas.

Climate change induced Cataclysm makes tropical holidays less desirable than they once were and the Club Med gobbos free Thrall in order to set up the Kalimdor branch of Tsunami Tours Incorporated with the big guy as their consultant-in-resident.

Too much?

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