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Infraction for Consider: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 11:43 PM

Post: Unholy Dps | Scourge Strike, Forever and Always
User: Consider
Infraction: 2. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible.
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It would be very nice, if you could post the stats you used, when doing your sims. Otherwise it is quite inaccurate for me, to do the sims on my own.

If anything, I would rather it be done at different gear levels. More proof for (or against it).

Anyways, I did tests for Epidemic (pre and post patch, and for GoD) using three sets:
1) BiS. Imageshack - alliancebis from earier in the thread (although remember to add base str and such).
2) My own gear, except with a 245 weapon, as I haven't updated my character's file with the new weapon, and as without it, I figure that's a decent enough approximation of an ilvl 245 set.
3) An approximated ilvl 232 set.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe WP has a 1 second ICD, and the way GOD refreshes diseases causes them to tick at exactly the same time.

If this is correct, then GOD actually decreases WP ticks.

Correct. On both.

I'm not saying that GoD is the best unholy style of play, I'm trying to explore all posiblities, and since there was no talk of GoD I put those simulation results to try and get a discussion

=p. It's either the best, or it's not a possibility. There's really no middle ground, unless one doesn't have an issue with using a suboptimal spec.

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