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[Alliance][Thaurissan]<Not Steamboat> Seeking healers and Exceptional Players

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Posted 07 October 2009 - 08:22 AM

Not Steamboat of Thaurissan is seeking healers to round out our raiding team. We're very interested in at least 1 Disc/Holy Priest, 1 Holy Paladin and 1 Resto Druid. We'd also be very pleased to see apps from a dps warrior who can play fury and arms. Feral druids should also consider applying.

The usual caveat applies: if you believe yourself to be exceptional at the game and feel you're a good fit for us then please feel free to apply.

About us
Not Steamboat (NSB) is a consistently top ranked guild with multiple Oceanic firsts dating back to TBC. Our mission is to excel in PvE and maintain steady progress in order to stay ‘on-top’ of content as it is released so that our members may experience PvE to the fullest.

We completed a Tribute to Skill World 23rd (US11th, Oceanic 1st) and we're looking to bolster our lineup for Icecrown.

Raid schedule
all times are +10GMT - Sydney

We raid 8pm to 12am 5 nights a week: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday
Overtime never occurs during farm periods although during progression we will push for a kill should we deem it to be required.

We are an Oceanic guild, if you're an American or hail from outside Oceania you better know what you're doing and why your schedule permits you to raid our hours.

What we want
Dedicated, reliable raiders who know which shiny things to avoid and which to stand in. People who can take criticism without having a sook, and also understand how to improve themselves without feedback. We expect all our raiders to be proficient in all their specs since you may be required to respec for a particular encounter.

We'd like to see people apply who are reflective and able to take responsibility for their infrequent mistakes. We're looking for people who have a desire to excel in anything they set their minds to and have the determination and drive to achieve their goals. We're looking for people who are intelligent, mature and can articulate their ideas. We're looking for great players who are determined to show our current raiders a thing or two.

You need not be 18, and we have some great raiders who aren't, but if you're underage you better be amazing. You need to have a solid internet connection and have the ability to monitor your download usage so that you don't get capped at the end of every month.

Why you should join
You should be looking to join us because you want to raid with some of the best Oceanic players in a guild that is pushing new content as hard as it can. You should want to join us because we're as focused and determined as you during raid times but are happy to goof off outside of raid. Finally you should join us so you can actually meet people like yourself at one of our semi-regular Sydney meetups where much alchohol is consumed and merry times are had.

How to apply
Send me a PM on these boards or head over to the Not Steamboat sitee and put in an application on our forum. Alternatively you can private message your app on our website to Katryna or Xenophanes.

Your app (or PM) should contain the following information:
1. Character Name.
2. Class/Race.
3. Current server and faction.
4. Current Guilds (and any relevant previous guilds).
5. Link to armory with some commentary.
6. Talk to me about your class, how you'll fit into a raid, what your job is on any given encounter and any weaknesses you see in your class.
7. Tell me about your endgame raiding experience.
8. Why you think you'll fit into NSB and why you want to leave your current guild.
9. Personal details: How old are you, what do you do for a living, married, kids. We're recruiting a person not a raiding robot.
10. Do you have any serious alts? Please link to their armory too!
11. What do you do with yourself when you're not playing wow?
12. Do you have a person who will vouch for you? Do you have any enemies?
13. Extra information such as links to relevant parses, UI screenshots, any other skills such as addon development or experience with the theorycrafting community would help your application.

Put effort into your application, if you put less effort into your app than I've put into this post then you'll be denied with extreme prejudice.

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