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GDKP Run Discussion: Spread it to your Server

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#421 Griefpb


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 17 October 2010 - 07:52 PM

If you ask me, flat out selling 277 loot won't work very well because people will feel it's not worth the investment this close to 4.0 What you can sell, on the other hand, is the wyrm. Most people will be delighted to pay a fortune for that 310% mount, so that would be your best bet.

Unfortunately, that only worked up until patch 4.0. Now they've taken out epic flying from all achievements, except for Long Trip.

310 gone in 4.0:
MMO-Champion BlueTracker | Violet drake down to 280%?
This isn't the exact thread I wanted, but it explains it good enough. Unless you obtained a mount prior to 4.0 that could go 310% then all mounts are now 280%, unless you purchase the skill.

Long Trip:
World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

#422 Belegûr


    Piston Honda

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Posted 18 October 2010 - 09:38 AM

Something else that is worth pointing out for GDKP right now: T.10 251 armor can be obtained though chain-heroic instancing, since you can now buy it with the very same Justice Points that each heroic instance boss loots.

The thing is that alot of people used GDKP to gear up alts. Now, you can get an alt full T10 251 in under a week by going all-out on heroics (80-100 points per instance, 600 to 1000 points per piece of gear). So that's one major incentive down as far as GDKP raids go. Maybe you might still get people to pay some decent coin for trinkets/weapons/shields & OH stuff, but that drastically reduces your income.

#423 Reeshet


    Piston Honda

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Posted 18 October 2010 - 09:53 PM

I guess it's also worth noting that Gold Raid Manager is currently not working with the patch release.

Do people have a fix to make it work? or are you using other addons?

I tried using GDKPd this weekend and there's some things I liked MUCH better, but overall I didn't like it and I don't want to keep using it. Though it would only take a couple of fixes to make me like it (and some may be in there and I just don't know enough about it).

It provides a visual indicator for each person who still owes you money. That's just awesome.
It provides option to announce loot and start auto-bidding. I like that.

No option I could find to pause bidding
No option to rebid if someone accidentally types in 750000
No option to generate a report listing all bosses and sale prices per item / total per boss
Although you can set to hide in combat, I couldn't find an option to minimize and reopen. That was a pain.
No option to provide countdown at higher frequency than 5 seconds
No option to allow manual start of bidding on each item. (ties in with no pause).

Bottom line, I liked GRM better because it was a little more flexible and I felt I had more control. But GRM's not working.

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