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Infraction for Mox: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.

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Posted 23 October 2009 - 08:33 AM

Post: Holy Paladin thread for Patch 3.2 changes
User: Mox
Infraction: 8. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Explain to me why your profile points to a level 73 mage if you have 6 pieces of 258?

Original Post:

One thing to keep in mind though... Blizzard has been continuously pushing the FOL style of healing by making it better. At the same time they've been nerfing the HL style of healing. They even hinted at the fact they don't like paladins being able to spam HL for the entire duration of the fight. It wouldn't surprise me at all that for 3.3 or cataclysm things will be changed even more in favour of the FoL style.

Why would blizzard prevent HL spam just to replace it with FoL spam, it's the exact same thing ala mashing 1 key over and over. Having tried both, I would actually say FoL spamming a tank requires even less skill/attention than HL healing because to max out HL you have to sneak in SoW hits, time CDs etc alot more than with infinite-FoL.

The whole discussion is VERY mute though once you reach 258 gear (even more so with icecrown gear) I'm only at 6 pieces of 258 with rest 245H and thats around 3k SP/41.5k mana raid buffed and it's really starting to feel like I can ignore the DP penalty most of the time due to 6-7k HL noncrits/10-11k HL crits without using wings/SP trinket. A good example being P3 anub-HC from last week I used divine plea 3 times and still had 10k HPS during that time, if the main advantage of FoL is the constant stream of HPS which can basically be equalled by HL WITH divine plea up it's really ??? to even continue to pursue it.

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Posted 28 October 2009 - 04:48 PM

This infraction has been reversed.


Discussed the situation.

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