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[Alliance][Staghelm]<Finesse> Late night 11pm CST serious casual (9hr/Wk, Tue/Wed/Th)

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Posted 30 October 2009 - 12:12 AM

About us
Want to raid but can't make your guild's raid time? <Finesse> is for you! Sick of wolfing down dinner at the summoning stone minutes before the first pull? <Finesse> is for you!

We're looking for skilled, mature players who want to obtain gear through progression instead of being carried, but things like work and family interfere with their guild's early raiding times. Our weeknight-only raids and late start time are perfectly-suited to people with RL obligations.

<Finesse> is a relatively new(early 2008) adults-only guild on Staghelm, a thriving, lag-free CST medium-population PVE realm. We are the definition of "serious casual", since we only raid 9 hours/week (casual) and we expect everyone to be "serious" about attendance, attitude, and paying attention in-raid.

We're currently running 25-mans, but need the following roles/classes to maintain enough depth that people can take nights off. (We don't over-recruit, we want to get to 30 raiders online on raid nights, and any night's overpopulation in a role/class will be managed by an official "sitting out" rotation for fairness.):
  • Holy/Disc Priest - High
  • Mage - High
  • Prot Warrior - High
  • Shadow Priest - Med
  • Holy Paladin - Med
  • Resto Shaman - Med
  • 11PM-2AM CST, Tues/Wed/Thur (We supply flasks from the guild bank for these raids.)
  • We use Loot Council.
We primarily concentrate on 25-man content. Optional 10-mans are unofficial and ran on Saturday and Sunday nights.
Trial of the Grand Crusader (Normal modes on 25-minute farm of course.)
  • 25-man heroic: Starting.
  • Unofficial 10-man heroic: After 1 night, 3/5.
  • 25-man regular: 12/14. Yes, if you're looking for Uldy achievements/titles, we're the guild for you.
  • 25-man hard-modes (Glory of the Ulduar Raider): 2/13 achievements on farm, we plan on getting everyone 310% drakes before the expansion drops.
  • Unofficial 10-man regular: 10/14.
  • Unofficial 10-man hard-modes: 9/13 achievements on farm.
We also currently take down Onyxia every lockout and will occasionally take down Sarth 3D for fun.

Who we're looking for
  • You don't die in fires.
  • You're smart enough to use the theorycrafting here on Elitist Jerks to maximize your effectiveness.
  • You want to earn your gear through progression, not being carried.
  • You're at least in mostly Ulduar-10 gear.
  • You're at least college-age.
  • You don't have uncontrollable urges to say everything that pops into your head in Vent/Gchat. No racism/sexism/generally immature bullshit is tolerated.

How to Apply
Apply here on our web site (You'll have to self-register) or you can cut and paste the following to me in a PM:
  • Character Name
  • Class
  • Link to your armory profile
  • Armory link(s) to any raiding alts.
  • What is your guild history?
  • What is your prior endgame raiding experience?
  • Why do you want to leave your current guild?
  • What attracts you to <Finesse>? Other than our impeccable grooming and sparkling repartee.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
  • Know anybody in <Finesse> already? Who?
  • Cake or pie?

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