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Posted 18 November 2009 - 09:25 AM

Post: Paladin: Simple Questions/Simple Answers
User: sno
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Hi guys.

Just got another brain twisting question for all you smart types. In short: Haste cap.
How much haste we suppose to have? I have 733 haste and with self buff I cast flash in 1.1s and 1.4s HL. The problem is in raid that don't change much really. While flash is getting to 1.0s, but HL doesn't.
Raid haste buff: shaman totem, retropally auras, w/o boomkin.

With haste food, (or another haste item, 773/850 haste) I get 1.0s cast of flash and 1.4s cast with HL, but I assume this will even change to 0.9s, 1.3s in raid with totem and retro auras. Will it?

What can you suggest about haste values? I find casting HL for 1.4s alarming and unpleasant. 1.3 or 1.2 is much much more preferrable. But what haste is needed for those speeds?

To summarize I put these questions here:
a) What is our haste cap?
B) What haste # or haste % is needed to get HL cast time to 1.4/1.3/1.2s?
c) Will boomkin contribute and decrease 1.4s cast of HL to 1.3 w/733 haste?

thank you all.

Fully raid buffed as a paladin (having boomkin/retri and a shaman) you need 675 haste rating to get FoL and the GCD down to 1s and to get HL down to 1.33s.

If you want even faster HLs here are the numbers (assuming full raid buffs):
1.3s - 777 Haste
1.2s - 1115 Haste
1.1s - 1515 Haste
1.0s - 1994 Haste

Boomkin aura does not stack with Swift retribution from a retri paladin.

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