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Posted 10 December 2009 - 11:36 PM

Post: Restoration Itemization
User: jl.
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I completely agree to personal healing style changing the outlook on this subject. I have been using Regrowth as my "flash heal" to say, so I don't need ET, and never really picked up LS. In fact, I debated glyphing it. I use lifebloom on tanks/debuff targets. If I were under 725 Haste, I would change my to , and if I were still under, I would change my yellow sockets to .

One solid way to pick up a good chunk of haste is . 1650, get a DK to carry you in two's. The use is also undeniable, say during vortex phases, PC, Frost Breath, Faction Champions in general, a bad legion flame. Or any of the targeted abilities in ICC.

128 Haste = 6.4 Gems. 6.4 x 23 = ~147 SP. 147 Spellpower trinket, just for comparisons sake of re-gemming 20 haste. I could see not replacing the 2 solaces, IDS, and the new 25 man IC trinket, considering the solaces bring great regen along with sufficient spellpower. Maybe Eye of the Broodmother as well, if you have 4PCT9.

edit: @ the above post http://elitistjerks.com/f73/t40221-resto_pve_healing_discussion/p91/#post1477171

Thank you :)

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