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A Guild Bank Guide for Young Guilds

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Posted 29 September 2006 - 08:09 PM

So I'll never write a crazy Excel sheet or understand the minutia of 4 Horseman aggro reduction. What I do know something about is the politics and mechanics involved with running a young, successful guild. As with my BWL Recap, this post is not intended to be "the way, the truth and the life". It is, however, a solid overview of operational principles that have been applied to our guild bank and that have done us very, very well.

Hopefully others will respond to this post with other pieces of advice and this will serve to help young guilds as they progress in the WoW endgame.

Couple details (so you know if this information will be in any way applicable to you) about our guild:

*Started July 28, 2006. Mostly folks in partial/full Tier 1. Some complete noobs as well.

*Nef down Sep 3, 2006.

*Everything in BWL was a "first bosskill" for the vast majority of us (including raid leaders). While this doesn't reflect on our skill (other than the skill of Internet research and asking questions on EJ forums :/p), it does indicate that we were not a re-formulation of another guild already doing the content.

Without further ado:

1. Online Bank Inventory.

Within a day of setting up our guild we implemented http://www.wowroster.net/ on our web site. I keep the guild's inventory updated online - with a refresh at least once a day. Guildies can login any time they like and can browse the entire bank inventory. (Note about WoW Roster: you can bind more than one toon to the "guild bank", pulling inventories from multiple bank toons into one central online inventory.) Here's our guildbank: http://www.houseatre...r/guildbank.php

This has had the effect of:

*Limiting drama. Everyone can see what's in the bank. There have never been whispers of graft or mismanagement.

*Makes bank management easier. You can refer to your inventory at any time (late afternoon, at-work raid strategy sessions involving inventory checks for Titan flasks??).

*Gives everyone a personal sense of accomplishment and purpose. "Wow, we have 31 Arcanite bars, only 69 more to go for our first TF!"

2. Requests from the Bank

Transparency is incredibly important. If you have an online inventory set up, you have already reached step one in the transparency process.

*Make a forum post with your bank rules.
*Require anyone making a request from the bank to do so in your guild bank forum. Then reply to each request as you fulfil/deny it.

Here's our posted bank rules:

This rule sheet will be updated as necessary. Bank toon is "habank".

1. BOE Epics: available to those who need them, for normal DKP prices. If a BOE epic is in the bank for more than 2 weeks, it may be AH'd at leadership's discretion. DKP item cost list here: http://www.houseatre...p/setpoints.php

2. BOE Blues: anything off Onyxia, Ragnaros and Nefarian will be sold in the AH to raise gold for the bank. You can negotiate with the bank and buy them directly if you want any.

3. Random BOE Blues: anything not off Onyxia/Rag, if you want it, you can have it. We'll keep them in the bank for about 2 weeks, then AH them.

4. Enchanting mats: we'll use them for enchantments, duh. If we have extra that we don't need, we'll AH for bank gold.

5. Nexus Crystals: any already IN the bank belong to the bank. They will be AH'd, or used in enchants that the guild needs (think FR on a tank, etc). If the bank decides for some reason to let the guild have a nexus crystal out of the bank, the cost will be variable; roughly 50% of AH price.

NORMAL NEXUS CRYSTAL DISTRIBUTION: on MC/Onyxia/BWL runs, the first nexus crystal will go to the bank. All other nexus crystals will be auctioned off to guildies at the END of the run. Cost: 5DKP.

6. Lava cores, fiery cores, etc: banked to create FR gear. Surplus sold to guildies at reduced gold prices (50% of current AH price). COs will be given FR gear to distribute to their class in whatever manner they see fit.

7. Bank gold: will be used to buy materials that the bank needs in order to create flasks. Also used to refund repair bill costs when we're learning new boss fights.

*Here's our "Requestable Bank Items" list, which expands on the rules list.

This is by no means a comprehensive list.

Idols/Scarabs from AQ20: free. Just request them.

Bijous/Coins from ZG: free. First come, first served.

Onyxia Cloaks: free. First come, first served. Use the appropriate request thread in this forum.

BOE Epics: talk to your CO, ASAP, as soon as you see one appear that you want.

AQ20 Books: first come, first served (if it's sent to the bank) unless a CO tells me that it's to be AH'd.

Bloodvine: available at 50% of the AH price (as of the day that I check the price). So put your request in, I'll check the AH price, and tell you what you'll pay. You can then decide how much you want.

Fiery/Lava Cores: see my stickied post about cores.

Core Leather: from time to time, I will decide to sell core leather to guildies at a discount from AH prices. Otherwise, it goes to FR gear.

Dark Iron Bars: We'll build a good supply to gear incoming tanks, then make some available to guildies at discounted prices.

3. Aggressively Raise Gold

*The bank takes BOE blues from Rags/Onyxia/Nefarian. We sell them to raise cash.
*The bank will AH any BOE epic that sits in the bank inventory for more than 10-14 days.
*We build large supplies of most mats (Essence of Fire, Large Obsidian Shards, Onyxia Scales, etc) and then we aggressively sell them off.

Since we've started, we've gone from 0 gold to over 6000 gold, all the while aggressively spending on materials for pots/flasks (see below).

4. Buy Flask/Pot Materials from Guildies

This has two benefits:

*You end up paying less than you would in the AH (we pay roughly 80% of current AH prices).
*The gold you raise goes back to the guild.

We've built up a reserve of 20+ Titans, 10+ Distilled Wisdom, and well over 100 mana/FR pots. This despite going through at least 5 Titans every single week since our first Broodlord kill.

Here's our current price list:

The bank buys materials from guildies. Prices are set roughly 20% below either the AH price or the Allakhazam "average" price.

UPDATED 9/29: the bank will buy the following mats from guildies, and the prices are as follows:

1. Gromsblood: 14g per stack.

2. Black Lotus: 12g each.

3. Dreamfoil: 13g per stack.

4. Icecap: 10g per stack.

5. Stonescale eel: 12g per stack

6. Major mana pots: 15g per stack.

7. Arcane crystals: 25g each.

Please send COD! Please send COD! Please send COD!

5. Contests to Raise Mats are Great!

We recently ran a contest using materials turn-ins as your "tickets" in order to win an enchant.

The contest raised a total of:

510 Gromsblood
183 Dreamfoil
22 Black Lotus
Bunches of "lesser" items.

Here was our posting for the contest:

Want to win a sick enchant? Then this contest is for you!

ONE lucky winner gets their choice of:

1. +15 NR to cloak.


2. +15 FR to cloak.


3. +55 healing to weapon.


4. +30 spell damage to weapon.

So what do you have to do? It's VERY simple! You have between NOW and 11:59pm on September 4 to turn in as many black lotus, dreamfoil, gromsblood, thorium ore, rugged leather, stonescale eel or runecloth as possible.

The overall winner gets the enchant.

Turn-ins are "scored" follows:

1 black lotus = 10 dreamfoil/gromsblood

1 Dreamfoil = 1 Gromsblood

10 thorium ore = 5 dreamfoil/gromsblood

10 rugged leather = 1 dreamfoil/gromsblood

20 stonescale eel = 4 dreamfoil/gromsblood

20 runecloth = 1 dreamfoil/gromsblood

SEND ALL CONTEST TURN-INS TO "HABANK" WITH THE SUBJECT LINE "CONTEST". Any submission that does not follow these rules will NOT be counted!!!

Reply to this thread with any questions.

Good luck!

*Note: if I do not receive enough submissions I reserve the right to extend the contest period. Everyone will be given at least 3 day's notice prior to the original contest end date that we are extending the contest.


K*******: (44 points) 40 dreamfoil, 390 gromsblood, 1 black lotus
H******: (40.1 points) 20 Black Lotus, 60 gromsblood, 100 dreamfoil, 41 stacks of runecloth
M********: (11.5 points) 30 thorium, 40 dreamfoil, 60 gromsblood
L******: (7.2 points) 1 black lotus, 43 dreamfoil, 18 gromsblood


That's about it.

Hopefully folks will find some value here.

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