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Tree Healing Guide (IN PROGRESS)

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Posted 29 December 2009 - 07:32 PM

Current changes, requests, etc. that I am working on can be found in the 2nd post of this page here http://elitistjerks....ss/#post1506317

If you haven't read the FAQ posts, please refer back to it here. Or more specifically where it says "Please note this post is not for general discussion about Restoration. It is being critiqued to become a Think Tank article. Please limit responses to the actual content of the first post, anything remotely derailing from the critique will receive an infraction."

I put this together a little while ago and posted it on my guild website. I pulled a lot of information off the Moonkin TTT article written by Arawethion, as I couldn't think of a better base outline. I have taken what a lot of people have commented on these forums, as well as other forums, and made a general outline of Tree Healing. I am looking to update this, get a better picture of what needs to be added, taken out, and get more facts and statistics based on math, rather than me just saying "this is bad".

The general Idea of how I play a Restoration Druid was said best a few months ago by one of my trial members:

Druids are better used for foundation raid healing (rolling rejuvs and wild growth on as many targets as possible), leaving other healers to top people off. This sounds easy on paper, but you also need to factor in movement, possibly rolling LBs on tanks, Tranquility use in dire situations, conserving your own mana enough so that you can give out your Innervate to other healers, emergency NS+HT or SM on someone with 2% hp, helping the other healers top people off before a huge wave of incoming damage (Algalon or Freya), etc. etc.

With that, This thread is going to go over mechanics (or anything else that I (or we) feel that need to be added) of a general "Raid Blanketing" healing style.

Druid Abbreviations and Terminology that you will run into quite often:

In resto druid discussion, you hear a lot about 5x1 healing. What this simply means is the druid is going to cast 5 Rejuvenations, followed by a Wild Growth. Then repeat that, as they heal accross the raid (or in most of our cases, Grid). This style of healing is called blanketing, and it usually allows us to cover 3 groups at a time, with some very strong healing.

[Swiftmend] - SM
[Celestial Focus] - CF
[Living Seed] - LS
[Nature's Swiftness] - NS
[Healing Touch] - HT
[Nature's Grace] - NG
[Wild Growth] - WG
[Gift of the Earthmother] - GotEM
[Tree of Life] - ToL
[Empowered Touch] - ET
[Natural Perfection] - NP
[Lifebloom] - LB

Talent Points:
The core of the spec will include the following talents:

[Will be updating this section shortly]


This spec is focused on a full powered Rejuvenation/Wild Growth for a raid healing druid. It skips Living Seed and Empowered Touch, making Nourish a weaker spell, allowing room for Regrowth to be our "go to Flash Heal". Regrowth can benefit from CF, NG, and the full 10% of GotEM, and it doesn't need the 2 points in Empowered Touch, allowing us to keep Revitalize and pick up CF.

There also comes a point where you will no longer need Celestial Focus; aka, when you reach the soft haste cap (see below). Then it comes to choosing a talent spec with "extra" talents.
11/0/60. We basically eliminated the extra points in Balance we used to pick up CF. That gives us 7 points to use in the restoration tree. Talents to pick up quickly will be ET (for Nourish), and LS (for Nourish and Regrowth). 2/3 NP or 2/2 Improved Barkskin is your choice of where to spend the last 2 points. I personally choose 2/2 Imp. Barkskin for 10% extra damage reduction. Algalon Stars, Twins Vortex, as well as many other encounters this talent CAN become very useful. However, you may also never use it. Now when talking about the use of Regrowth over Nourish more often, I think at this point, putting our 7 points back in resto, mainly buffing Nourish, making it our go-to spell once again, if a HoT is present.

These talent choices are based on my play style and personal preference. A lot of druids do not pick up revitalize, as they feel giving this "minor" benefit to other healers and the DPS isn't a big deal, or isn't their job. This is one of the biggest debates/discussions around. Jula's post with a combat log is one good example of how Revitalize can help your raid.

The Glyphs:

[For a more detailed look into the glyphs, see the Glyph Discussion thread to determine what glyphs may be best for you. Link will be provided once the overhaul of our Resto threads is done.]

- A strong buff to Nourish, used well with tank healing.
- Useful for rolling on tanks while tank healing.
- 20% increase to one of your primary spells.
- 43.70 MP5 If used every 3 minutes.
- A must have if you use this spell a couple time per fight.
- Not a bad choice for progression. It was nice for the Tank in IC Hardmode.
- An alternative to glyph of Nourish, can be used well for tank healing.
- Used for a quick sub 1.0 second heal. See's very little use in standard raid healing builds.
- One of the better progression glyphs. Anub'Arak, and AoE Damage fights. It is most useful when learning and gearing up to an encounter.
- New glyph added in 3.3. Great for non 25 man content, and still good if there is more than 1 Tree in the raid or it fits your personal healing style.

Rejuve, Wild Growth, and Swiftmend are my standard Glyphs. 3.3 allows us to weave in Rapid Rejuvenation, most replace the original Rejuvenation glyph. Personal Preference will take place, based on your role/healing style. Again, see the Glyph Guide for more information on these glyphs.

The Stats:
Your core healing stats consist of the following:

Intellect - Provides 0.00612% to crit per point, along with 15.3 mana per point. (0.006732% crit and 17.16 mana with Blessing of Kings). Raid buffed, each point of intellect provides 0.210 MP5 through replenishment alone.

Spirit - Provides 0.15 spellpower per point with Improved ToL. With Blessing of Kings, Living Spirit, and Improved Mark of the Wild, it provides 0.19+ spellpower.

Haste - 32.79 haste rating gives 1% spell haste. There is a threshold at which haste loses some value; this occurs when the GCD hits 1.0s. Below this cap, all of our spells feel the full value of haste. Above it, Nourish and instants no longer benefit from haste, but all other spells still benefit fully. Haste is a very valuable stat under the cap.

Critical - 45.9 critical strike rating gives 1% to crit.

The mana regeneration formula used:
ManaRegen(SPI, INT) = (0.001+SPI*0.003345*(INT^0.5))*5
This means that Spirit and Intellect both effect eachother. 1 point of Spirit does not have a static MP5, as its MP5 gain is based on how much Intellect you have, and same goes the other way.

My stat priority will almost always run in the following order:
W/O 4T9 set bonus = Haste to cap > Spellpower > Spirit > Intellect > Haste rating > Critical.
With 4T9 set bonus = Haste to cap > Spellpower > Critical > Spirit > Intellect > Haste.

For exact numerical comparisons, plug your setup into Tree Calcs

Spellpower & Coefficients

This portion was directly taken from Nofair's http://elitistjerks....ion/#post989905

Spellpower increases the healing of each spell differently. In the table below the number in the "no talents" columns are how they scale without any talents. The full talents column is the coefficient if you have Master Shapeshifter, Gift of Nature, Improved Rejuvenation, Empowered Touch, Empowered Rejuvenation, Genesis and Tree of Life active. After some testing Nofair concluded the following:
  • Gift of Nature and Genesis stack. They increase HoTs by 15% (1.15 coefficient) instead of 10% and 5% seperately (1.155 coefficient). They also stack with improved Rejuvenation (making the coefficient for this spell 1.3).
  • Empowered Rejuvenation affects both the final Lifebloom ticks as the initial Regrowth heal. Genesis does not affect these.
  • Master Shapeshifter, Tree of Life aura and Gift of Nature with Genesis are all multiplicative. This means: healing * 1.15 (GoN + Genesis) * 1.06 (ToL aura) * 1.04 (Master Shapeshifter).
  • Wild Growth's extra bonus healing is divided equally over the ticks, in contrast to the base healing which heals less each tick.

Lifebloom HoT		0.666 [0.095]		1.013 [0.145]
Lifebloom Bloom		0.645			0.939
Rejuvenation		1.88  [0.376]		3.233 [0.647]
Regrowth Initial	0.537			0.781
Regrowth HoT		1.316 [0.188]		2.002 [0.286]
Nourish w/o HoT		0.671			0.814
Nourish with HoT	0.806			0.977
Healing Touch		1.611			2.439
Wild Growth		n/a			1.225 [0.175]

The numbers in brackets are the coefficients per tick (these are more important as Nature's Splendor uses these coefficients for each tick).

Haste Rating:

When people talk about a "haste cap" on spells, they mean reducing 1.5 second cast time spells, such as Nourish and instant casts, to a 1.0 second cast time spell. The following requirements are needed to obtain 1.0 second cast on Nourish and GCD's without the use of NG, but also factoring in GotEM:

With [Improved Moonkin Form]or[Swift Retribution] + [Wrath of Air Totem] (8%)
NO [Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 449 haste rating. All other spells: 856
[Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 339 haste rating. All other spells: 735

[Wrath of Air Totem] Alone (5%)
NO [Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 563 haste rating. All other spells: 980
[Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 449 haste rating. All other spells: 856

[Improved Moonkin Form]or[Swift Retribution] Alone (3%)
NO [Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 638 haste rating. All other spells: 1063
[Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 523 haste rating. All other spells: 936

With no haste buffs (0%)
NO [Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 757 haste rating. All other spells: 1193
[Celestial Focus] [Lifebloom]: 638 haste rating. All other spells: 1063

Set Bonuses:

If you can't get an abundance of frost badges, get 4PC T9. It is easy to get with the new dungeon system.

Item - Druid T9 Restoration 2P Bonus = 5% crit to a spell that makes up for less than 10% of your healing with over a 50% chance to crit before this bonus.

Item - Druid T9 Restoration 4P Bonus (Rejuvenation) = Allows one of our HoT's and our primary healing spell to crit, rendering critical rating useful.

Item - Druid T10 Restoration 2P Bonus = Weaker than it reads. 30% less decay adds less than 5% healing to this spell. Use the tree calcs spread sheet to determine how much it will effect your WG.

Item - Druid T10 Restoration 4P Bonus (Rejuvenation) = Still has a lot of unknown effects and data. Best case scenario, it will be nearly a 15% increase to rejuvenation healing. This bonus has the ability to become very strong, or very weak.

It is not recommended by me that you break your 4PC T9 to pick up this 2PC T10. However, some do. Check in the Treecalcs spread sheet or Rawr for any HPS confirmations.


I have always been a fan of socket bonuses. I have had the standard of running this setup:

Yellow: - to haste cap - after haste cap
Meta: - Ember Skyflare is an alternative, but should only be done with proper stat weight/gemming/trinketing. This is the last place you should drop regen.

Idols - Pretty simple really:
- Easy to obtain with Triumph.
- 22 SP upgrade from Flaring Growth. Nothing better in the game.


Things to look at in trinkets are usually a static spellpower gain, along with another effect such as MP5, or a proc/use of the sort. Most of your proc's on healing trinkets would be MP5 , or mana return of the sort. Outside of mana gain, trinket proc's that increase our spellpower and other stats are often not very well utilized when it comes to healing. Static gains of mana or just static trinkets, like are generally what you would look for.

The worse proc for us is haste. Remember that even if you're under the soft cap, haste rating that's applied in a short burst (such as the effect) will be mostly over the softcap. Don't make the mistake of averaging out the haste value from a trinket and then applying it all at a sub-softcap value. If you have control over the haste effect , you can mitigate this somewhat by activating the trinket only at the beginning of possible Regrowth spam, or hasted rejuvenation needs, and maybe a needed tranquility. In the end, haste proc trinkets are the worse trinkets we can find, as past the soft cap, they don't speed up any of our GCD's or 1.5 second spells.

Finally, the both heroic and non equip is extremely strong. The two versions of it are the two best available trinkets before ICC, by a wide margin. Even then, if regen is slightly even needed, will most likely remain the best.


will remain the best, unless HP is needed, then Stoneblood is good there.
are best for healing, especially with 4PC T9. If you have mana issues, is clearly your choice. is ideal of you are an alchemist.


Excluding profession bonuses.

* Head: 30 spellpower/20 crit (Kirin Tor revered)
* Shoulders: 24 spellpower/15 crit (Sons of Hodir exalted)
* Back - 23 haste
* Chest - 10 stats. 8 stats is cheaper option at a tiny stat loss.
* Wrists - 30 spellpower
* Gloves - 28 spellpower
* Leggings - 50 spellpower/20 spirit. 50 spellpower/30 stamina is another option if you want more HP.
* Boots - Run speed/15 stam.
* Weapon - 63 spellpower to a 1H, or 81 spellpower to a staff.

Note: If mana is an issue, or your missing 4PC T9, then the MP5 version of the Helm/Shoulder enchants can be a good alternative.


Tailoring gives a strong HPS benefit. Lightweave Embroidery - Spell - World of Warcraft gives 295 spellpower for 15 seconds, 35% proc on spellcast, 60 second cooldown. It can proc off HoT ticks, making the average proc time around 2 seconds. 70 spellpower is a decent estimate of the average benefit, minus the 23 haste you'd normally have on your cloak, so the total benefit here is worth roughly 55 spellpower (A bit less if you're below the haste softcap, potentially slightly weaker than the other professions). Amusingly, the enchant also gives 1 Spirit for some reason. However, as a healer, and as a resto druid, it is harder to weigh the proc. Not a bad profession if you decide to pick it up.

Darkglow Embroidery - Spell - World of Warcraft offers you a gain of approximately 33 MP5

A minor bonus of Tailoring is that one [Eternium Thread], you can swap your leg enchant between 20 Spirit and 30 Stamina for encounters where extra HP can be beneficial.

Alchemy: With either or Mixology (with your ) will give you 47 spellpower.
Allowing: , , double-duration Flasks, and the ability to transmute a gem once a day.

Blacksmithing: An extra socket each in your wrists and gloves, each with a , gives 46 spellpower. An alternative to this with and being under haste is socketing with for a little more haste.

Enchanting: 23 spellpower to each ring gives 46 spellpower.

Inscription: 70 spellpower/15 crit to shoulders in place of the Sons of Hodir enchant gives 46 spellpower.

Jewelcrafting: 3 in place of 3 gives 48 spellpower.

Leatherworking: 76 spellpower to bracers in place of the usual 30 spellpower gives 46 spellpower.

Engineering and Skinning are weaker, both giving less benefit than the 46 spellpower.

Engineering gives Hyperspeed Accelerators (340 haste for 12s every minute) and 27 spellpower to cloak. You are losing 23 static haste from your back piece to gain 27 spellpower. Like the trinkets, haste uses/proc's are not very appetizing. Rocketboots however, can be fun, and very useful in some encounters.

Skinning gives 40 crit rating.

Mining and Herbalism provide minor survivability benefits, but no HPS gain.

Gear selection:

End game caster gear have Intellect, Stamina, Spellpower, and 2 out of the following: crit rating, hit rating, haste rating, or Spirit. When determining the value of any piece, these are a few things to look for:

  • Higher-ilvl gear is stronger. Spellpower increases very regularly with ilvl, so it is a predictable gain.
  • More sockets are better (since they allow us to stack more spellpower, or haste when needed).
  • Crit rating effects Regrowth, Swiftmend, Nourish, Healing Touch, and the bloom of Lifebloom, seeing less than 15% of our total healing on average. 4PC T9 allows it to effect Rejuvenation.
  • Haste rating is very important, until you hit your soft haste cap.

Your tier pieces since T8 run 2x Spirit/Haste and 3x Spirit/Critical. With haste being so important to us now, I recommend to run 2xHaste and 2xCritical, bringing in that 5th piece from a non Tier item with haste. In T9 your legs and shoulders have haste, and T10 your Gloves and Legs have haste. In T9 or 10, running 4PC with the a Haste chest slot is your prime choice. However, any haste piece that replaces a Tier crit piece will do.

Useful Macros:

[Will be adding a little bit more. Addons & UI, Macros, and possibly tips on certain bosses, like Anub'Arak or Faction Champions]
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Posted 29 December 2009 - 07:33 PM

[AS OF 01/07/2010 AT 10:47 AM]

  • Currently re-writing the talent section to include a base/core build - then detailing the talents to choose. I will try to keep this as unbiased as I can, as I am a huge Revitalize advocate. 11/0/50 Taking out the point in Empowered Touch for your basic 50 restoration points. Elaborating on Natural Perfection, Living Seed, Revitalize, Empowered Touch, Nature's Grace, and Celestial Focus.

  • Looked at the Idols, and it was too "opinionated" or whatever you would call it. Changed it... and most likely should add the Duck for mid fight mana swapping.

I am currently looking for some UI suggestions. I use Grid + GridStatusHots + GridRaidIcons. I can go in briefly on these, but no other mod I use is Restoration Druid specific. AKA Dominos/AGU/etc. I understand a balance and organized UI is important to healing, so it deserves a good look at. Thinking inside the box is a good article that I will link in this section for sure.

Also for useful macros. I have basic mouse overs. I can show how to make one, but are their other macro's that would prove useful? NS/HT obviously too. Shadowmeld+Flightform :D

And again, looking for maybe a parse from a druid with Trauma, on say Twins + 1 other fight like NRB. Prefer Heroic versions. Along the lines with the legendary and a parse where you are the only one with it. No big deal, as it is outdated and most likely not being sought out by many anymore.

Last note: Trauma discussion should stick to the other threads. As well as most others. Room for LS/Revitalize/talents etc will be reviewed in other threads now as well. I said I was changing the talents to try to make it less controversial. Try to keep replies from straying too far away from suggestions/errors/details about the guide. Nobody has gone far off at all, and again, I thank everyone for their time and suggestions, you are all doing a good job helping me so far, in this thread and in tells.
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Posted 30 December 2009 - 04:07 AM

Thanks for putting all the work in! Just a minor note:

In both T9 and T10, your legs and shoulders bring you haste rating.

Shoulder and Legs for T9, Hands and Legs for T10 :)

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 11:43 AM

Thanks for putting all the work in! Just a minor note:

Shoulder and Legs for T9, Hands and Legs for T10 :)


I also have to add living spirit (15%) into the stats, and how it affects spellpower there, as well as many other things. But your eye is a good start, thanks.
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Posted 30 December 2009 - 12:02 PM

yes thanks a lot ! it was about time to have some kind of tree-guide in here again.

My comments:


The Spec:
The core of the spec will include the following talents:

you already mentioned some things. For Raidsupport, I personally choose 1 Point in the Thorns instead of Starlight Wrath, but that's not that important.

But I would recommend using 1 Point in Tranquil Spirit and just 2 in Subtlety, the aggro-times are over and most druids skilled it just for Algalon.

I also suggest to spend 2 Points in Empowered Touch and just 3 in Nature's Bounty, 20% more healing is better than 20% more crit (just try it in rawr).

Than imho (and I think lot's of druides think the same way) Living Seed > Revitalize. Living Seed is real healing (about 2-5% depends of your healing-style and situation) while Revitalize doesn't event count as a Replenishment.

So in the end it's something like this.


Rejuve, Wild Growth, and Swiftmend are your standard Glyphs. 3.3 will allow us to weave in Rapid Rejuvenation.

Think most Druides used Wild Growth, Swiftmend and either Rejuv or Nourish as a third Glyphe (we had a lot of discussions here which should be the third one).
But now we are in 3.3, why should we talk about former times ? In my eyes the new Rapid Rejuv Glyph ends the discussion about the third Glyph. Wild Growth, Swiftmend and Rapid Reju should be the best Glyphes for most encounters (I switch from Rapid Reju to Reju for Anub 25 hero, but that's just one encounter which most Druids out there will never see).


The Stats:

here we should link to Allinone's Lootranks and mention Rawr.



I'm a fan of Socketbonues too and the gems you mentioned are perfectly all right. But we both should know that we should socket 23 SP, if the Socketbonuses is lower than about 7 SP^^

Imho we should discuss about Metas once more. We reach itemlevels in which 2% more int is far more than 21 int (32 buffed I think) and 25 SP could be more interesting than the regen (don't see any mana-probs until Hardmodes for icc arrive).


Well, it provides a little bit more SP but the difference is little and you only got the advantage if you've got all stacks up (and don't tell me you always think about spamming reju before the fight to start with all stacks^^). Probably the Glyph is a little bit better and probably I gonna get it. But there are so much nicer things to get for your eblems right now (even if you don't want to wear a single piece of t10).



good that you mentioned the old (still hunting for it) and Solace is certainly one of the best trinkets (I use the hero one myself constantly) but does really anybody need two reggen trinkets ? I didn't take a second Solace, most of the fights I use a reggen trinket (Solace hero) and a Spellpower trinket ( in my case since I don't have a ) and there a lot of interesting new trinkets like .



A copy from the Moonkins ? Think you really should use the SP/reg enchants and probably most Druids in PvE does.
And I really recommend using on the Feet instead of a little bit running Speed (interesting for Owls maybe but not for trees imho).


Gearing out your character:

Maybe we should really warn using t10 with the current set bonuses and little haste. At least if you're able to get t9,25 or even t9,5.

again thank's a lot! It could become a very nice TTT.

edit: links make posts nicer

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 01:11 PM

enjoyed it, was interesting to find out rapid rejuv isn't really viable for 25 mans.

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 01:43 PM

The OP is mostly solid, for head/shoulders enchant I prefer the mp5 versions if not sporting 4T9. For glpyhs I'd say the default should be WG-SM-Rapid Rejuv, with the normal Rejuv as a possible replacement for SM. Now sure how it's possible to understand the RRejuv glyph is not viable for 25 from the OP or at all but ok.
a 18/0/53 is not a nourish spec so 3/3 Subtlety is better than 1 point in TS, especially since Subtlety is somewhat useful for 3 out of the 4 fights so far. You should probably also mention 14/0/57 and skipping Living Spirit for ET.
ET is not +20% healing, and even so it doesn't affect regrowth which NB does.
Pandora's Plea is so inferior to solace and it certainly isn't an SP trinket. I'd take a lot of trinkets over it if not going with dual solace. Undecided about Althor's Abacus, not sure a random heal every 45s is that useful, and unlike DPS having it pop early is usually a waste of the first heal. Regardless, it is a solid SP trinket and the heroic version will most likely be (one of 2) BiS.
Runspeed is the only enchant to consider for boots, even though it's not at its prime on the 1st ICC wing. Runspeed can enable you to a heal a target faster; a few bits of SP and regen won't. Extra stam is marginally useful as well.

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 02:11 PM

enjoyed it, was interesting to find out rapid rejuv isn't really viable for 25 mans.

Don't get off too fast on discarding this glyph. It has its shining moments. This is made based of my healing style, so it just doesn't work well for me. For someone else, it could be the best thing since Tree Form!

Nihlo, I'll go in order with you.

1. Thorns damage is only you. It is "your" thorns. If you put it on a tank, it doesn't increase that thorns damage. Also, I suggest Sublety. It helps on Algalon like you said, but also zero (or even 4) Yogg, Freya, and Anub especially. If your tanks are just amazing, then sure, drop it, but the little mana problems I have, and the little amount I use nourish, I find 2% mana reduction is lackluster. As far as ET over 10% crit, I am using Regrowth as my "spot" heal now, over Nourish. I wrote about this as well. But if I nourished more, then 2/2 ET would definitely be it. And Revitalize is a big deal. Not just for healer mana, but for physical DPS too, and some caster mana. There is a LOT of heated debate on this talent, and I would never go without it as a raid healer.

Not "shutting you down", your suggestions may fit you well. I just have a lot of time and thought, and my reasoning for each thing you pointed out.

2. I made this for my guild a little bit ago, and Nourish is a great glyph if you use nourish. I am talking about a mainly 5x1 healstyle, with the occasional SM or Nourish. SM>Nourish as well. And I also made this post pre-3.3 (on my guild forums). I will change the 3.3 comment.

3. I have never been a fan of Rawr, but that shouldn't stop me from putting it in there. If anyone has suggestions on how to implement it, I am all ears. As far as http://elitistjerks....48/#post1499665 , I think I should implement it right in to a certain point. After we have access to all the gear, I can link his BiS list, or even come up with one. I do agree that checking with some sort of developer like chardev or treecalcs/rawr is a good way to help determine loot upgrades. But this portion is mostly for "Int gives you this, Spirit gives you this..." etc.

4. If you are looking for the most direct SP upgrade there is. Gaining 6 Spellpower over 10 spirit is shady in my view. The mana base regain. 10*1.2903=12.903 spirit from 1 "true spirit". 12.903*.15(ToL)= a little less than 2 SP. 4 Spellpower gain overall, losing 10 spirit in regen. Now, to some people it is worth it and makes sense, and to some it does not. I will add the math, and tell them they can decide, also using Treecalcs/Rawr for all confirmations. And on the topic of meta's, I went with IED as it is pretty standard. Math can choose 25SP+2%Int if you do not want the regen, and the druids that can do this and choose to do this properly don't need this guide at all :). However, I do not use my own innervate, and often find myself having SOME mana problems on longer encounters. We also don't get the meta for the 21 or the 2% int, but more for the other effect. At this ilvl, we are likely getting about 25 intellect for 2%. It does have room for me to throw in math and equations, if necessary.

5. I am a little OCD with my character. When the ready check goes up b4 a pull, I have a "checklist" to say. I check GotW, Thorns on tanks, my flask and food buff, my Solace stacks as well as my trinket procs. I roll rejuves on tanks and depending no the fight, the raid before the pull. I usually use my endless mana potions seconds before the pull. Some may not do this, but that is me :)

However, to each their own with choosing what to buy. I think that this is the best purchase. I could upgrade my trinket, but I have a chance to get IDS, Solace, Abacus, etc.

6. I should elaborate more. I am not making this section to post BiS trinkets, but how to judge what may be good and may not be good. How to figure out average value of MP5 from trinkets, or possible the effect from the Abacus after I learn more about it. Which leads me to making a section for Val'anyr and Trauma.

7. I think the MP5 could be better if you don't have 4PC T9, personal stat wieghts and Rawr/Treecalcs can solve this for you. It is a guild policy to have runspeed of some form. You don't see the use much on ToC, or the early bosses of ICC, but running out of DnD and away from blood beasts, around Gunship battle faster, etc. are some great uses for it. I can use it as an alternative, but any fight where you HAVE to run somewhere, I believe getting out of the way faster is important.

8. I don't really understand what you are saying here. T9 232 is easy to get for anyone with the new heroic system.

Thanks for the feedback. I know I need to add quite a bit more detail on some subjects. This was a basic outline that I drew up, so more critique is definitely needed. Will be updating shortly.
Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 03:12 PM

Than imho (and I think lot's of druides think the same way) Living Seed > Revitalize.

I'd say it's completely otherwise. Revitalize is way better than Living Seed, and most of druids seem to agree. After seeing logs where paladins, mages, warlocks have gained 4k-6k mana in a four minute fight, I'd say it's really good. And then you take in all the melee's energy, runic power and rage (?) gain.

#10 wukkar


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Posted 30 December 2009 - 03:16 PM

The title says mechanics yet you list things like consumables and macros. If its not just mechanics and is going to be a catch-all guide, you must talk about UIs. In fact, given how vital a UI is for a healer, that would have to be half the post: setting up Grid's corner texts, DBM, Clique, etc. Or just link to Resto4Life� Blog Archive � Grid: Thinking within the Box(es) and Tree Bark Jacket: How-to Grid: HoT tracking.

To give you an idea, here is the priest guide http://elitistjerks....rthas_downfall/.

#11 Kirbie44


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Posted 30 December 2009 - 03:49 PM

The title says mechanics yet you list things like consumables and macros. If its not just mechanics and is going to be a catch-all guide, you must talk about UIs. In fact, given how vital a UI is for a healer, that would have to be half the post: setting up Grid's corner texts, DBM, Clique, etc. Or just link to Resto4Life� Blog Archive � Grid: Thinking within the Box(es) and Tree Bark Jacket: How-to Grid: HoT tracking.

To give you an idea, here is the priest guide http://elitistjerks....rthas_downfall/.

I should add a section about UI, but I think elaborating too deeply isn't for this thread. My UI is very basic. I can/could get away with a simple Grid and it's addons, and DVE, or DBM for most of you. But I do agree that UI is important, and we have our own thread for deeper discussion of the matter. I think a Helpful Addon's section, with maybe some detail on Grid Text for HoT status's should be sufficient for this post.

Who knows, it may lead into some giant post in the end, which isn't what I am really looking for. I shall change the title to maybe "Tree Healing Guide".
Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 07:13 PM

Very nice job! Even if i'm not using the same spec. I think that a Add on section would be a great idea too as macro (hope to see a lot of mouseover)

Ps : You must have forgot 7 pts in your 11-0-60 spec it seems to be a 11-0-53

#13 xmlviking


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Posted 30 December 2009 - 08:48 PM

Excellent post Kirbe!

I have just recently started playing my resto druid again and I have pretty much been winging it.
I have followed posts here on gear pieces etc...I did perform due diligence last week and picked up 4 pieces of Tier 9.

Concerning your first piece of Frost Badge gear.

I have been seeing quite a few people pick up the cloak first?


These are both pretty outstanding items and I'm not certain you can pick up an upgrade very easily. Other then hitting heroic modes in ToGC and ICC. I'm just not certain, given how long it has taken me to save up frost badges I want to spend them on a marginal upgrade.

Great stuff! :)

#14 intrepidos


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Posted 30 December 2009 - 11:28 PM

will probably be the last badge item i get. the ramp up time alone is very unattractive.

#15 jula


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Posted 31 December 2009 - 01:04 AM

In the section "The Stats:" you evaluate stats such as INT and SPI, but you do not include the mana regen portion of those stats - should be added.
I recommend you add how much mana regen each stat grants, with/without replenish, with/without talents which effect it, and at least mention the INT-SPI relationship.
Don't forget the extra mana gained from int can be translated to mp5 (that 17.16 mana gained you listed) by measuring its effect on replenish and by diving the mana gained by fight length.

#16 Krag


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Posted 31 December 2009 - 01:16 AM

will probably be the last badge item i get. the ramp up time alone is very unattractive.

Even though I don't plan on buying mine for a while (mostly because I have other bigger upgrades to get) I don't really see the ramp up time to be any kind of issue. There will be very few fights ever where you don't have any rejuv ticks in a 15 second period and you can easily get it stacked before any important encounters start.

#17 Erdluf


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Posted 31 December 2009 - 02:44 AM

1. Thorns damage is only you. It is "your" thorns. If you put it on a tank, it doesn't increase that thorns damage.

Do you have a source for that? I haven't specced Brambles since the coefficient was nerfed back in May, but at that time Brambles was increasing the tank's thorn damage.

#18 Deku


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Posted 31 December 2009 - 10:17 AM

Do you have a source for that? I haven't specced Brambles since the coefficient was nerfed back in May, but at that time Brambles was increasing the tank's thorn damage.

I also have tested this some time ago with a pvp spec I had and iirc it does effect everyone who you buff thorns on not just yourself.

#19 MegaVolt


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Posted 31 December 2009 - 10:35 AM

I'm not really sold on the new cookie cutter build.

Living Seed usually does about 2% to 3% of my overall healing when using Regrowth more often. This is pretty significant and I don't think Revitalize is competetive there.
Nourish is still more effective however and especially easier on the mana pool. When using Regrowth more often I basically OOM every fight.

The whole idea of dropping Nourish simply because we "have to" spec NG and Regrowth happens to be the only spell that benefits from it strikes me as stranger. Either I commit to something or I don't. Meaning: If I'm taking a build that mainly buffs Regrowth then that spell better be significant for my healing.

I'd go with:
Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (18/0/83)
For a Regrowth based build. Since the RG HoT is applied all the time we don't need the Swiftmend glyph. Innervate to make up for the insane mana cost RG has. RG and Rejuv will both be used often, RG when the direct heal is useful, Rejuv for blanketing if everyone is almost topped off and WG as always on cooldown. Glyphed RG makes sure we have some significant healing power on single targets if needed (e.g. Saurfang marks).

Still, all this Regrowth boosting hardly seems worth it. Rejuv+Nourish will basically do the same thing and they are way easier on the mana pool.
As new "cookie cutter" spec (if you want to point one out instead of just leaving all 3 viable builds as equal) I'd suggest this one:
Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (11/0/58+2)
Yes, no CF ... but are those 121 haste really worth the huge sacrifice we'd have to make to get them? 2%-3% healing done from Living Seed or the raid buff that Revitalize brings should more than make up for the spellpower loss due to gemming a bit of haste. Nourish heals for as much as Regrowth and doesn't need a NG proc to be fast.

I also don't see much harm in going
Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (14/0/57)
A good middle road which leaves RG as a viable spell and doesn't cripple Nourish.

I'd say all three builds are perfectly viable for raid healing and in the end it comes down to personal preference.

Btw a small story about why I like the flexible build ;)
I'm running with that last one, 14/0/57, right now. Just yesterday in our ICC 10 run we decided to just dual heal the whole thing instead of triple healing since the first two weeks we just blasted through there without any problems anyway. So with only 2 healers we engage Marrowgar ... and then our holy Paladin discs about 5 seconds into the fight. Lost of Regrowth and Nourish spam later and with Marrowgar at about 30% health the Paladin gets back into the game and we finish the fight. Solo healing that would have been quite a lot harder with one of the other two builds.
I know the hybrid build isn't really min/maxing for a given raid composition. But it is perfect if something unexpected happens. At least while we are getting new content on a regular basis with only a few weeks to experiment with the fights I think it certainly has its place.

#20 Hamlet


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Posted 31 December 2009 - 03:19 PM

This (and other) talent debates are the main reason I hadn't written a guide yet. I think that our response to the 3.3 changes isn't totally clear (see my long posts about talents up in the Resto thread).

I have no problem with someone else trying to put up something else of their own, of course. But this post, which is largely based on my own previously written content puts me in a potentially weird place, where I feel pre-empted out of using my own content to write a guide soon because it will look largely the same as this one. You did credit me in the opening, but it's still a stretch to get your own thread going where more than half the post is a C&P from my posts on EJ and elsewhere (e.g. What’s up with 3.3 Resto druids? Changes explained | Restokin ).

I think the best solution, if you want to keep this thread going and have a class guide megathread of your own, is to add a substantial amount of your own content very soon. Otherwise I might ask you to leave the task of compiling a compendium of my posts to me (which I'd do sooner rather than later, despite above reservation, if people think it's really important to have a thread like this soon).

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