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[Horde][Velen]<Inevitable> 5/5 Mad Skill ToCGC 10/12 ICC LF Exceptional Players

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 12:17 PM

Inevitable is recruiting...


Any Exceptional DPS, caster pref, are encouraged to apply!

Ideally seeking::

Feral DPS



**14/14 10 man Ulduar and 14/14 25 man Ulduar**
30+ Ironbound Drakes
40+ Rusted Drakes

9/9 HM and Algalon down in 25 man** Celestial Defender** ....Working on Alone in the Darkness---server title still availlable

*5/5 10man and 25 man Reg Toc*
10man Tribute to Insanity
Working on Tribute to Devoted Insanity.
15+ Insanity runs

**5/5 25man Heroic Toc**
Tribute to Mad Skill (49 attempts 2 wks in a row now)
Grand Crusader title on server still available.

10/12 All Server First Kills thus far

We are the no 1 guild in achievements and progress on Velen; being the only guild on our server out of a great selection of top end game guilds to obtain the "the Immortal" title + black proto drakes and have more server firsts and ironbound and rusted protos.

About Us:::

We are a very close knit group of raiders, we get to know everyone very well and don't have cliques. We have people on at alllllll times of day and night. We run 35-40 people on at raid time. Inevitable was started over a year ago and going strong. We've overcome lots of obstacles on our path to topping dozens of server first kills.

We expect members to be responsible to learn their class and be prepared for every raid before start (all gear enchanted and gemmed w/highest quality, any special consumable besides what we provide, repair money); reading and watching videos on every fight we have planned for that week.

**We provide all flasks, pots, consumables, enchanting materials, gems, item enhancements***

Always be striving for the highest output of dps/healing at all times, and learning more how to improve for the next week etc. Everyone is replaceable...at any given moment there are at least 10 people that would love your spot and work twice as hard; so play like you want to keep it. Please come to every raid focusing- i.e Listening to positioning and assignments--should not be repeated. Take criticism and let it roll off your back. Dont get stressed out or offended if you mess up, it happens just fix it and recover. ;)

Yes computer issues do happen but if you have some old piece of Sh*t pc and a crap internet provider that attributes to 20000 dcs please do NOT apply we have had enough people dc'ing in fights and its not helpful at all(not asking for top of the line, but its a PLUS!)


We Prefer all members are 18 or older. We tend to be very crude/obscene/foul at times, and can offend the light hearted. So if you are easily offended by horrible humor and bad language please dont apply. We are not for you. We do not participate in any forum/realm drama. We do not engage in general chat shanangins during raid either like other guilds. While we like to have a wild-- good time and get our shit done we like to uphold the respect and dignity of our guild tag. If you are running from drama or bad reps we're not the place for you.

Loot System *o em ge purples!*::
We do loot by a loot council system where attendance/performance/attitude come into play. We go by tanks and healers first as they are the back bone of any encounter then with the dps.

We're on Velen-US server. Its a medium/high pop server. PVE but lots of retards flag up all the time for world pvp random fun. We run lots of premade BG groups and our guild has some of the top arena teams in our battle group.

Raiding Times::
MONDAY-THURSDAY 6-10pm Server (Pacific Time)
All nonprogression content and 10 man raids happen before and after raid time or on weekends.

We do have a bunch of raiders that copy toons over and work actively in learning new content before release to be prepared/familiar with the encounters.

How To Apply::

Please have a WWS or WOWmeters (SS of ur recount breakdown may be acceptable) ready for your app if you can it helps in the selection.

We do tend to lean on choosing individuals that hold that extra experience in these encounters that we're working on,so not having to work backwards in trying to catch you up.

Home : Inevitable - US - Velen - World of Warcraft - Guild Launch Guild Hosting

Check us out more and app!!!!
All progression Screen shots, forum discussions and videos can be found there

Or contact Fayé in game to talk---if I'm in raid its not a good idea to spam me with tells I probably won't reply.

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