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[Alliance][Vek'nilash] <Cohors Praetoria> LF DPS, 12h/wk, 5/5 TOGC, ICC

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 11:50 PM

Cohors Praetoria is looking to add one or two DPS to our roster from the following classes:
• Rogue
• Feral Druid
• Enhancement or Elemental Shaman
• Shadow Priest
Come and see the rest of Icecrown Citadel and beyond with us!

About Cohors:

Cohors Praetoria has been raiding on Vek’nilash since TBC release, and some of our members have been playing MMORPGs together since before World of Warcraft. In TBC we cleared all raid content and in WLK so far:
• Glory of the Raider
• Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Algalon
• ToGC - Tribute to Insanity
• 8/9 ICC so far, with the goal of completing all hard modes before the next expansion

We’ve cleared this by raiding a maximum of 12 hours a week during progression, less if we can: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 7pm to 10pm server time (CST). We’re looking for people who can make at least 3 / 4 of our raid times on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. We’re not out to push progression or get server firsts, but if you’d like to see all of the content that the game has to offer we’re going to get there.

Cohors is a close-knit group composed of adults – some students but mostly people with regular jobs, some with families and children. We provide some perks like guildbank-funded repairs and guildbank assistance with consumables, enchants and resist gear. In general we’re a pretty laid back group that focuses well during our raid time each week.

About You:

As a DPS class we’re counting on you to deliver excellent DPS without dying in the proverbial fire. You understand your class well – spec, preferred stats, soft caps, rotations – and can prove it to us on your application and in your trial period.

At this point in the WLK expansion we clear ToGC and as much of ICC as we can each week. Preferably you have gear that is primarily ToC+, but we’ll take a skilled but lesser-geared applicant if you are willing to put in the effort to catch up:
• Make sure your existing gear is the best it can be – gems, enchants, etc.
• Badge gear is raining from the sky. Heroics, 10-mans, PuGs, etc. allow easy access to good gear so use this to your advantage.

Besides that we’re looking for people who are mature and relaxed with a good sense of humor and who will generally put the needs of the raid ahead of the needs of their character.

About Vek'nilash

Vek is a PvE server that was created in January 2006. We're a medium population server in BG9 - very average in terms of PVE progression. Our population means no problems with lag, a healthy economy and several raiding guilds.

If you’re interested we’d love to talk to you - please visit us at http://www.cohorspraetoria.com. If you have questions find Ahti or Treibh online or via PM in our forums.

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