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[Horde][Archimonde]<Final Destiny> 11/12 Heroic ICC25 Recruiting Holy Priest!

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Posted 16 February 2010 - 08:57 AM

About Us:

Final Destiny is an established end-game raiding guild founded in 2006. We have evolved over the past 3 years into a serious, mature guild with an exclusive focus on PvE progression. Our members are some of the most skilled on the server, and many have raided in the past with Top 50 guilds. Our current progression is as follows:

ICC - 12/12 Hardmodes - 11/12
ToGC - 5/5 w/ Tribute to Skill
Ulduar - 14/14

ICC - 12/12 Hardmodes - 11/12 with Meta Achievement
ToGC -5/5 w/ Tribute to Insanity
Ulduar 14/14

Our Raiding Schedule at this time is: Mon-Thurs 6 pm CST - 10 pm CST

About You:

Put simply, you should be one of the best players you know. Our raiders play this game to kill bosses, not to wipe because bad players repeatedly make stupid mistakes. More specifically:

1. You should have all relevant reputations at the "exalted" level.
2. You should have correct / best available gear, gems, enchants, glyphs for your raiding spec.
3. You should have, and be capable of demonstrating, superior knowledge and theory crafting to support your raiding spec.
4. You MUST have the ability to handle criticism and intelligently support/defend your choices/statements.
5. You MUST have AND demonstrate knowledge of current encounter fight mechanics.
6. You should have prior raiding experience at some level. Ulduar Hardmode, ToGC, or BC raiding experience is preferred.
7. You MUST be able to make at least 75% of our raids.
8. You MUST have an internet connection capable of handling 25M raiding. Lagged-out raiders are useless to us.

If you are accepted as an applicant/recruit, our expectations are as follows:

1. Come prepared to all raids with full consumables.
2. Demonstrate a willingness to improve your character to the best of your ability.
3. Thoroughly research all boss encounters we are currently working on.
4. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of your class/spec. This includes, but is not limited to, proper use of raid utility specs/talents and survivability abilities.
5. Be willing to sub-in/out as needed during progression fights. Wait on stand-by if asked.

What we are looking for:

1. 1 Unholy or Blood DK
2. 1 Arcane Mage
3. 1 Holy Priest (Please actually be able to play Holy)

In addition to the classes/specs mentioned above, we welcome any applications from skilled/experienced players.

How to apply to Final Destiny:

If you are interested in applying to Final Destiny, please visit our website: Final Destiny and follow the directions in the "Recruitment" Thread.

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