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[Alliance][Elune]<Just Crusade> 10/12 HM Top 50 US LF resto druid

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 12:53 PM

Just Crusade, an end-game Alliance guild on Elune, is looking for some dedicated players to join our raid force and strengthen our roster as we begin hardmodes this week. Raiding only 4 days per week, we've achieved server first clears and titles for WotLK, quickly getting new content and hardmodes on farm. We're progression focused, but we're also pretty laid back. We've been the top guild on the server since the Burning Crusade, and we've always been a dominant force on the server since the early days of Molten Core.

Current openings:
Death Knights: closed
Druids: resto
Hunters: closed
Mages: closed
Paladins: closed
Priests: closed
Rogues: closed
Shaman: closed
Warlocks: Open (must be able to play all specs)
Warriors: closed

Our normal raid schedule is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, from 7:30-11:30PM EST.

We have cleared ICC on 10s and 25s, currently 11/12 on H10s and 10/12 on H25s, with a recent US #45 kill on Heroic Sindragosa.

ToGC progression:
Realm First! Grand Crusader
US #54 Heroic Anub'arak (25)
US #12 Earth, Wind, and Fire (25)
Dedicated Insanity complete, with World #6 Tribute to Insanity on 10s.

Our Ulduar progression is as follows:
Yogg+0 watchers complete (10 and 25)
Algalon complete (10 and 25)
All other hardmodes complete.

Pre-Ulduar achievements include:
Realm First: Sartharion + 3 Drakes, Malygos, Naxxramas, Black Temple, prenerf Sunwell

About Just Crusade:
We're progression focused, but we're also pretty laid back. On the weekends, we run alts 10 and 25 mans, and there's usually a bunch of people online at anytime. We're not elitist jerks, but we all hold ourselves to a pretty high standard of play, regardless of the toons we're playing on.

Our roster is close-knit, and we recruit people to raid (rather than warm a bench). That said, we expect incredible DPS, TPS and healing output from our members, so if you're interested in pushing yourself and conquering the toughest content in the game, Just Crusade is probably the guild for you.

If you do decide to apply, please note that we're looking for people with excellent situational awareness, dedication, and a firm understanding of their chosen class and spec (including relevant theorycrafting). If you do apply, be prepared to answer questions about your chosen spec and gear, and be able to intelligently defend those choices.

How to Apply:
If this sounds like the sort of guild you'd be interested in applying to, please feel free to come check us out at Just Crusade or talk to Stephynnie, Marvel, Perculia or Yubi in game.

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