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Posted 26 February 2010 - 05:06 PM

Post: Unholy Dps | 3.3.3, I Run To You
User: Consider
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Different specs scale differenly... which is why specs are not permanent!

We will change because it's more dps for the time being. Yes, eventually Blood will pull back ahead, and then people will change back, but the gear point for that to happen is very high, and I feel completely confident in saying not a single DK in existence is already at that point, and I doubt there will be more than maybe a dozen there come patch-day (depending when, exactly, patch day is).

Respeccing and reglyping are neither time intensive nor expensive. There's little argument against doing it; change on patch day, then change whenever you finally reach the appropriate gear level to change back. That's twice between now and, presumably, patch 4.0. Hardly something to break the bank.

What's more is the fact that it's possible that Frost sub-spec will still be superior in BiS. Stat weights do change between the two by a moderate amount, and thus what's BiS for Frost probably isn't the same as what's currently considered BiS. It's completely possible that Frost with its BiS is better than Blood with the current BiS, which is then better than Frost with the current BiS. Until a new BiS is determined, if anything even changes, it's impossible to say, but a distinct possibility.

Besides, a Frost sub-spec offers higher AoE damage, which may be worth the minor trade-off in single target damage. It offers higher AoE damage right now, but you just lose a ton of single target dps. If it's between 30 dps on a single target like Festergut and, say, 60 dps on multiple targets like Lich King, there is certainly room for debate.

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