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Lag in general with WoW 2.0 (naked People/?s for gear/Raid lag)

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#1 Wodahs


    Don Flamenco

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 08:24 PM

Im trying to track this down, and have been running some utilities, like filemon, to see whats happening. In doing so, I noticed a wierd issue.

In the past, we had a wdb file, that contained a cache of items/mobs/etc. In 2.0 they moved it. It is supposed to be in the new Cache folder, but mine wasnt. I manually added a WDB, then an enUS folder into the cache folder (Cache\WDB\enUS) and my framerate went up, my network traffic went down, and I got a bunch of cache files put into that folder by the wow client.

Can anyone else try this and report back on lag/issues it resolves, or doesnt resolve.?

#2 Gort


    Don Flamenco

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 09:25 PM

... That would explain so much.

I'll check when I get home. Any particular hoops once you create the folder? (I'm assuming mine's missing, given how unpleasant things were last night.)

Edit: Yup, it was gone, and yup, this worked great.

#3 archaon


    Glass Joe

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 09:38 PM

I've been running 500-2000ms ever since the patch was released, but I've talked to other people and most of them seem to be fine. My internet outside of WoW is running just fine, so I'll give this a go once I get home and hopefully it'll resolve this issue. I'm seeing the same things though, naked people/slowly loading gear.

#4 estarriol


    Glass Joe

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 09:41 PM

Three datapoints for you :

1. My Windows box at home has the Cache directory, but only a Survey.mpq file in it - no directory hierarchy at all.

2. A TBC Beta install on the same machine has Cache/WDB/enUS, populated with several cache-looking files in it : creaturecache.wdb, itemcache.wdb, itemtextcache.wdb, pagetextcache.wdb, wowcache.wdb, gameobjectcache.wdb, itemnamecache.wdb, npccache.wdb, questcache.wdb.

3. My MacBook has the Cache/WDB/enUS directory, populated with the same files as the TBC Beta above.

I only have physical access to the MacBook currently, so I can't test creating the directory on the Windows box and see if it suddenly gets populated while playing. But given that it exists on the Mac and on TBC Beta, it seems likely that it would start seeing use, if it existed.

Good catch.

[edit: updated with TBC Beta directory info]

#5 Quasi


    Piston Honda

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 09:58 PM

Hrm, yes I did notice that directory in my Beta client. I really do hope it is as simple as this.

#6 Maestroquark


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Posted 07 December 2006 - 10:16 PM

Wodahs, major props. I went in game testing some other things, and someone mentioned their Alchemy tab never caching and it reminded me of this so we both tried it out. Sure enough, my FPS are up and his alchemy tab is caching.
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#7 Praetorian


    Mike Tyson

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 10:18 PM

Ha. Yes, I had noticed that my directory structure had a totally empty "Cache" folder now, but no WDB anymore (I noticed this since deleting my WDB is something I always do when DLing a major patch update, because I often get issues like naked players and invisible items if I don't). Good catch.

#8 Wodahs


    Don Flamenco

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 10:19 PM

I only have minimal raid testing with this, but everything else is faster, so I am hoping raid performance is better.

Last night, having vid lag issues, I removed all mods, set graphics to low settings, and had 9 fps on patch, 1-2 at times during the fight. I am pretty desperately trying to find a fix here.

#9 Tangles


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 10:30 PM

Yeah, I have been wondering about the empty cache folder every since they said that the WDB folder was removed and everything should exist in the Cache folder but mine was empty.

Excellent find.

#10 Gwaihir


    Soda Popinski

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 10:32 PM

Another confirmation, as soon as I made the directory it got populated with the usual cache files that used to sit in our WDB folders. I was wondering what happened to the stuff too , since many people were complaining of the "all white character model" /??? items etc.

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#11 Drauk


    Bald Bull

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 10:46 PM

Thanks a lot, fixed my FPS issues. Spreading a word now :)

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#12 Nad


    Glass Joe

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 10:56 PM

Thanks a bunch! Helped me with my FPS issues a lot.

#13 human fish

human fish

    Piston Honda

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 11:12 PM

Someone posted this on our guild forum, don't know from where but it might elaborate on some things.

Dear Blizzard and Readers,

This post points out that after patch 2.0, without corrective action on the user's part, the client doesn't cache WDB files anymore. It explains how to solve the problem and why it's important to solve it.


When logging in, every time, a lot of the items placed on the action bars are red question marks for a few seconds. Also, when opening a crafting profession's window for the first time, delay is observed in loading the icon for items and list of ingredients. Other symptoms that indicate that the client is not performing caching and has to query the server for data with each login session.

Explanation and Solution

The old WDB folder is now gone with patch 2.0. The client is supposed to cache data in the "World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\<locale>" folder, where <locale> depends on your client language. It's enGB for EU English players. However, during a standard installation and patching scenario, only "World of Warcraft\Cache" folder gets created, and the client doesn't automatically create its subfolders. This means that the client never saves cache files.

To force WoW to start saving cache files, manually create a WDB subfolder in Cache, i.e. make sure that a folder named "World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB" exists. The client will take care of the rest, create the locale specific subfolder and start saving files.

Why this is important

For starters, this improves the game experience of the end-user. However, more importantly, with so many players, all the clients querying the server for information that was supposed to be cached could lead to additional load on the servers. Only Blizzard knows the significance or fraction of this additional load, but it's important that we as users do everything we can to reduce load on the servers.

Edit: It appears that this may be an issue only on the Windows client and not Mac

#14 kharen


    Don Flamenco

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 11:18 PM

I assume that it would be Cache/WDB/enGB for euro english clients, frFR for french clients, deDE for german, etc?

edit: confirmed with a guildie in beta on enGB at least.

#15 koaschten


    In the rear with the gear!

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Posted 07 December 2006 - 11:31 PM

i can confirm that creating /cache/wdb/enGB gets the folder populated with


for the EU-enGB client.
Will have to see if it fixes the fps issues i had in Naxxramas tonight
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#16 Ladnil


    Glass Joe

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Posted 08 December 2006 - 02:34 AM

Thank you so much! Glad we have smart people around here to fix the mistakes blizzard makes :)

#17 PanthroEldre


    Glass Joe

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Posted 08 December 2006 - 02:36 AM

I created the missing directories and they are being populated with appropriate looking files. Things do seem smoother.

How the hell does something like this get past internal testers?

#18 Oggie



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Posted 08 December 2006 - 02:47 AM

How the hell does something like this get past internal testers?

OT and all, but having a fair understanding of the processes involved, the only way to 100% guarentee that this never happens ever is to run the installer for every stable breed of the patch on clean installs, repeatedly. Even using extremely fast computers with great imaging software you're talking aobut a nontrivial amount of time for -every- build including ones with dealbreaking problems entirely unrelated. I'd say that odds are pretty good that there was a feature to do this very thing, fully functional in at least one push.

Not to mention the issues on patch day doubtless invovled slightly altering the installer in an extreme time crunch so some stuff gets overlooked.

I'm all for slagging blizz as much as the next guy, but this looks like a pretty easy one to miss as QA.

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#19 Shavnir


    Mostly Harmless

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Posted 08 December 2006 - 02:52 AM

As another datapoint I haven't messed around with any files and I see the folder is already there on the OS X client, so this may be a bug related only to the Windows one.

#20 Trouble


    Bald Bull

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Posted 08 December 2006 - 03:28 AM

I and a number of people in my guild have done this. It does indeed populate with the cache files, but none of us have noticed any increase in performance as a result. We did a little raiding in Naxx tonight and the FPS was as painful as it was last night.

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