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Infraction for wilegenuis: 6. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say.

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Posted 03 March 2010 - 06:10 PM

Post: Hunter: Simple Questions/Simple Answers
User: wilegenuis
Infraction: 6. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say.
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This is almost a word for word exact duplicate of the post you made on on 2/03/09: http://elitistjerks....71/#post1548252

Don't do that.

Original Post:

Another graphical effect with using volley is the impact of the distance of the hunter from the volley target.
From the way it looks from the graphics, the farther you are from the volley target, the less time the volley will work
It seems that part of the 5.7 seconds the volley is working is the distance it takes the volley to reach the target.
Therefore if the hunter is far, the distance takes 1.5 seconds, and only 4.2 seconds will the volley works.
If the volley target is nearby, then volley work for a longer time on the target.
Is that only a graphical effect and the distance between the hunter and the target does not affect the volley impact, or is it best practice to perform the volley as close as possible to the target?

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