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Shaman: Soloing old instances for fun and profit

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Posted 04 March 2010 - 06:35 AM

After doing this on my hunter for some time, I’ve recently ventured in to soloing old world instances on my shaman. I’ve noticed that there are very few resources out there for Shamans (as opposed to Death Knights, Paladins, Hunters and Warriors) so I thought I’d bring the topic up here to discuss mechanics, talent builds, strategies, glyphs, macros and all the other tricks of the trade for those who like to spend their out-of-raid hours farming gold/rep/obtaining that illusive mount.

Personally, I've been soloing using my standard PvE elemental/restoration talent specs, but I’d be particularly keen to hear the experiences of Enhancement soloing and from people who are working on old raid content such as ZG mount farming (no need for tiger despawn strats please – we’ve all seen those) or soloing any bosses in Karazhan and Molten Core.

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Posted 04 March 2010 - 06:36 AM

To get the ball rolling I’ll open up the discussion with my thoughts for soloing Heroic Magister’s Terrace, which lots of people like to farm daily for a chance of , and . Heroic MgT is not punishing on the pocket for the time you invest in there either; there are several weapons that vendor for 10g+, trash mobs can drop 1-2g each and the enchanting materials from the greens that drop (Arcane Dust, Greater Planar Essences etc) still have great value on many servers.

Heroic Magister’s Terrace (Elemental/Resto):

For starters, I don’t use any special PvP or stam-heavy gear – just standard PvE.

Zone in, kill the first two mobs and the patting pack if it’s close, make sure name plates are on if you don’t use them for whatever reason and have a look at the mobs downstairs with Delrissa. If you get the rogue/warrior or the rogue/rogue combinations, I find it best to run out and reset the instance as those combinations can make Delrissa much harder than she needs to be. Beware of the instance reset cap however, don't lock yourself out. Once you’re happy, run through the middle and ignore the packs on the side, pull the 4 pack and kill them (self heal when needed). I always kill the lock first and then the magister as they’re the ones that hurt the most.

Pull the entire groups of mobs in the first boss room and single target them down with magma totem/fire nova on cooldown.

First boss: Easy, don’t even bother to dps the crystals, you can self heal through his enrage as elemental (if needed). Just focus him down and he should die before he activates a second crystal.

Mana Wyrm trash in Vexallus room: Can be a bit difficult to nagivate the first time so I thought I’d mention it. Pull a pack, LB, tab and FS another, drop magma totem when they are in front of you and self heal. Let the totem do all the work and keep yourself up – once there are a few gone you can start to single target if you like. Don’t use Thunderstorm as it can evade bug them out behind a wall keeping you in combat for huge amounts of time (or pulling other groups).

Vexallus: Took me a fair few wipes to figure this out; in short the better your gear is the easier it becomes, but anyone in 232 gear onwards shouldn’t break too much sweat with this. Stand at max range and pull with FS then open up on him. Soon as he’s in melee range drop your Fire Elemental, heroism and keep burning. Using CL every CD should see you get some stacks of the +damage DoT very quickly. Around the 40-50% mark (which is where most people encounter problems), drop off the boss altogether and focus on healing yourself as you will start taking big spikes from the DoT, any adds up and his melee hits. Keep yourself topped up whilst also keeping your Fire Elemental alive, and you and your Elemental are at 100%, LB or FS and go back to healing. Your Fire Elemental will do all the work for you from here, thanks to its Fire Nova/Fire Shield it will get big stacks of the +damage DoT pretty quickly and start hitting like a truck, it should take Vexallus down in 30 seconds or less. You’ll also be quite amused with how gigantic your big green Fire Elemental can get – I’ve had that many stacks on him once that he was almost 1½ times the size of Vexallus.

After this, skip the two big sentinals in the hallway by hugging the wall and jumping over the sides of the candles on the wall. You’re then in the trash garden leading up to Delrissa which is the hardest/longest part of the instance. Start on the right hand side and clear the packs closest to the walls, ignoring the packs in the middle. I always focus down a lock then a melee add first as they hit the hardest. Don’t be afraid to use whatever you need to survive, the pulls can be a bit hairy at the start. The biggest thing is to be careful when using CL, there’s a patting add that follows the middle parthway that’s linked to the middle group. If you pull him, 95% of the time you’ll pull all 6 in the middle and it will usually wipe you.

Once you’re in Delrissa’s room (should take 8-10 mins) ignore the trash on the sides and run straight down the middle to her

Delrissa: As I said, if you can try make sure you don’t have a rogue/rogue or warrior/rogue combo at the start as it does make it slightly easier. I spec resto for this; I’m sure it’s doable as ele but I find resto to be much safer (if a little longer). By the time you clear to her, your Fire Ele should be ready or close to being ready. If it’s not, wait for it to come off CD. Use healing stream, WoA, Tremor if you have the lock/priest/warrior. Earth shield yourself, pull with FS then drop your Fire Elemental. Never let the Riptide HoT fall off you or your Ele, and keep yourself alive (pretty easy). For the next two minutes, just play the waiting game. The AoE and melee attacks from the Ele will force Delrissa to spend all her mana. Keep FS rolling on her whenever you have a free GCD. By the time Fire Ele expires, she’ll be dead oom and missing a nice chunk of HP. At this stage you throw some resto dps on her and drop her. As annoying as the rogue can be, try not to kill it till at least third because it keeps procing Earth Shield (or Water Shield if you’ve switched for mana). If you have a hunter with pet, keep that alive and kill the rogue. You can always use Earth ele at this stage but I think it’s better used later, once Delrissa is dead you can take everything down pretty quickly as resto.

Respec back to Ele and next up is the huge pull just before Kael. If you wipe on this pull the entire pack respawns so don’t underestimate it, this pull is harder than the last boss. I prefer to use Earth elemental here as it buys you a few crucial seconds to take down two adds. Send it in, pop Elemental Mastery and burn down an add (I generally burn the Succubus first). At this stage the Nexus type add should port next to you, Wind Shock him when he does and burn him. Your Earth Ele will no doubt be dead by this point, Thunderstorm when the melee adds come in and pick them off one by one, healing when needed.

Kael’Thas: Not really much to say here, pop heroism and go to town on him. I generally recommend NOT interrupting the fireballs as we’ll just run out and melee you when allot the fireballs miss/resist anyway. Ignore the phoenix, get to air phase, heal yourself when needed and he should be dead by the time the phase ends.

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Posted 04 March 2010 - 05:43 PM

After this, skip the two big sentinals in the hallway by hugging the wall and jumping over the sides of the candles on the wall. You’re then in the trash garden leading up to Delrissa which is the hardest/longest part of the instance. Start on the right hand side and clear the packs closest to the walls, ignoring the packs in the middle. I always focus down a lock then a melee add first as they hit the hardest. Don’t be afraid to use whatever you need to survive, the pulls can be a bit hairy at the start. The biggest thing is to be careful when using CL, there’s a patting add that follows the middle parthway that’s linked to the middle group. If you pull him, 95% of the time you’ll pull all 6 in the middle and it will usually wipe you.

I'd like to add that you can skip every pack in that room. Wait until the mob patrolling in a circle goes around the right side, and run down the path to the left, in between the mob pack at the left of the entrance and the middle. Run directly in the center of the path and you won't pull either side. Then hug the wall on the left around the other pack, and you are through.

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Posted 04 March 2010 - 10:23 PM

I've done a short video guide for MgT Hero as elemental:
YouTube - Elemental Shaman vs Magisters' Terrace Heroic - MgT solo

I'm only wearing ilvl 260 PvE gear, no special glyph or spec. Everything else is shown or explained in the video.
You can easily skip all the trash in front of Delrissa and Kael.

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Posted 05 March 2010 - 10:26 AM

Enhance has a much easier time solo'ing I think. For H:MgT it's slightly different than the ele perspective given above.

Trash is the hardest part imo, SR and MW heal when needed, agree with the burning of the warlocks first. On the big circle room, go LEFT, kill the first pack then hug the wall and jump the bushes to skip the second group. LoS when you can to get things grouped up on magma.

First boss, pop wolves, DPS him down, he's dead rather quickly.

Vex, pop wolves and just burn. I don't use hero on him, usually only need a MW heal to get through it. Use magma of course to help with the sparks.

Priestess, I typically use FE and wolves here, tremor and cleansing, let the wolves take care of things while I'm stunned. This fight is quite easy regardless of the comp. I recommend clearing the front half of the room and LOS pulling to the side cause wolves can get feared and best if it's not into the back packs of trash.

Kael, just pop wolves, hero, ignore the phoenix (Kael will be dead before this causes too much issue), FE if it's back up or if it wasn't used for Priestess.

Really the big thing is not hording your CDs. Use SR early and often, MW HWs are a godsend. For me the wyrm packs are the hardest part, especially if two get pulled at once.

EDIT: I just go in with my PvE spec/gear and brute force really.

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Posted 05 March 2010 - 06:43 PM

Funny seeing this thread since recently I've been trying to solo a lot of old content for a (just for fun/casual) achievement race with couple friends. I've been doing HMGT for the mount, full ZG clear for rep and mounts, Attumen for mount, and most of MC for rep.

I find enhance pretty fun soloing as it has a good (and sometimes tricky) balance of survivability and damage, but I've never played elemental so it's hard for me to compare. Resto seems safe, but just takes way too long to kill. No special specs or glyphs, and just normal pve gear.


Kyppi pretty much said it all. The instance is fairly easy and the hardest parts are the trash. If your fairly geared, brute force will work on most of the instance. Things to keep in mind:
  • Hex is extremely helpful if you have problems with the big trash pulls. CC'ing the knight or guard seems to be the best. Purging the warlock also helps.
  • The mana wyrms before vex can get overwhelming. I find kiting back while dropping magma + FN helps if you get low on hp


The only boss I have problem with is bloodlord (raptor), all other bosses are fairly easy.

The problem with Bloodlord Mandokir is his high spike damage + stun + fear. It's possible there are other (better) methods of killing him, but here's how I do it:

  • Fight him at the top of the steps where he spawns
  • Kill the raptor add
  • Drop tremor, FE, cast SW and Hero/lust and burn him down as much as you can
  • Once SW disappear, save MW for heals

For tiger boss, I usually fight them to the left of the hut where they spawn. Kill the 2 tiger adds at the start, then summon SW and have my wolves switch targets to mine whenever I switch. I'll target Thekal or Zath first and the other 2nd, getting both to about 20%, and then target Lor'Khan so I can interrupt his heals. Switching to others if they get healed. Using SW at start will help keep you alive when you're gouged/silenced, and if the fight goes longer then SW timer, try to save MW for healing.

All other bosses are very easy. Note for Hakkar: don't use Magma/Searing totems or SW. If you're the only attacking target, he won't mc you.


I've been able to solo everything except Golemagg, Majordomo, and Rags. Although I'm pretty sure Rags can be soloed, I just haven't had the opportunity yet. Golemagg is probably possible too, but I seem to take too much damage at the end.

I don't have much time to write about all the bosses here, but I'll try to give a brief rundown on the more troublesome ones.

Gehennas - The curse sucks. if you're going to do this as enhance, you want to ignore the adds, and burn him down fast before the you take too much damage. Fire resist will help a little bit, and moving out of RoF is important to keep you living longer.

Garr - Timing cooldowns is very important. I start out using Earth Elemental to try to hold the adds, and dpsing Garr. Tossing a heal to the elemental when I can. When elemental dies, pop SW + hero/lust. Once SW are gone, save MW for heals, and pop a heal pot if necessary. Alternatively using SW + hero at the start works well too, since the wolves will get add aggro if you don't aoe much, and they can sustain themselves from self healing. Then drop elemental once they're gone. Timeing SR can help reduce damage too, but with T10 bonus you'll probably want to time it to maximize damage.

Geddon - Fairly easy fight. Fight in the hallway to lessen fall damage, and try to time MW for a heal when you explode if your wolves aren't up.

Sulfuron - This ended up an easier fight than I thought. The adds tend to heal at almost the same time and always the same target (lowest hp). Kill adds first, and try to aoe/spread your damage. SW and have them target an add you're not targetting. Intrrupt heals, and right after they heal, target the new lowest hp add and try to burn him down.

Attuman - This one's been a little tough. The most important thing is keeping Attuman busy and off of you while you kill midnight as fast as possible. His debuff is also pretty annoying, making it hard to build MW stacks. As soon as he shows up, SW + hero/lust and burn midnight down. Use elementals and/or twin howl to help keep Attuman from attacking you while you attack midnight. Once they combine, the fight becomes a lot more manageable.

As far as profit goes, ZG is probably the best imo. 3 day reset timer, and a very fast clear. You get ~300g from bosses, another 100+g from vendoring stuff. and if turtle book drops, it goes for ~500-700g on our server. You can sell bijous for decent money as well. MC is also big profit if there are people on your server trying to buy mats for Thunderfury or Rags hammer

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Posted 07 March 2010 - 09:53 AM

Mount bosses as elemental:

Bloodlord Mandokir:

Pretty easy, just clear the raptor pack on the right side of the stairs before you pull.
Flame Shock the Vilebranch Speaker, run up the stairs, drop Fire Elem / Searing (Soaks one Hit when he fears you + he spends time running instead of hitting you), Tremor, Wrath of Air, Healing Stream.
Bloodlust while he runs up, nuke the raptor to shreds. Once the raptor is dead, the safest way is to just kite Bloodlord till his Enrage is gone. So jump down, heal up, meet him at the bottom of the stairs, run back up...
Once the Enrage is gone it's very easy to finish him as long as you prioritize healing yourself.


Used to duo this but since my ZG buddy has become more and more unreliable I decided to give soloing a shot today. This is much much harder than Bloodlord, but might also be cause of me not having done it countless times before.
Didnt clear any packs, but cant hurt to have a little more room. Focus Lor'Khan and have a Wind Shear macro for him.
Used Earth Elemental, WoA, Healing Stream, Totem of Wrath. I dropped it to the left of Thekal's hut so the elemental could get initial aggro and wont go for the trash packs by mistake.

Also try to stand out of the silence range at all cost (wiped once to taking too many silences). Unglyphed thunderstorm helps a lot on getting the non-thekal mobs off you. Heal yourself up to be at 100% when your elemental dies. (I actually used my pvp spec/glyphs for astral shift, ghost wolf and unglyphed TS)

Bloodlust, nuke the Tigers, take Lor'khan to ~10%, then alternate between the other two, avoiding to pull aggro.
When your elemental dies. Mob health should be something like 30% 30% 10%. At this point try to get Thekal down asap, otherwise the silence might ruin it for you. Phase 2 you can just pop Fire Elem and face roll to victory.


Trash packs have to be killed. Most pulls are only 1 or 2 mobs though and thus really easy. The last two packs are 4 and 5 mobs. The 4 pull is doable if you nuke the stable hands fast and use Thunderstorm to buy some time. For the 5 pull you should use Fire Elemental.

Attumen himself was pretty easy (first time I tried soloing him). I saved Earth Elemental till Attumen spawned, but it never pulled aggro on him so I had to spam heal myself constantly. Yet, it was pretty easy to heal myself while debuffed and dps midnight otherwise. Might be easier to just start with elemental up and hope it grabs the initial aggro on attumen.
Phase 3 was also very easy, just alternate healing and dps.

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 11:26 AM

Tiger boss:

The best tip i can give you here: she will always heal the one on lowest hp.
With this in mind I use this stategy, wich works like a charm for me.
Do not use lightning shield, use water shield, pop 1 magma totem at the start and remove it when the tiger adds are at ~5-10%. She will use the next 2 heals on the tigers. This should give you more then enough time to kill the trio, wolves to help you out. I found that the 5 (?) second silence can really mess up otherwhise.


This one has given me abit of trouble in the past, but with current gear its become very easy (avg ilvl 260 orso). I just pop fire ele, wolves, bloodlust and a tremor and nuke down Broodlord ignoring the raptor (wich will be hitting my FE anyway) and kill it within a minute.

With lesser gear I used this tactic:

Pop Earth elemental to offtank the raptor and start nuking the Broodlord, pop wolves the moment the raptor is finished killing the Earthie (if he is in range and you can afford it you might want to use mwx5 to heal him) And bloodlusting with wolves up.

This worked for me.

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 02:07 PM

Going to throw in my experiences too. My Shaman is Enhance and in full T9 and some other 232 items (he is an alt so getting raid gear is not always an option, though he has some). I always use Water Shield to make sure I never run dry.

MgT heroic is a joke as Enhance. I even got a pretty bad Dalrissa setup and punched through it easily. In fact MgT is considerably easier as Enhance than as Protection Paladin (which I have also done). The only thing worth worrying about is the 4 trashpull at the end of the first alley and the big pull just before Kael. The first one I actually died to the first time because I wasn't careful and didn't use Hex. The Knight was the danger due to his stacking debuff, he should be Hexed, as once he is out it is more than easy. The last trash can be troublesome, but Hexing one and getting the others to stand on a Magma totem with Fire Nova is a good way to kill them pretty fast.

Incidentally that is also the way to get Dalrissa down. I has Kagani (the Rogue) and the Naga Warrior, one ofthe more unpleasant setups. But I popped dogs and fire ele and bursted the Rogue down, then let my Fire Ele and Fire Novas overpower the heals. After the Rogue went down it was a breeze, and got him in less than 10 seconds (he does use Evasion however so magic damage is important on him).

Kael was easy enough, got him to the air phase well within the wolves' uptime so they stayed on him while I just nuked him with spells, then killed him the first time he rested. Got the Orb of the Sin'dorei, so it was worth it (60 gold for 25 minutes and a lot fun wasn't too bad either).


Ah yes, I'm only going to bother with the mount bosses really.
The Bloodlord is actually a tough mofo to get down, every time I try it I either die at least once or get really really close to dying. Importance is to be placed on clearing the raptors, as you really don't want to risk getting feared to them (even with Tremor it can happen).
I always kill his raptor, the sunder it does it not fun. When it is down I pop wolves and go to work, as long as they are up it isn't a problem with healing, a lesser healing wave perhaps. When they run out it becomes quite hard. Use all Maelstroms for Healing Waves and hope for crits. Generally I also use Earthliving on my offhand for this. The damage on him isn't too important, if I can survive his enrage then I will eventually get him easily. Sometimes I have to stand and only heal for a while to get topped off. The execution isn't too hard, it is just about when to heal, and a little bit of luck.

Tigerboss. Maelstrom heals (be proactive, the silences can easily kill you), slowly get them down and interrupt the heals. This sounds easier than than it is, at least for me. Quite often I fail at getting them all down in time, nameplates are a must for this. The amount of fails I have on kills make this boss take too much time for me, so I don't actually do it every time I run ZG. But with Fire Nova and Magma at the same time I should think that it should be a lot easier now.

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 04:39 PM

I found Bloodlord Mandokir to only be tricky if you don't realize that Lightning Shield procs can trigger him to retaliate while he's focusing you. I had a couple deaths when I first started trying to solo him back when I was in Ulduar10 gear as enhance. Glancing at the combat log from the deaths (obviously I don't have them anymore to post, sorry), it always seemed to be from a spike while being watched or immediately after, even when I completely stopped attacking him. When I stopped using Lightning Shield, the spikes stopped, and I killed him pretty easily a few more times after that.
Stand back! I'm going to try SCIENCE!

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Posted 10 March 2010 - 02:55 AM

One key thing to remember no matter what spec you are playing when going into a low level dungeon is how spell knock back works now. It only counts the first 2 knock backs, after that you are free to cast what ever with no knock back effect at all.

That being said, i play all the ZG bosses "safe" in my mind. Raptor boss anytime im at or below 70% i heal myself back up. Simple reason being fear plus his focus can really eat into your life pool. I see some ppl saying they drop tremor and if they are elemental or resto sure i dont see a reason not to but if your enhance i advise against it. The fear is only 3 seconds long and as such it does not always knock it off all that fast. Also has no cast time so you cant 'twist' tremor' out.

Tiger boss i find to be MUCH MUCH more annoying, basically ive had RNG kill me before, but came back and killed her anyways. You can interrupt the spells if you want, but for my damage out put is high enough i can just let them heal on switch to it and knock it back down to where it was in a short time. Save MW for heals, use SW on CD, and with 2 piece t10 SR on CD.

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Posted 14 March 2010 - 03:13 AM

You can ground Thekal's silence. He'll always try to use it before Lor'khan heals, so make sure you keep it down as much as possible (so you can wind shear it)

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Posted 19 March 2010 - 08:15 AM

I prefer this method to soloing the ZG raptor boss. While I am able to just straight DPS him now because of my gear, this method is much safer for shamans with less gear.

Just recorded this tonight:

YouTube - WoW Shaman Solo ZG Raptor Mount Boss

Since I just got a new computer I'll probably be putting more of this videos up in the coming days :)

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Posted 26 March 2010 - 02:15 AM

First of all, on any boss it seems, equipping a healing shield will get you out of a pinch. An alternate strategy to the raptor boss that I use is to just pop on a shield when he focuses you and continue to dps.

AQ20 as Enh:
The bosses don't drop too much gold, but each one drops 2 books that sell for 10g each.

Kurinnaxx: Make sure all trash in his room is down before pulling. He has a huge agro radius, even at 80.
There are two strats that will both work.
1) Burn him as fast as possible, lust/hero, wolves, cooldowns and trinkets, and use all Maelstroms to heal after his mortal strike stacks to 30%. Hopefully he goes down before you have 100% reduced healing.
2) Burn him normally and summon wolves when your mortal strike hits 60% reduced healing. Have your wolves taunt and sprint, then run away until the stacks reset.
Either way, make sure you're constantly back-peddling to avoid the silence from the sandtraps.

General Rajaxx: Talk to Cenarion Circle allies to start the event.
Simply aoe down the waves of trash until he comes out. Tank him with your back to the wall and keep yourself above ~50% hp as he will accasionally knock you back and deal a large amount of dmg. Other than that, burn him down.

Moam: To avoid trash leading to moam just water-walk down the canal straight to him.
Strat is very simple, just burn him down... no special tricks needed.

Buru: Trash to Buru is easily avoidable, however there is one slime in his pit you may have trouble with. It must be burned down fast enough before it swallows you, otherwise you will die if you dont have any dots or pets to out dps the hp he drains from you.
Anyway... Pull buru to the eggs scattered about his pit, kill them and he will take a good amount of dmg. It's not advised to try and tank+burn him because his stacking dot becomes overwhelming very quickly. The adds that spawn from killing an egg are easily killed. The only complication to this fight seems to be the slow respawn on the eggs. If you kill them too quickly, there might not be an available respawn and buru will catch up with you. To be safe, just wait 30 seconds between killing each egg. At 20% just burn him, he no longer stacks the dot.

Ayamiss: Due to an entirely ranged dps phase 1, the strat for this boss is pending :P

Ossirian: Make sure all the trash in his room is dead before pulling.
Pull the boss on mount and run to first crystal located in front of the stairs leading to him. Activate the crystal when he gets within 30 yards(it has a pretty long cast time). The crystal will put a debuff on him that reduces his dmg done and makes him vulnerable to certain types of magic. Back-peddle around the room activating crystals to keep a debuff on him. Other than that, just burn.

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Posted 30 March 2010 - 01:30 PM

not so well geared shamans should try the following on the bloodlord:
pull him on top of the stairs so the fear wont let you ran into the packs and kill the raptor. when he enrages drop the earthy and let it tank him untill the enrage is over. eventually you have to heal the elemental some times but thats the absolut save way to finish him at least

nothing to say to ragnarox, clearing aq20 the same way

to avoid some trash just jump on the crag at the right befor the first bridge.

gehennas and luzifron with the adds should not be so hard - just do it like the duke and nuke'em.

the pack's in front of magmadar are more difficult than the boss itself. bomb them with magma and glyphed nova - avoid auto-attacking! just hit the ones with the most hp left - nameplates essential! you should be able to just nuke the boss. drop tremor/fire resi if you want and walk out the fire he spits.

garr is a funny guy, i think :) just AE the adds while hitting him - save MW for heals, like in every encounter you cant just outgear.

geddon: you have to spank him in the passage. in the middle on the left side (coming from garr) are some sort of pendent rocks. if you get kicked up in the air while standing under those you wont get much falling-damage

shazzrah is... annoying. you cant remove the curse so you have to eat the 2k-explosions. save MW for heals, dont get oom an purge him

golemagg casts a pyroblast wich ticks, the puppies stacking a bleed and each of them hits you. save MW for heals and dont get oom. finish hin fast or the debuffs will finish you. you will need good gear to avoid death.

sulfuron harbringer: you can either play the adds oom - takes hours :) or you try to fokus one down while bombing the others. if they start healing, switch to the next lowest-hp-target. so you are able to kill one after another. this fight could take a while, but should is possible.

majordomus: the pit is the only thing to care about. get out! fire bad.

ragnaros is still alive... i just dont get him

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 12:50 PM

Going OOM when soloing as Enhancer should be pretty much impossible. SR alone will keep the mana well supplied, but if you use Mana Shield you should never drop below 30% mana between SR, even if you pop HW every single time there is a MW5.

Mana Shield will proc pretty much on the ICD.

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Posted 31 March 2010 - 08:54 PM

ragnaros is still alive... i just dont get him

I personally wasted around 3 hours total trying to solo him with the normal pve spec, gear and glyphs, as i got him few times to around 100k hp. At some point i gave up, and respecced to 0/51/20. It basically made the fight trivial and I killed him on first try, as you can easily heal yourself to full while swimming in lava with a Healing Wave or a couple (-70% pushbacks and faster cast).

Save your Wolves to the adds (which come every 3 minutes or so); use them instantly after pull, and they will be up at the first wave of adds, and again up for second wave. Also, go double windfury (duh, immune to fire anyway), and do not forget fire res totem. Stoneclaw totem has 30 sec cd and the knockback comes every 25 sec, so you won't be able to use it on every knockback; try to save it for the panic situations if/when you get knockbacked with fairly low health. I never used Tidal Force, but it's a nice backup there anyway.

PS. I actually recorded the kill, but I haven't edited nor uploaded it yet... we'll see if I ever get enough energy to do that :rolleyes:

Edit: I apparently failed with the spec, as i didn't notice that the Earth's Grasp also reduces the cooldown of Stoneclaw Totem by 30%. Get that and you can use glyphed Stoneclaw on every knockback :P

Mod Edit:

Just hopping back here to say that I finally got the Ragnaros kill edited and uploaded.
YouTube - Enha vs Ragnaros

I covered most of the tips on my original post... just as a reminder though, the biggest thing is having the correct spec. If anyone manages to do it with normal spec (and possibly record it), I'm happy to hear about it.

Maybe at some spot where you dont fly into the lava...?

#18 rokshan


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Posted 31 March 2010 - 11:57 PM

I tried mc yesterday and killed all bosses in the first try until Golemagg.
I tried to finish him fast, but at about 20% i took just too much damage. Dropped in about 2 seconds from 100% to 0%. And I did 6,8k dps in this try.
I tried with wolves first, then Fireele, with Earth Elementar first, then wolves etc but nothing worked out too good.
So my question is, are there any tips besides killing him faster?

#19 Genoce


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Posted 01 April 2010 - 01:21 AM

I tried mc yesterday and killed all bosses in the first try until Golemagg.
I tried to finish him fast, but at about 20% i took just too much damage. Dropped in about 2 seconds from 100% to 0%. And I did 6,8k dps in this try.
I tried with wolves first, then Fireele, with Earth Elementar first, then wolves etc but nothing worked out too good.
So my question is, are there any tips besides killing him faster?

I made a few tries as enha, always ended up dying to huge burst after my cooldowns were used. After 4 or 5 tries, I changed to resto (offspec) and killed him on first try... the kill took 25 minutes, but whatever :D

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Posted 01 April 2010 - 05:52 PM

I've found Mandokir to be easiest by just kiting him around the platform while his enrage goes off (Enhancement) and then it's a easy matter to finish him after that just by fighting normally.

Tiger is actually easier though as long as you just focus-frame or control the healer some other way by shocking her heals. the adds will not hit you for much - but this was with some resilience gear donned so I am not sure if it's different in straight up pve gear.

In any case, all of Zg is not that hard as long as you know how the bosses work from previous experience. The bat boss can be annoying if you have low spell hit, but I doubt many shamans suffer there. If you don't get the shock to land, she heals 40% or so.

As you can see my other character is a DK, and it's quite interesting the differences between the two. Shamans are just astounding at this sort of stuff as long as they can survive the damage, by far more efficient than my DK (who can take greater hits and thus do some things I cannot as shaman).

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