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Shaman: Soloing old instances for fun and profit

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#21 KraxisSingular



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Posted 02 April 2010 - 10:56 PM

The bat boss can be annoying if you have low spell hit, but I doubt many shamans suffer there. If you don't get the shock to land, she heals 40% or so.

My experiences taught me to ultra-nuke her when at 50%. Pop wolves+BL and fire ele, then pound her into the ground. Even if a heal gets through, and it might given most people gear around having the 3% raid spellhit, your doggies and fire ele will last long enough to make it trivial.

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Posted 07 April 2010 - 10:48 PM

Enhancement: I wanted to try a Northrend instance to see if it would grant some better loot to level my enchanting profession so I tried The Nexus and found it to be quite do-able. No special tricks; I think enhancement shamans were made for this sorta thing. The only change I made was to add the fire nova glyph to help with mobs. Atleast for this place I don't think it was all too beneficial. Magma and the normal fire nova cleaned up trash nicely.

Despite the fact that it did not take all too long, all in all I don't think it was worth the effort loot wise. I only had ONE green drop and a single blue from each boss. I'm going to try Utgarde next, but my assumption is that instance soloing will only be beneficial in heroic modes. I doubt it will be possible to try a northrend heroic until gear and higher levels arrives from Cat.

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Posted 19 April 2010 - 07:17 AM


Trash packs have to be killed. Most pulls are only 1 or 2 mobs though and thus really easy. The last two packs are 4 and 5 mobs. The 4 pull is doable if you nuke the stable hands fast and use Thunderstorm to buy some time. For the 5 pull you should use Fire Elemental.

Attumen himself was pretty easy (first time I tried soloing him). I saved Earth Elemental till Attumen spawned, but it never pulled aggro on him so I had to spam heal myself constantly. Yet, it was pretty easy to heal myself while debuffed and dps midnight otherwise. Might be easier to just start with elemental up and hope it grabs the initial aggro on attumen.
Phase 3 was also very easy, just alternate healing and dps.

A follow up on this from my experience soloing as elemental: after the trash is cleared (and you must kill it all as it's linked to him; i.e. any unkilled trash will aggro when you engage Midnight) you open up on Midnight with a FS + LvB and drop your Earth Elemental. Focus it immediately (so you can watch it's HP easily) then proceed to hit Midnight one or two times until he pushes under 95% and Attumen spawns. Your EE should pick Attumen pretty quickly and it's important not to use CL for the next 20 seconds or so - you want to make sure he doesn't peel off your EE and melee you; just stick to LB + LvB for single target damage on Midnight until EE has a big enough threat lead and you can bring CL back in to the rotation. From there onwards it's pretty smooth sailing, stop to heal yourself or your EE if either fall under 70% health then get back to hitting Midnight. It took me about a minute to bring Midnight down to 25% this way when they merge, and from there on it's pretty smooth sailing. Just keep yourself alive and bring him down gradually. I've only done it the once as I was lucky enough to have the mount drop on my first kill, but I have no doubt that with the above strat it's very easily repeated.

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Posted 01 May 2010 - 11:07 AM

My strategy for soloing Mandokir is slightly different than the ones presented here. I was discussing this in guild today and decided to post it here in case anyone else wants to try for the mount that never drops.

First of all, kill everything in the area. This includes the patrolling Berserker that comes in as he can mean the difference between getting a kill and getting complicated. Not only will this mean you can be feared without serious repercussion there is a chance you can pick up as well for some extra gold. Make the pull as normal - kill the priest and wait for the Bloodlord to come down to you. First of all kill the mount. This will enrage the boss temporaily - be ready for it. Pop Shamanistic rage to deal with the first hit you will take from this, and break out Earth Elemental to soak. Use wind shear on cooldown to redirect aggro to your elemental - while the boss is not taunt immune, he will still switch back to you quickly if you aren't areful. Once he has aggro pop wolves and hero and go crazy Broadway style. Note that the wolves here are not for healing - make sure that before the fight you have made a macro to cast a MW5 Healing Wave on your Elemental. He will get knocked down otherwise.

Once you have popped heroism and taken a serious crack at the boss you need to watch carefully three things: the health of your Elemental, the timer on your elemental and the timer left on your wolves. If your elemental dies early, you should have healed it quicker. If your elemental timer runs out before the boss is dead you should have dps'd harder. If your elemental dies but you have a few seconds left on your wolves and the boss is close to death, push and hope.

My gear is pretty good at the moment - I raid resto but have reached a point where Frost badges are no longer good for upgrades and I can spend them on my offspec. Good luck!

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Posted 04 May 2010 - 07:03 AM

Sometimes attunemen does not attack and lets you deal with Midnight alone. Even not using CL has Attunemen stick on you so I just Fire Ele off the pull (LB, CL, FlmS, EM LVB - takes about 20% chunk off before it reaches you). If both are on you healing is a lot of the time just renewing Shock, Tstorm, LvB etc). Hero during P1 since its more damage intesnsive. Gear level 232+ should be able to just brute force it this way.

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Posted 09 May 2010 - 01:14 AM

After reading this I was curious and decided to go to MC on my shaman. She's Enhance btw.
I was able to kill Golemagg only by going resto.
Rag was actually easier than I had imagined. By accident I found a decent way to solo him.

I forgot that when Rag hits you your MH takes durability faster than normal so my MH broke about 10 secs into the fight. The only weapon I had to replace it with in my bags was my Lockjaw healing weapon. So I started MHing the healing weapon and put WF on it and already had Earthliving on my OH dps weapon. The dmg was slower than normal, but I was easily able to heal myself when I got knocked back. I tried to alternate my Elementals and my wolves on the boss when he was up so that he wouldn't keep nuking me when I was out of range from the knockback.
I also found a good place to position myself so that I would get knocked back and land on top of that pillar that was almost right behind the shaman from the video right above this post. So I wouldn't take too much fall dmg.
I didn't have to respec or anything. I used a generic enhance spec.
I think that the healing Weapon+Earthliving on my OH made the difference.

Give it a try. It was fairly easy this way for me.

Edit: Forgot to link my shaman's armory. Zarinia

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Posted 09 May 2010 - 07:58 AM

I, too, read this and wanted to give it a try.
Decided to go to Molten Core first. Taking on two giants was no problem, nor was any other trash mob, even two core hounds. My problem came with the core hound packs in Mag's cavern. I simply could not get them down, no matter what. Decided to call it a day when I was at 20% durability.
Does anyone have any idea what to do here?

Went to ZG afterwards, and that was a breeze. Only had two wipes. Spider boss, due to a bad pull (the spiders can come very close to the speaker), and Gahz'ranka, where I found out the hard way that the correct way to do it would be in the water so I didn't suffer any fall damage.
Bloodlord was the only challenge, but I used the tactic to fight him at the top, and changed between wolves and earth elemental.
Tiger boss was easier than I thought. Brought down the tigers, and then got his adds down to ~10% before starting on him.
What I thought would be a problem was paying attention to the heals, but I believe I only interrupted two, they simply did not heal for much so there wasn't a problem out-DPS'ing it.

Next up will be AQ20 at some point tonight.
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Posted 09 May 2010 - 10:33 PM

The Core Hound packs aren't too bad... use Magma Totem and Fire Nova to do most of it, single target the higher ones. Just make sure you don't have any that are way higher than the rest. Do not pull another pack until the first disappears. You can also skip all of the packs along the left wall, just make sure you pull Magmadar up against the far end of the cavern and have tremor down.

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Posted 14 May 2010 - 11:09 PM

I'm surprised there aren't more Karazhan posts. I solo Attumen for a shot at the mount most Tuesday evenings, and I soloed through Shade of Aran repeatedly for reputation. Soloing gear is usually what's in my armory profile:

The World of Warcraft Armory - Coulomb @ Uther - Profile

If that link shows some other gear than a weird mix of PVP and PVE, I use 4pc t10 PVE, one PVE trinket, and the rest PVP gear.

Attumen: The 5 pack of trash right before him is almost as hard as the boss. Pull Midnight. Once Attumen appears, pop wolves, fire elemental, Bloodlust, then burn until they form Voltron. Keep using Twin Howl and Stoneclaw Totem to keep Attumen away. In p2, the fight is common sense: Stoneclaw for shield, MW for self heals, etc. A PVP trinket really helps, in case you eat a knockdown while under half health. You can easily OOM from Intangible Presence if careless, and Grounding Totem won't eat it; time Shamanistic Rage accordingly. If you can't get through p1, try using Earth Elemental and save MW procs for Chain Heal centered on it. (Midnight barely tickles)

Moroes: Cake walk. Pop wolves and Bloodlust early, then blow up adds one by one. You should have no trouble. I don't even use an elemental...

Maiden of Virtue: Your fingers will hurt from the button jam, and it's good practice for not using MW early. Otherwise this is so straightforward that I'd call it the easiest solo fight here. Grounding Totem eats her Holy Fire. Hey, beats dailies.

Romulo and Julianne: Decent practice spamming Purge and Wind Shear. I'm not sure what more there is to say. They have very little health, so the hardest part is not actually blowing Julianne up early. Save your wolves for P3, obviously. Keep using Grounding Totem and Wind Shear to deal with Julianne's DoT and heal, respectively. Trinket the stun if below half health.

Wizard of Oz: Simplest kill order is Roar, Tinhead, Dorothee, Strawman. Toto will die on his own due to incidental/cleave damage. Keep a tremor totem down for Roar's fearbombs. Flame shock the scarecrow when it's up. Kill order barely matters, honestly, you're just bursting things down one by one. If there's any trouble, try an Earth Elemental, use MW procs to Chain Heal it, and peel them off one by one. You don't need Grounding Totem or resist totems for this one, it's easier to nuke. (The Crone won't be up for more than 20 seconds, so I doubt you need my tips there)

(I've never had to fight the Big Bad Wolf)

The Curator: Blow up the sparks. Burning the boss will eventually get you overwhelmed, even in gear like mine. It isn't a bad idea to use Grounding Totem to eat a Hateful Bolt. You won't resist all of them, and the surprise burst in P3 can wreck you. Save cooldowns for his 15% Enrage; Wolves plus Shamanistic Rage plus Bloodlust at that point, and then he's yours.

Shade of Aran: This fight is straightforward and easy until he summons elementals. At that point you want an Earth Elemental and spirit wolves, and you need them tanking as many as you can in case you get a bad combination (e.g. elemental during Flame Wreath). The wolves can (barely) kill 2-3 elementals themselves. Burn them when you can. (If you feel the need to lock a school out, just pick one)

I have nothing major to add about ZG or MC, though I've soloed parts of both. The mount bosses are cake as Enh, though maybe that's my gear. Here's one alternate strategy; what I do for High Priest Thekal is identical to what's been discussed already.

Bloodlord Mandokir: It's not that hard to fight him in the usual place. Start with an Earth Elemental to deal with the raptor so you don't eat sunders. Pop wolves and bloodlust. After the first fear, assuming you don't get feared in identical directions, Mandokir will be on you, Ohgan on your elemental. If not, keep peeling him off and keep them apart. You have two minutes to blow him up before you start eating sunders. The occasional MW heal on the elemental helps a lot.

My questions:
1. The only part of ZG that gives me trouble are the trash packs before Hakkar. Channeled mindflay stun = ow. How to deal with that solo? Can those packs be skipped?

2. MC, I can't figure out how to deal with Geddon (even with Water Shield, I run oom and die to Ceiling Boss), or Sulfuron Harbinger. For the latter, how do you deal with his healers? They blow up my elemental and heal too fast for my burst.

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Posted 15 May 2010 - 12:09 PM

1. The only part of ZG that gives me trouble are the trash packs before Hakkar. Channeled mindflay stun = ow. How to deal with that solo? Can those packs be skipped?

Yes, they're easy to skip, just make sure you fight Hakkar at that little temple structure he's in front of. The packs path up to him. Hakkar is rather simple, just make sure to not have any pets out, including totems, else he'll mindcontrol you and reset back to full health.

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Posted 18 May 2010 - 02:26 AM

Went into Karazhan as enhance and followed most of Vulcanasm's strats through Shade, though I used all PvE gear (all 264 with 2-3 277 pieces). I cleared everything but Nightbane and faced Big Bad Wolf.

Big Bad Wolf: Start by dropping totems towards the middle of the room including Fire Elemental and Tremor. Burn him for the few globals you get before you have to run. Kite, then pop wolves and hero and burn. Kite when you are transformed and burn when you aren't. Pretty straightforward, but it can be frustrating if you get stunned as you are turning to run as little red riding hood. MW heal if wolves aren't up or you get below half health.

Illhoof: Blow up Kil'rek then pop wolves and hero. Keeping down magma totem and using fire nova kills imps as they spawn. He won't sacrifice if you're solo, so it's very easy.

Netherspite: Pull him to the back of the room and stand under the telescope to intercept all 3 beams. Try to dodge in and out of the red beam so you don't get too low on health. You have to burn him before the 2nd round of portals activate or the green beam will do too much healing to keep up with. Probably a good idea to pop cooldowns after you get a few blue beam stacks. Stay in when the banish phase begins to finish him off.

Chess: Kind of a random encounter, the strat I used to win it solo was simply moving the pawn in front of the king one forward, then taking control of the king. After that I used Hero and Sweep to AOE most of the enemies including the enemy king. My pawns mostly died so I could move around pretty freely after that. A lot of luck was involved, so I'm not sure how reliable the strat is.

Prince Malchezaar: Tanked him against a wall, moved if infernals dropped near. Used Fire Ele at the beginning of the fight and waited until phase 2 to pop wolves and hero. A lot of self heals involved, and if I were to do it again I'd spec into improved stormstrike because I had mana issues that caused death a couple of times.

I may try Nightbane again after raid (only pulled him once) but he hit pretty hard so I'm not sure I'll be able to down him.

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Posted 18 May 2010 - 12:37 PM

Cleared all except Netherspite and Prince this lockout as enhancement, I was also in PVE gear - mainly 251 (2T10 and 2T9(245)with the odd 264 and a 277 item. Gave up on Prince after 3 goes - was getting late.

Nightbane: is not too hard. I kept the tremor totem up - but didn't get hit by a fear. I was saving my mw5's for healing. I poped Shamanistic rage at the start of each ground phase - lets you store up a heal for when it's needed. Used wolves the first time that health got low, then again when the cd was up.
One word of caution watch out for the aoe he puts on the ground - it's tough to spot with him in your face and was the cause of 2 deaths there. The add's in the air phase won't trouble you.

Shade: - I just burned him down - used fire res totem, fire ele and Bloodlust / wolves.

Chess: - Rediculously easy - I was probably lucky -I also moved the pawn infront of the King, jumped the knight out near it. Moved another pawn to Trap opposit king. He then cheated so i tried to getback into my king, b4 i could I'd won.....

I'll try Netherspite tonight if i get chance, and give Prince a more determined effort - however i'd not been able to keep up with the healing.

I've been thinking about putting Mongoose on my weapons instead of Beserking to reduce the incoming damage when the armour debuff hit's, is it worth it?

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Posted 20 May 2010 - 04:31 AM

2. MC, I can't figure out how to deal with Geddon (even with Water Shield, I run oom and die to Ceiling Boss), or Sulfuron Harbinger. For the latter, how do you deal with his healers? They blow up my elemental and heal too fast for my burst.

Tank him near a wall where there is a lower ceiling and save Maelstrom for heals before/during/after the knockup. Wolves/Lust(Hero) ASAP they'll take care of you until about 40% (do for me at least) then save all your Maelstrom's for heals unless you know you can get another 5 stack before the next knockup.


Really relying on good RNG with WF procs on the adds. Magma/Fire Nova getting the other adds low making them spread their heals to other targets and not just the one you're attacking. Interupt on the healer you're attacking. Can sometimes take a while but they don't hit too hard so it's not that big of a deal. Real key is the Magma/Fire Nova making the healers spread their heals.

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 04:24 AM

I recently soloed all of MC, though had to do Gehennas (my enhance gear is pretty bad, I died a couple times with him having <30k HP), Sulfuron, and Golemagg as resto. Unless you can get 2 of Sulfuron's adds down quickly you will probably take too much damage due to being unable to dodge/parry when he hits you with the knockdown/stun. I only have 20k hit points as enhance, so it was safer for me to just stand there healing myself as resto. Throughout the fight I repeatedly dropped searing/earthbind totems for them to target with immolate/pain, thus expending their mana, at which point they just died to magma totem/fire nova without being able to heal. Sure, it took about 15 minutes, but better than wiping repeatedly due to bad RNG and suffering the awful run back.

Majordomo was extremely easy. Just pop everything and rambo mode down his adds. Once your wolves die, you can fight away from the fire pit to buy you time to hardcast some heals after a port.

For Rag, I ended up using my Val'anyr mainhand with WF on it (I only have a normal 251 Gutbuster anyways), and Earthliving on my Keleseth's Seducer. I dropped my totems close to the lava and dropped a smoke flare on the correct spot to stand so I wouldn't crater from the knockback. Earth's Grasp and the Stoneclaw Totem glyph really save the day on this fight, and can really help alleviate some of the bad RNG of double knockbacks, bad maelstrom strings, etc. It only took me two waves of sons to kill him, which I consider pretty decent. He even dropped an eye for my trouble!

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Posted 11 June 2010 - 12:02 AM

I recently started soloing old world instances for fun as enhance. My goal was to do all bosses with just my raid spec and so far I’ve full cleared ZG, AQ20, MC, Kara, and have 3 bosses down in AQ40, working on the rest in there. Unless otherwise stated I did every fight in my normal raiding gear. Here are some ‘strats’ for bosses not fully covered yet in this topic:

Ayamiss the Hunter: Fairly easy, but a few things to watch out for. You can out range his ranged attack to let the poison debuff fall off without him resetting or anything. Just range him down with FS, LvB, LB, running out as necessary to heal/reset stacks. The adds die fast to FN, or you can use them for mana with SR. At 70% he lands and at this point make sure to not have either your dogs or Fire Ele out, because if you do he will sacrifice you which can lead to 1 shots if you aren’t quick enough with pets killing the grubs. Do note he enrages at 20% and hits quite hard.

Golemagg the Incinerator: Tough fight, gear will probably be the best way to kill this boss as enhance. I wiped on him for awhile before I settled on a strat that is relatively reproducible with my gear level (a few 277s, most 264). The fight is all about cycling cooldowns to survive, with dps cooldowns at the end for his soft enrage. I used dps totems along with Fire Resist totem and pulled with a LvB. From here dps without using any major cooldowns for 1-3 MW HWs. Once you fall behind pop SR and continue to use MW for HW. As soon as your SR falls off pull out your Earth Ele and continue to dps using MW for either HW or chain heal. Once your Earth Ele dies pop dogs and use furious howl on cooldown, also pop Hero along with them and try to burn the boss to dead. I usually go oom sometime while dogs are up so I overlap my SR with hero to try to get the most damage out and push the boss over. The fight is still quite close, but I’ve killed him twice with this method.

Ragnaros: Same positioning and strat as Bur, just using my raid spec. Put Earthliving on your offhand and of course, Fire resist totem. Open with dogs and Hero, I was able to burn him to 40-50% before he submerged. Try to use MW to stay at or near 100% and with a 5 stack of MW waiting. My only real sources of damage were SS, dogs, and ES, with the occasional LB while dogs were up. If you get knocked back without a MW stack just make sure to pop SR and cast a really long heal, praying for resists. I wiped on him for 2 hours trying different things, and after a soft reset I returned with a resistance flask and proceeded to 1 shot him with this strat, and again 1 shot the next full clear. Both kills were with only 1 add phase. I think the extra 50 resist was the game breaker because it removes a lot of RNG wipes at no real stat loss.

Since the beginning of BWL isn’t soloable I decided to give AQ40 a try. Trash is mostly skippable and easy regardless, just pop cooldowns and blow it up.

The Prophet Skeram: This boss is a good challenge, and probably not overly gear dependant. My strat consisted of using no pets (boss will MC and reset) and controlled dps. Again once I used a resistance flask this fight got easier, since the main danger in this fight is spam ES from the split phases. I used normal dps totems, along with NR totem. The goal is to have near full HP, SR off cool down, a 5 stack of MW, and magma totem up before each split (75, 50, 25%). You can mount up and run to your side of choosing before you pull the boss, I used the right pillar. Pull the boss and start DPS, getting ready for the 75% transition, once it occurs attack the add that teleports to your pillar and hope it’s a mirror, if not target one of the other 2 and dps them down asap, being proactive with your MW HWs. Do note that anything less than a 4-5 stack of MW will not work, since their ES spam will lock you out. As soon as the 2 adds are dead I swapped my weapons for my resto dagger/shield so I could melee the boss to stop his ES spam, but not push him over to the next phase. Once SR is back up rinse and repeat. I used hero for the 25% transition to ensure victory, but you can use it for any phase.

Battleguard Sartura: 1 shot this boss, her trash is harder than this fight. I popped all my CDs and burned down her guards first with my back to a wall. Once they were down its tank and spank, and although I wished I saved some CDs for her enrage, she still fell over.

Bug Trio: Hardest fight I’ve completed so far. Tried a whole bunch of different strats, was able to kill either Lord Kri or Princess Yauj (healer) first, but settled on a kill order of Lord Kri>Princess Yauj>Vem (classic easy-mode). This fight is probably gear dependant, because the faster you kill the first bug, the easier the 2nd will be. Have a focus shock macro and set Yauj as your focus target. Her heal will heal approximately 20% of their health, so don’t let any get through. This can be easier said than done because of the amount of CC they do, but the rule I came up with was shock as early as possible. Required totems are Tremor, Cleansing and then either Nature Resist or Windfury, of which I chose WF. I pulled with my mount and ran to the alcove to the right of the door leading in, with my totems at the exit of the alcove. Keep your back to the corner whenever possible and pop dogs/hero/SR and have a magma totem down for extra dps. I used Furious Howl on cooldown to ease up on the damage in to let me do more damage. The goal is for Lord Kri to die here and not let any heals land. You can kill him in ~30 seconds. Once he dies run to the next alcove to the right as quickly as possible (rocket boots ftw) and set your totems down, you can get rid of cleansing for either healing stream or mana stream at this point, I also swapped to water shield at this point to make sure I had the mana for shocks (wiped once at 20% on Yauj from going oom and not shocking). At this point play defensively, using MW for HW and keep on top of your kicks. Pop your Fire Ele at some point, but make sure it has enough duration to be up after Yauj dies. Once she goes down adds spawn from her body, so you have to AoE them asap, having SR up for this is preferable. Once it is just Vem left it’s a tank and spank so play careful and you win.

I have yet to be able to kill either Fankriss or Viscidus, but tried each for quite awhile. Fankriss seems like it will be possible, but very luck dependant with teleports and stacking MS falling off, but my best attempts were about 25%. Doing his gauntlet each wipe is very draining. Viscidus might not be soloable at this point as an enh shaman, unless I’m doing something totally wrong. To kill him you need to shatter him. Freezing him (200 hits with either frostbrand or frostshock) is easy since he doesn’t do that much dmg and poison cleansing and nature resist totems help a lot. The problem comes with shattering him. From what I remember you need to hit him a certain number of times (not dependent on dmg?) to get him to shatter, and the window is VERY short. There is a video of a DK soloing it, but he has army of the dead (cheater). I called it quits when I tried to shatter him with 2x 1.3 speed weapons each with windfury, haste dbw proc, engineering glove use, fully stacked haste totem buff, windfury totem, haste pot, earth ele, dogs, and hero (I also gem haste). To this I got him well into the ‘Viscidus Looks Ready to Shatter’ emote, but no explosion. Oh well, maybe if I ever get a TAiaJ I’ll try again…

Advice on these bosses welcomed!

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Posted 12 June 2010 - 01:43 AM

With your post as motivation I ran AQ40 today:
Skeram lastet about 15 tries, Sartura was a one shot and oddly enough the Bug Trio as well (had some luck with Kri to be able to kick all heals and after that staying alive till my wolves were back).
Finally I was able to kill Fankriss, too. At first I used only Shamanistic Rage and MW selfheals until I was teleported und because of this dropping low life. With about 5 ms stacks up I couldn't heal myself to full health, so I used wolves, Furious Howl and rocket boots to get that far away for letting the debuff falling off. Then I dpsed as long, as I could and with 8 stacks from the debuff I used my Earth Ele and let my debuff fall off another time. With some Heals on the Earth Ele and good luck with the teleports (was always the Ele, so that the debuff fell off at it, too) I did maxdps. At about 25% I used Heroism and nuked the boss. I always killed the Big Snake Adds instantly and finished the small ones with Magma Totem and fire nova.
But althogether I agree with you. Fankriss is dependent on rng with teleports/debuff stacking and gear.

I'm afraid Huhuran won't be possible. Tryed her only once but got killed pretty quickly (67% and no cds left) cause of her high damage, silence and the wyvern sting.

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Posted 11 January 2011 - 08:59 AM

Tried Sapphiron (10) yesterday as Enhancement. Best try I reached the second fly phase, but without timers he just does too much damage in the long run. But with Decurse, Resistance Totem, our damage and heals we are definitely able to kill him sooner or later with better gear. That nice buff in the next patch should also help: "Greater Healing Wave mana cost has been increased by 10%; healing done has been increased by 20%."

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Posted 11 January 2011 - 10:22 AM

See a lot of people using Elemental Resistance Totem.

Since patch 4.0.1 I start using Healing Stream Totem with glyph Glyph of Healing Stream Totem. This way I have a very useful 2 in 1 totem, especially in raid where our pally are not really need to go for Resistance Aura.

As 85 enhacement I solo MC and with and almost solo Karazhan.
In Karazhan the chess event is pure luck to do it. I take the king to 10k health(lowest amount) when my king died, but a guildie has done it. Last boss is easy to solo it.

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Posted 11 January 2011 - 11:10 AM

I've done King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic. You can easily avoid all other bosses and the king is pretty easy as elemental in full 346 gear and earth elemental ready. The blue proto didn't drop so far for me.

I'm using Totem of Tranquil Mind most of the time to avoid pushback.

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Posted 13 January 2011 - 06:34 AM

Utgarde pinnacle is simple as a level 85 enhance shaman, even with lower tier gear. I have mostly 346 items, and i'm blowing through it without issue. All bosses up to Skadi can be skipped, and i've always stopped at Skadi, since i'm only there trying to get that blue proto-drake. Just pop earth elemental during phase 2 to handle the few adds that come through, pop wolves and shamanistic rage, and go to town. Use the instant cast from mw for a quick heal every now and then if your wolves aren't doing well enough. I've downed him in 40 seconds this way. Haven't played too much with the other lk heroics, but i've done all the BC heroics now. Good way to gain rep with the original factions too, since they don't have to be 85 dungeons to gain rep.

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