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Shaman: Soloing old instances for fun and profit

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#61 Waggles


    Glass Joe

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Posted 28 September 2011 - 09:17 PM

Void Reaver to me was impossible because the silencing arcane orbs were unavoidable and you can't heal yourself at all.

I got around this by using ELW on my offhand and healing with UE_ELW, as it isn't affected by the silence with WF on the mh, and saving a MW proc for after each use in case the silence wore off. Additionally, it's some tricky timing, but during the pound phases you can ghost wolf far enough away to increase the orb travel time and get off a MW5 GHW (and maybe a HS) as well. Also, save your wolves for when you get to lower HP and use their Spirit Walk to achieve a similar result.

#62 julored


    Glass Joe

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Posted 29 September 2011 - 08:33 AM

Cleared out the Plague wing in naxx 10 tonight and figured the frost wing might be possible.

Sapphiron is not too difficult with a normal raid spec and ELW on the offhand. Make sure to avoid blizzard, decurse the drain life, and stay toward the outside of the room so you have extra time to heal up during air phases. It went pretty smoothly for me. With a resto subspec it would probably be even easier.

I also put in a few attempts on Kel'thuzad and got him to around 8%. He didn't give me much trouble until the final two growing adds came out, but I think with a resto subspec it wouldn't be hard. Before that, the worst part is killing the last couple banshees with KT up. A magma totem takes care of the skeletons during phase one or you can just run into them and they will do some damage to you as they die.

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    Glass Joe

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Posted 30 September 2011 - 07:12 AM

Been solo farming Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon and Malygos for T4 gear and lookalike weapon to Transmogrify. My spec is Elemental since my main spec, and thus gear, is for Restoration. The spec I used is as follows, including glyphs: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

The spec is primarily tailored for Malygos, which can be the hardest one of these, depending on how bad RNG High King has. Karazhan is a total pushover now. No boss should pose any significant threat, although I skipped half of them since I only need gear from Moroes, Curator and Prince, so I don't know if some bosses have hard mechanics.

Basic strategies
These apply to all bosses. Primary "rotation" outside exceptions is Flame Shock debuff > Earth Shock > Lava Burst > Lightning Bolt. Earth Shock is used as a filler shock mainly to gain 20% attack speed reduction whenever it's off cooldown and Flame Shock doesn't need to be cast, as it reduces the damage output especially on Malygos by a lot. Main heal you'll want to use is Greater Healing Wave. Try to time your heals in a way that you'll have both Clearcasting and Focused Insights. Use Flametongue Weapon enchant. As for totems, Healing Stream and Wrath of Air are no brainier, fire totem is either Fire Elemental (usually needed at specific times, especially on High King), else Searing Totem. Just make sure you have one down all the time to get Totemic Wrath spellpower bonus. Earth Totem is usually Stoneclaw, but sometimes Earth Elemental is the key to the fight and Tremor is useful if the boss has fear effects. It's not worth it to pop Stoneskin between Stoneclaws. Use Thunderstorm on every cooldown once you're down to 90% or less mana. This is to ensure you'll have enough mana to carry on through the fight. Use Stoneclaw Totem on every cooldown if you don't have a specific moment when you need it and if your Earth Elemental is not out. Always use Lightning Shield, Water Shield is not worth it with Rolling Thunder talent, recent Water Shield nerfs and need to continuously recast it.

High King Maulgar
The epitome of RNG, as far as soloing goes. First time I was here, I spent 9 hours trying to figure out the boss, it's that hard. The strategy is to pop Fire Elemental, Heroism and Elemental Mastery right at the start and nuke down Blindeye. Try to interrupt him if you want, but I didn't notice much difference whether I tried or not. Half the time he has shield on anyways so that interrupt doesn't work anyways. Once he's dead, your Fire Elemental is probably dead or close to that. Pop Earth Elemental and proceed on Olm. You should still have hefty amount of Heroism left, so try to bring Olm down while still on it. If he decides to, he can chain Death Coil you and you'll die for sure. Once you manage to kill him, hopefully your Earth Elemental is still alive. If he is, try to cast a few heals on it, then kill Kiggler. Once again, if you get chain Polymorhped, your elemental will die if it's not already dead and you will soon afterwards. If you manage to kill Kiggler, the fight is pretty easy, at least not much RNG elements are involved. Start to bring down Maulgar while making sure you're at high health, after 50% Maulgar likes to use Fear. It can be broken with Tremor Totem, but sometimes he just casts it more often than you can Tremor. After Maulgar dies, you'll still have to kill Krosh, just purge his shield and kill him.

Gruul the Dragonkiller
Just a tank and spank, really easy. If you've done High King, this one is like a walk in the park.

The boss itself is pretty easy, and the adds are too if you know what to do. To start the fight, select one of the adds, pop Heroism and burn it down. Drop down Earth Elemental and let him pick up the rest of the adds. Then jog to max distance, pick one of the Channelers and start nuking. He'll come to you and be out of the range to be healed by the other Channelers that are focusing the Earth Elemental. Rinse and repeat until all the Channelers are dead. Interrupting them should not be necessary if you have Heroism, but after it wears off, you might want to do it, depending on how much burst you can apply to them. Magtheridon himself is easy, stay out of rock showers, no need to click any cubes, just burn him down while maintaining your health.

Malygos 10man
He's hard, but fun as well, and not just tedious like High King. First phase is what the fight is all about, maintaining your mana while keeping yourself alive, killing the sparks and DPSing the boss in the meanwhile. Some luck with Spark positions are helpful but ultimately not needed. It's not that important to save Heroism for the first phase transition since phase 3 is really easy and there's no massive benefit from getting the boss to as low health as possible before phase 3. So just use heroism when you get bad luck with healing crits or generally when needed, else save it for phase 2. Also if you happen to get 2 sparks in one place, Heroism can be great so you can enter phase 2 with more mana.
Start the fight and use the rotation discussed in basic strategies. Killing the Sparks can be challenging, especially if you're on relatively low health. Always DPS the boss from the buff that sparks leave behind. When maintaining your health, remember that Breath takes around 25% of your healthpool and you won't be able to heal in his Storm ability. Try to avoid having to spam heals in general and always aim to have Focused Insights and Clearcasting up when casting a heal. After all, mana is what makes or breaks the phase 1.
After phase 2 starts, kill the two Nexus Lords as fast as possible. If you still have Heroism, this is the best time to use it. Once they are dead, get on a disc and kill the rest of the adds, one by one. Stay up in the air during Deep Breath and don't forget to go pretty low altitude when killing the last add, since you'll be dismounted and fall to the platform.
Phase 3 is really easy, as long as you know what you're doing, and if you've been here in WotLK, you probably do. Whatever you do, don't let the stack fall off from the boss. Always use 5 combo point stacks since you'll have to heal yourself inbetween too. When he focuses a beam on you, use 1 combo point shield on it, but not in expense of dropping your stack. If you're low on health, throw the hot on yourself but remember that once you cast a hot, your combo points on the boss are gone if you had any. When the boss casts lightning cloud thngy, simply move away from it. And one more thing, never let the stack fall off from the boss. That's it really.

#64 julored


    Glass Joe

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Posted 30 September 2011 - 09:34 AM

re: High King, I've had success just zerging Maulgar down using wolves to aoe taunt shortly after the pull. Earth Elemental can serve the same purpose for those of the ele persuasion. He only has around 550k hp, so the hard part is after you finish maulgar and need to kill the rest of the council before they kill you. Even if they do come out on top, HKM is lootable when you get back and the door to gruul is open.

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    Von Kaiser

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Posted 01 October 2011 - 12:36 AM

A few more things tried (same gear and build), in response to advice here:

Maulgar did die fairly easily to the zerg tactic providing earth ele is out from the start, I also used pvp trinket on the fear at 50%. Naturally I ran out before the adds could kill me, but killing him away from his start point was enough to loot and progress.

Gruul zzzzzzzz...easier than some of the bosses in vanilla. I moved out of the cave-in, but I was never troubled.

Void Reaver was indeed killable with earthliving on the OH, but it takes a fair bit of luck. I kept moving at all times (strafe) while nuking and with luck the silence would run out during a pounding, which allowed me to heal/rage/wolves/GW.

I did try Kael again, and this time had enough dps to single target the weapons and the ressurected advisors. There's still a huge amount of luck involved (particularly Capernian who can sometimes be impossible to run past due to the aoe knockback) and even if you get to P4 it's impossible due to arcane disruption being up a lot. (I also managed to get MC'ed w/o using wolves one time, he must've cast MC before the one swing it takes to kill the searing totem after disorient)

Had a quick go at Malygos too, but even if you get all the sparks (using a target macro to help pinpoint before 1-shotting with UE) his damage is just too great. (15k melee, 20k breath)

Anub'Rekhan I tried in 359 gear and got nowhere, in 378 it's doable but hard and requires a bit of luck with crits etc. (he hits for 10k but with 25k fall dmg from impale, some of these seemed to miss too). I tanked him where he started (having got nowhere by starting at the door) and used minor CD's to nuke the 1st add. I had wolves up when the locust swarm came, so I used spirit walk to run to the door. I then blew hero and fire ele (for the little scarabs) when the 2nd add reached me, and finished him off by standing under the door arch (minimal fall dmg from impale) and moving out after impale (to prevent him bugging out).

Grand Widow Faerlina is surprisingly easy. The adds don't seem to hurt much, just remember to nuke one immediately when she enrages (as she hits for 25k instead of 10k at this point). It took me just 2 enrages to down her, the 2nd of which came at 220k hp (at which point I almost wiped by staying on the boss :P). Sadly the spider wing isn't fully soloable, as Maexxna is impossible due to the poison (why oh why did they take it away from us, we're shamans, we're meant to be able to cure stuff). Then I found the orb, which allows access to the top floor without clearing the rest: (I didn't know it was there)

Sapphiron is indeed doable, if a little hairy at times. With the resto sub-build, I simply stuck with WF/FT and stayed near the edge wherever possible as suggested and the fight was long but straightforward.

Kel'Thuzad was quite easy to start with, even the aboms and banshees went down easy. KT himself is quite manageable until the big adds show up later on, at this point you'll need all your CD's and some luck to survive. I almost died with ~100k hp to go, but an MW4 heal was just in time...that's as close as they come :P

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    Piston Honda

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Posted 08 November 2011 - 02:26 AM

I managed to solo Malygos as enhance. My gear is hardly exceptional, considering I'm using a vicious mace offhand, though I do have a heroic eye of purification with power torrent on it. I used a standard 2/31/8 FI spec for this, with WF/Flametongue.

Honestly the hardest part is just surviving until P2. I fucked up pretty badly and let him eat 2 of the sparks, one of which I lived through with wolves, and the other I used rocket boots to kite him Most of my wipes before the kill were due to him critting me and just falling behind in incoming damage. just make sure you heal up while he's casting vortex, and use stoneclaw before and after it.

Used a 1-1-2-3 rotation through all of P3, which kept me alive long enough for the kill. My drake was down to about 30% and I had 11s on the berserk. Oh well, at least I know the kill is pretty repeatable.

#67 Dribble


    Glass Joe

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Posted 08 November 2011 - 05:38 AM

I managed to solo Teron Gorefiend as Elemental the other day, with about a 365 average item level. The real difficulty lies in Elemental's horribly small and inefficient heals. The first time through, I wiped with him at ~5% HP and I died due to lack of mana. The second time through, I managed to kill it....

Here's how: Stoneclaw Totem on CD, use GHW only when you have Clearcasting up, avoid Earth Shock (due to mana cost) and you should be fine. I killed him with 20% mana remaining, and that's really what it comes down to. The shadow orb damage is mostly resisted and his enrage is not a problem.

In terms of the rest of Black Temple, the first boss isn't soloable for obvious reasons. Supremus is easily done, and Akama is a joke as well. I killed Bloodboil with the help of a Disc Priest, but Reliquary of Souls was impossible. I haven't been able to try Mother Shahraz, Council, or Illidan yet but I hope this is helpful to those wondering what's possible.

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    Glass Joe

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Posted 05 December 2011 - 11:53 PM

Has anyone tried using a 4 piece PVP gear on some of the harder bosses for the 4 piece bonus of much faster MW procs for ENH? I have used it on some lower lvl heroics when my 378 gear just didn't seem to have the lasting power. It is a DPS drop, but the MW procs are extremely fast and we don't Need near the hit or expertise that we have in our raid gear. Just a thought for those troublesome boses.

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    Glass Joe

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Posted 07 December 2011 - 11:04 AM

I use the elemental 4 piece for places where I need to kill a lot of thrash or when grinding low levels so that the shield never wears off. I think the time spent recasting the shield + being able to cast 9 stack shocks almost on CD compensate the damage lost of the pve pieces. I swith to t12 2 piece every now and then to reset the FE cd and let it have some fun too. <3

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    Von Kaiser

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Posted 28 December 2011 - 01:10 AM

Having gotten my 4pc T13 recently, I decided to try out the top level Cata normals (ilvl 392, 2/31/8 resto sub-build):

Lost City of the Tol'vir was a rough ride as expected, with the bosses hitting for ~20-25k (trash wasn't much of a problem apart from the big captain at the start who hits for 25-30k). General Husam was straightforward, Lockmaw was a bit tight but ok if you use the FS cleave on the adds and save some CD's for the enrage. High Prophet Barim hits very hard due to his Fifty Lashings, save Rage for these. Use wolves during the repentance, earth ele when this is over (to heal up if needed) and hero after that (use Rage during the Fifty Lashings again). Siamat is a case of burning the adds down asap then blowing CD's when you get on the boss (a bit of luck needed too, he critted me for 50k near the end and nearly cost me).

Halls of Origination was tougher still. The fire shaper trash mobs are a pain (purge the shield), you may need more than 1 try to kill them (isolating another mob with hex helps too since they patrol) along with the CC-spamming scarab beetles. Temple Guardian Anhuur was a close call (hits hard like the Tol'vir bosses) but the trick here after pulling the levers is to kill the snakes and heal up a bit before interrupting the hymn. Earthrager Ptah hits hard as well, but the only tricky bit is the adds phase, which can be dealt with by FS cleaving the scarab beetles when they're all grouped up.

Sadly that's as far as you can go, as the water elemental guardian in the Vault of Lights puts his indefinite stun bubble on you...even if you can get rid of it using wolves/magma totem (which takes ages anyway) he just recasts it.

Grim Batol unsurprisingly, is impossible to clear also. The trash is quite a challenge but doable (2 CC's ftw), but General Umbriss can't be done due to everything really (adds, add health, add debuffs, boss damage, boss debuff). Forgemaster Throngus goes down surprisingly easy (except for the sword phase being very healing intensive), although the gronn trash packs will always take 2-3 goes to kill (they hit for 15k plus the adds). Drahga Shadowburner isn't doable for me atm, but might be with better gear. It's possible to kite the fire ele for a bit, and if you have full health you can afford to take the hit (50k + 15-20k dot), however the dragon hits very hard too so I dunno if better gear will do it but maybe with a bit of luck (I managed to get the dragon down to about 35% or so with only 20% needed to get rid of it). Erudax ofc (who might be doable given his mechanics) is inaccessible without killing the others.

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Posted 05 January 2012 - 08:53 AM

I just soloed Naj'entus in BT using the same method that warlocks and night elves use.

I didn't use any healing, healing stream, or spirit wolves. This put me at about 15% when he bubbled. At this point, I let him kill me, then quickly Reincarnated and pulled him again before his HP reset to 100%.

This is very tedious because of the Reincarnation cooldown. It took me a total of 4 attempts. The boss's health reset to 100% in the first two attempts, and the shield was still on in the third attempt. There is a sweet spot where you can pull the boss after the bubble wears off and before he resets to 100% health.

Edit: I also managed to solo Gurtogg Bloodboil.

My item level is 398 and soloing it at a much lower gear level is probably impossible. I have 4 piece T13, which gives amazing bonuses for Greater Healing Wave. I used agility food, agility flask, an agility potion on the pull, and a mythical healing potion during the fight.

I used a 0/31/10 spec: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
I picked up Totemic Reach because the boss occasionally stuns you for several seconds and drops aggro. I dragged the boss as far away from Searing Totem as I could with it still being in range so he would take more time running over to the totem and killing it after every stun. The Restoration talents provide a massive increase in healing throughput.
I realized quickly that Nature's Guardian is useless here. I'll probably switch to 2/31/8 next time I do it.

The general fight strategy is to drag Bloodboil as far away from Searing Totem as possible while being in range and spam Greater Healing Wave and Stoneclaw Totem as needed. Remember to shock before healing if possible. Spirit Wolves, Heroism, Gift of the Naaru, and Mythical Healing Potion should be used as late as possible.

Also, I used the same trick that I used for Naj'entus. I died at about 10%, then popped Reincarnation for the kill. To do this, I bound a /click StaticPopup1Button2 macro. This macro reincarnates you if you are dead. I spammed it right when I was about to die so the boss wouldn't reset. I did it so quickly that my totems didn't even disappear. I believe that with some tweaking (reforge hit and expertise caps for more crit/haste, respec to 2/31/8, play slightly better) or a little better gear, this boss is killable without using the Reincarnation trick.

All in all, an annoying boss to kill, again because I had to wait for Reincarnation after every attempt. It didn't take many attempts, though.

#72 Staticus


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 29 June 2012 - 12:30 AM

Having gotten as close to BiS as I can get (ie. no 410 vial but everything else including 397 Rag neck), I've started in Ulduar with a little help from two threads:

Flame Leviathan is even easier at this gear level, I didn't even need the 2nd demolisher as he died while I was running to the bike.
Ignis is pretty tough. The fire wouldn't spawn half the time (or I was missing it due to it not being under me) so I had about 3 adds up at the end, a bit of luck and pets/defensive CD's saw me to the end.
Razorscale is fairly easy, kill all the adds (top priority if they're up when the boss is down in P1) and burn the boss down when she lands in P2. (I had 3 stacks of armour debuff when she died)
XT-002 is so easy I had to actually stop DPS to prevent me from killing the heart. The one thing I was concerned about (the tantrum) didn't even happen.
Kologarn is straightforward if you stay close to him at all times, even when he does the eye lasers (keep running from one side of him to the other when he does this). Trash gets pretty hard after this btw.
Hodir takes a while but it's not too stressing, frozen blows is the main bit where he's dangerous. I started by freeing the NPC's but gave up after the first couple of flash freezes and left them alone.

Thorim (hard mode cos it's forced when alone) is currently a work in progress, 19% is my best try out of 3 p3 attempts so far (after mastering the tricky exploits required to reach p3, see Mione's youtube vid for details) with a bit more luck I should be able to down it (given that someone with ilvl 400 reached 8%).

Will try some more bosses later.

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