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Infraction for Havoc12: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.

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Posted 05 March 2010 - 07:59 PM

Post: WotLK Healing Discussion v3.3: Icecrown Citadel awaits!
User: Havoc12
Infraction: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.
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Try to be more succinct. This is a half a page of text that could have been condensed without some of the fluff / spacing.

Original Post:

The renew glyph reduces the amount of healing renew does overall by about 5%, but it does not affect the healing done by empowered renew. At least this was the case when I tested it. The reason was that the glyph ignores the bonuses from improved renew and spiritual healing.

Now lets investigate the impact of the renew glyph:

To my knowledge the following calculations are correct, please correct me if things have changed without me realising it.

The amout healed by unglyphed fully talented renew is:

Empowered renew: [(base) + (spellpower contribution)*1.15]*(1.15+0.1)*0.15
HoT: [(base) + (spellpower contribution)*1.15]*(1.15+0.1)
per tick: [(base) + (spellpower contribution)*1.15]*(1.15+0.1)/5

Total: [(base) + (spellpower contribution)*1.15]*(1.15+0.1)*1.15

For convenience let (base) + (spellpower contribution)*1.15 = RH(sp)


The amout healed by unglyphed fully talented renew is:

Empowered renew = RH(sp)*0.1875
HoT = RH(sp)*1.25
per tick = RH(sp)*0.25
Total healing = RH(sp)*1.435

The glyph only applies to RH(sp) thus fully talented glyphed renew:

Empowered renew = RH(sp)*0.1875
HoT = RH(sp)*1.5*4/5 = RH(sp)*1.20 i.e. reduces HoT healing by about 0.05*RH(sp) or by 4% of unglyphed value
per tick = RH(sp)*1.2/4 = RH(sp)*0.3 i.e increases healing per tick by about 20%
Total = RH(sp)*1.3875 i.e. 3.5% decreased healing compared to the unglyphed value.

Now that the numbers are down lets move on

Ignoring overheal unglyphed renew sacrifices 1 GCD (1.3s) and heals RH(sp)*1.4375 over 15 seconds. i.e. casting a renew gives you ~0.0958*RH(sp) HPS at the cost of 8.67% of your casting time.
Glyphed renew sacrifices 1 GCD and heals RH(sp)*1.3875 over 12 seconds.

This is ~0.1156*RH(sp) HPS at the cost of 10.83% of your casting time.

Thus the question of whether the renew glyph helps or is dependent on whether that 2.9% of casting time that you lose is worth ~0.02*RH(sp) HPS.

Using the reasonable value of 10k for RH(sp) that is about 200HPS at the cost of 2.9% of casting time.

In realistic terms renew only really competes for casting time with flash heal or serendipity gheal. The HPS of flash heal ignoring OH is something in the order of 4.5k HPS so 2.15% of casting time costs about 130 HPS. For gheal its about 170-180 HPS.

Hence ignoring overheal in any situation where you maintain a small number of renews (2-3) ticking at all times during the fight you can expect the renew glyph to be worth between 30 and 70HPS per renew. This is going to be reduced if OH for renew is greater than FH/GH. If the renews are consistently getting clipped then the value of the glyph will obviously increase.

In a situtation however where a larger number of renews is maintained, then refreshing them is likely to interfere with casting of CoH or PoM and hence since CoH and PoM take priority, that means lost ticks. If a renew falls of for 3+ seconds then the glyph will actually result in reduced healing

Let us now consider what happens if you maintain the maximum number of renews possible. I.e that means casting PoM and CoH as soon as possible then renew in between, in 18 seconds you can expect 3 coh and 2.5 PoM just about, i.e. 7.15 seconds, leaving 11.85 seconds to be filled by casting renews or approximately 9 renew casts every 18 seconds. If there is no tick clipping (i.e. you only cast renew on someone who does not have one) all renews will provide their full number of ticks in 18 seconds and since 9 unglyphed renews heal for about 0.315*RH(sp) more than 9 glyphed renews, the renew glyph will actually reduce your HPS.

Thus the renew glyph is beneficial only when

1) When there is enough free casting time to maintain a certain number of renews and being able to maintain more is not beneficial
2) There is extensive renew clipping

This is basically true in fights where a small number of renews is constantly maintained throughout the fight and you have enough free casting time between CDs to do so.

The renew glyph is a loss of HPS when the reduced duration results in loss of more than 20% of potential renew ticks.

This basically happens in fights where its beneficial to maintain as many renews as possible and not clip them e.g. mostly when there is constant raid wide DoT damage or a large number of individual dots.

So far I have excluded overheal to highlight some important features of the glyph. However overheal can change things drastically.
The renew glyph increases in value if the early ticks provide more healing on average than later ticks due to overheal and in any situation where the damage heals by renew exceeds the value of an unglyphed tick.
The renew value loses value when the proportion of renew healing provided by emowered renew ticks increases, when overheal is more uniform between earlier and later ticks and when the damage healed by renew is below the value of an unglyphed tick.

Hence is it not valid to assume that the renew glyph is a gain in HPS. It can be a small gain, but depending on the circumstances and casting style it may also be a loss of HPS

Also, I think the same argument about "healing faster produces fewer overheals" might apply to raid wide damage auras on fights like Blood Queen and Sindragosa, but I'd need to think about it more.

On the contrary I would expect the value of the glyph to go down drastically in such fights. Raid wide damage auras means that maintain many renews and not cliping them is beneficial and it also smooths out the amount of healing per tick between earlier and later ticks. In addition if glyphed renew loses a tick because a heal got there before the renew tick you lose 25% of the hot healing compared with 20% for the unglyphed renew

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