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Posted 09 March 2010 - 12:08 AM

Post: [Resto] Best Practices: PvE Healing Discussion
User: Darbycrash
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What? Chain Heal is a Godly spell on Marrowgar Heroic. If you use Chain Heal on the tank, as I assume you do, you spread Ancestral Fortitude to all 3 tanks and it has nearly 100% uptime. Removing 10% physical damage from an entire fight on the people who take the most is just awesome. That's just phase 1! Not only that but I really dislike LHW, I prefer HW much more purely due to the glyph and I've almost exclusively removed using LHW. I run raids with 50%~ crit, the extra 25% from TW for a couple of LHW's isn't going to make a difference, glyph or not, HW is far better given Shaman don't go OOM and we have huge haste and crit values. The fights where LHW's "speed" is useful, RT > HW > HW is just as useful, if not more useful due to the suprerior hps value.

I don't understand why you'd skip using Chain Heal on any fight personally. It's superior throughput no matter what type of fight. I'd even go as far to argue Shaman, for the reason of AF, are stronger than Drids on some fights.

Im not skipping chain heal on any fight, it' OUR spell, I build around it. The 4pc is sitsuational, you can throw on other gear and boost your HEP value by breaking the 4pc. when not needed. Have fun keeping people alive on Marrowgar WW phase while people are spread and you are moving. Note the phase 1 only part. And also druids are support healers. You seem like the type of person that LOVES healing meters. The type that says Throughput > All. That's how I see it anywho.

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