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Infraction for FubarJenkins: The Banhammer

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    It's not you. Really. I hate everyone.

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Posted 11 March 2010 - 04:54 PM

Post: Resto PvE Compendium and General Discussion
User: FubarJenkins
Infraction: The Banhammer
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

In short: Fuck off

In long: You don't have a valid profile. You explain ground breaking concepts like "GCD". You tell us such riveting facts as "use a caster or MP5 flask". Really? No fucking shit? I shouldn't use a tank flask as a healer? Let's just save us all some time, I'll "pwn you" now and take care of this.

Original Post:

Resto Druid Healing - My Haste Spec explained.
The World of Warcraft Armory - F�bar @ Burning Blade - Talents

Think about how you REALLY play and not how you WOULD play if you had the perfect raid where everyone was doing their job and other healers were able to maximise their class = theorycraft.

What I'd like to do is show you how I spec to do max healing in any raid.

Step 1 - Understand this that there are two types of healing.
1 - Reactive Healing = Direct Heals like Nourish. You cast these because someone has taken a lot of dmg and needs fast health.
2 - Preventative healing = HoTs. You cast these because you anticipate dmg is incoming.

Step 2 - What I want from my heals.

Reactive Healing
= Direct Healing. This would be a nourish or a regrowth. You use regrowth on a tank or someone who is going to keep taking dmg. Nourish is for fast heals.

It is important to understand what GCD is (Global Cool Down). If you have a spell that is 0.8 second cast, the first time you cast it you will land it in 0.8 seconds but if you keep spamming it there will ALWAYS be a 1 second gap between casts no matter what your haste. This is absolute. So think about that... that means if I want to cast a direct heal the quickest I can do it when spamming is 1 second. So my goal is to have a 1 second cast when I spam. If I only needed to cast one heal and not spam it then chances are that it doesn't matter whether the cast is 0.8 or 1 or 1.2 seconds. It clearly isn't needed that badly if I only need to cast once. If I need to spam it then it does matter.

You MUST understand this before I talk about my spec.

My druid spec takes talent points out of GEOM (gift of the earth mother) which all resto druids consider essential. This basically gives you 10% haste. However it takes up 5 points.

If you look at the talent 'Nature's Grace' in the balance tree, you will see when a "non-perodic spell crits" you get a 20% haste increase for 3 seconds. Hmm... are you thinking what I'm thinking? Then let's look at some other talents most resto druids can't max out because they took GEOM. Take a look at 'Nature's Bounty' (increases crit effect of Nourish and Regrowth by 25%) and 'Natural Perfection' (increase your crit by 3% and reduces some dmg taken).

So my point is if you crit 'Nature's Grace' procs and you cast more spells which increases the chance you will crit which means you'll proc 'Nature's Grace' again. This is nice but because I took the points out of GEOM I can also max out 'Living Seed' which gives a "100% chance to plant a Living Seed on the target for 30% of the amount healed. The Living Seed will bloom when the target is next attacked".

The Living seed gives me something like 8% of my healing like this compared to 1-2% when you don't use my spec. The living seed gives healing only to those people who need it when they need it. This is what is commonly known as 'op' or 'imba'.

I leave 1 point in GEOM but I could put this in 'Nature's Swiftness' if I liked.

Preventative Healing
= HoTs - Rejuv is the best and spam wildgrowth whenever it comes off of cooldown.

Gemming and enchanting.
The crucial part of this spec is enchanting all haste enchants that you can get (cloak etc) and then you gem Haste as a priority until you're Nourish is a 1 second cast WITH the 'Nature's Grace' Buff. Test it - don't ever go under 1 second. As soon as you have a 1 second Nourish cast with the buff you gem Spellpower > Spirit.

Only eat 'Crit' food. Now your Nourish is 1 second you don't need haste. You only need more crit to increase the procs. Don't eat fish feast, only eat crit.

Pure Mojo or Frost Wyrm depending if you run OOM.

You should know how much mana your innervate gives you in total (And yes you should have the glyph that increases it). Test it - go and get yourself OOM and then cast innervate and write down what it gave you. Now every time your mana is 1k from this number cast innervate. You should be able to get 2 innervates into a fight, only 1 if you are lame and don't take my advice.

CONGRATS - You are now rolling with Fubar's spec and will start pwning other healers. Your direct heal is as fast as any other class when your spamming and your HoTs are imba.

The World of Warcraft Armory - F�bar @ Burning Blade - Talents

NOTE: I have no idea why the middle of this post is HUGE. I have edited and changed it several times. I hope this isnt a problem.

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Posted 25 April 2013 - 02:54 PM

This infraction has been reversed.


User politely requested to be reinstated. Let's see what happens.

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