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Will less raid healing be required in TBC?

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#1 Holyman


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Posted 05 January 2007 - 10:19 PM

I just started thinking about it.

VE, imp lotp and jol might eliminate alot of a raids need of healing the non-tanks.

If you have 2 shadow priests in a 25 man raid, 1 feral druid in a melee group and a retri paladin using jol on the boss, wouldn't that take care of 2 full caster groups as well as most of the melee? For AE damaging encounters that is. That would be around 55-65% of the raid taking care of themselves without being needed to be healed directly.

More mana for healers is also a big thing.

The implementation of VT, horde having BOW & JOW and alliance getting shamans with mana totems.

Also more +heal through talents and auras pop to mind when thinking of healer changes.

Are we supposed to have a raid made up of less % of healing players?

Are almost all healers supposed to be fully devoted to the tanks in a good raid setup? (less % of the healers healing the rest of the raid than now)

I guess only time will tell... it seems to me now though that healers will have it alot easier, wich could mean some changes in how raids will be built up.

Like encouraging different off-specs instead of the healer spots, as some off-specs seem to help raid healing, but also provide enough dps to drag their weight.

One could for example imagine 2 shadow priests and 1 retribution paladin would by far make up for the loss of 1 mage, 1 rogue and 1 healing priest

#2 Praetorian


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Posted 05 January 2007 - 10:24 PM

I guess only time will tell...

I guess only time will tell...

I guess only time will tell...

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